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What kind of month is September? About knowledge and trivia about September

What kind of impression do you have of the month "September"?

I think each of you has an "impression of the month of September". To deepen that impression, I will talk about trivia about the season of September. Since September is also a holiday season, I will talk about autumn, when you go to hunt for autumn leaves, and when you show it to your family in the car, you can feel a little good at it, and some tips about September.

What kind of month is September? What is the origin of the name of the moon?

September is autumn. It may be an impression that the climate is about to turn toward the cold, beyond the hottest month of August. I hear people say, "It's easier to spend than August," so you might have the impression that it's the season for a break before the winter season, which comes after hot days. September, which is not as cold as winter and not as hot as summer, may certainly be a "season between heat and cold".

You may also have the impression that September is the season when food is delicious. There are certainly many delicious foods in summer and spring. There are many seasonal foods in each season. However, in autumn, many ingredients such as fish, vegetables, and fruits come together to reach the harvest season and the time to eat.

Grapes and apples are typical September fruits. You can also find delicious autumn fish with fat such as saury at the store. Rice, the staple food of Japan, is also harvested in the fall. That is why I have the impression that autumn is the “food season”.

Other than that, do you have the impression that it is a "colorful season" when the autumn leaves begin? Before the snowy and gray season of winter, Japan is full of beautiful colors. The trees that turn red change color to red and yellow all at once, and it is well-known in other countries for its beautiful contrast with Japanese wooden architecture.

When you go to the mountain, the trees that still have green and the trees that turn red are mixed, and it looks like a painting. Tourists who are looking for autumn leaves come to various places, and the bustle is reported in the news. Around September, many people may think of images of famous autumn leaves.

In addition, September is also the "month" month. September is called "Nagatsuki" in the lunar calendar. This is said to be the name given because September is autumn. Since the night becomes longer in autumn, it has come to be called Nagatsuki in the sense of "a moon with a longer night in autumn" and "a moon with a long night". It seems that what was originally "Nagatsuki at night" has become shorter and longer.

I get the impression that September is the moon viewing, so the name "Long Night Moon" is perfect. In addition to this, since September is the harvest time, it is also called "Rice harvesting month" or "Kikuzuki" from the autumn flower that has a festival in September.

September is the starting point for autumn! Autumn trivia

The starting point for autumn from here. That is why September is the month when the name symbolizes autumn and the impression of autumn is strong. Let's deepen our knowledge not only about the origin of the name of the month of September, but also about the bean knowledge of autumn in general. September is also the season of knowledge.

Speaking of knowledge, books. Yes, it's "Autumn for reading". Since September is the starting point of autumn, it can be said that it is the month of "books".

As represented by the word "Autumn of XX", there are many words of "Autumn of XX" in autumn. Autumn is a really good season! At the same time, do you wonder who and how the word "Autumn of XX" was decided?

You can find four or more words "Autumn of XX" just by listing them briefly.

Autumn of reading
Autumn of appetite
Autumn of sports
Autumn of art

Where did the word "Autumn of XX" come from?

Autumn is a good season for reading. Autumn temperatures are neither cold nor hot, so it is said to be suitable for humans to concentrate on books. However, if we talk only about temperature, it will be a story that spring is also suitable.

Spring is neither hot nor cold, and if temperature has a major impact on human concentration, it should not be a bad season. But why did the word "autumn for reading" come from referring only to autumn?

Where did the classic phrase "Autumn of XX" come from?

The word "autumn of reading" is said to have been coined from old Chinese poetry. It is said that it was triggered by a Chinese poet named Han Yu who wrote in "Shonan Poetry for Reading" that "Familiarity with the lights (long autumn nights are suitable for reading under the lights)". In Japan, Soseki Natsume picked it up and suddenly developed into something like "Autumn is the season for reading."

The reason why the word "autumn of appetite" was coined is simple: autumn is the harvest season for abundant ingredients such as rice harvesting, the fruits mature, and many creatures are fat and meat before winter. It is said that it is because it stores a lot of fat. In other words, it has come to be called "autumn is the season of appetite" because it is delicious because it has abundant whole meat, fish, fruits, and rice.

It is said that autumn is when humans also have an appetite before winter and accumulate fat in their bodies. It is said that the word "autumn of appetite" was born from instinctive things.

It is said that the word "autumn of sports" was coined because of the Tokyo Olympics. In front of the Tokyo Olympics, the momentum of "let's play sports" and "let's sweat by exercising" has increased, and we established Sports Day in October to promote sports in a comfortable climate in autumn. Considering that the day of physical education is October, "Autumn of sports" seems to be a suitable word for October, but it can be said that September is also suitable for sports because the temperature does not change so much from October. .. Autumn is a good time to play sports.

I mentioned in the "Autumn of Reading" section that autumn is a good time to spend and it is easy to concentrate on things. It's not just reading that is easy to concentrate on, but art as well. Autumn is also said to be a good season for painting and writing because it is suitable for concentrated temperatures. In addition, painting competitions are concentrated in autumn, and in that sense, autumn is sometimes referred to as the season of art.


September is like the beginning of autumn. It was called "Nagatsuki (Nagatsuki)" because the night becomes longer in autumn. When the night is long, you can relax and enjoy reading in the light after eating, so words such as "Autumn for reading" were born. September is a month blessed with colors and food.

It gets colder and colder in September, and it's coming soon. Please enjoy the season full of colors and taste before winter with a little bit of knowledge.