2021/10/05 11:24:11
メディア掲載情報 AR EC インテリア Fnet

【 AR EC Interior Fnet 】 Shimotsuke Newspaper in Tochigi. Media Coverage

with your smartphone and AR. Set it up in a room.

AR EC Interior Fnet is a contract development service of EC applications using AR for manufacturers and retailers dealing in furniture and sundries.


Shimotsuke Newspaper in Tochigi on october 5,2021.


About "AR EC Interior Fnet" service

Funeral service workers academy, Inc. (Headquarters: USA, Japan Headquarters: Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture, CEO: Takayuki Takada) will start 3D display furniture and goods on the EC app from October 1, 2021. We will start the development support service of "AR EC Interior Fnet", which develops and adds the function of ordering products after arranging it in the imaginations.


[1] We will develop and add AR display and product setting functions for products to the mail-order application you already have.

[2] It is also possible to develop an original AR mail order application that meets your own needs.

[3] A product setting application that allows companies to freely set data and information on AR display products is included.

For example: Furniture makers, interior companies, wholesalers, companies that operate EC apps, etc. 

Please feel free to contact us.



What is this supposed to solve?

"Different from what I expected."  For solving potential problems and promoting sales.


"It is natural that you cannot see the actual product from the time you place an order until it arrives at you."
We will solve such potential problems in the customer's mind by displaying the 2D or 3D data of the actual product in AR on a tablet or smartphone and eliminating the discrepancy between the actual product and the customer's image as much as possible.


- For customers

We hope that you will be able to enjoy online shopping more realistically and easily, while imagining the appeal and details of our products.


- For sellers

We hope that your customers will be more convinced than ever before to purchase our products, and that this will lead to increased product satisfaction and value.



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