2021/09/12 14:24:34
メディア掲載情報 AR EC インテリア Fnet

【 AR EC Interior Fnet 】 Yahoo! Japan News Media Coverage

AR EC Interior Fnet”  development support service featured in the media Yahoo! Japan News!

Funeral service workers academy, Inc. will start development service 3D display furniture and Interior goods on the EC app from October 1, 2021.

We will start the development support service  "AR EC Interior Fnet", which develops and adds the function of ordering products after arranging it in the imaginations.



What is this supposed to solve?

We will solve such potential problems in the customer's mind by displaying the 2D or 3D data of the actual product in AR on a tablet or smartphone and eliminating the discrepancy between the actual product and the customer's image as much as possible.



Place AR furniture in your room with your smartphone!



Click or tap here for the article about this application on Yahoo! Japan News .


These articles are written in Japanese.



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