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メディア掲載情報 AR フードメニュー Fnet

【 AR Food menu Fnet 】 Yukan Fuji evening paper September 1st, 2021. Media Coverage

AR Food menu Fnet”  development support service featured in the media Yukan Fuji evening paper September 1st, 2021!

For solving potential problem "it was different from what I expected", and sales promotion".

Funeral service workers academy, Inc. (Japanese subsidiary location: Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture, CEO: Takayuki Takada) provides AR function development services for restaurants, take-out and delivery services.
Companies that already have any apps can install it by linking with the API.




"AR food menu Fnet"


[Point 1] Open the AR display / product setting function of the product to the order tablet menu that you have at a food-related company.
[Point 2] It is also possible to develop a cooking order AR application that meets your own needs. (For order tablets and individual user terminals)
[Point 3] A product setting application that allows companies to freely set data and information on AR display products is included.
Examples of introduction: restaurants, taverns, fast food, convenience stores, food delivery

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-introducing AR Food menu Fnet service -Youtube


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