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Solve such a question "I don't understand"! About my number

The My Number system is generally referred to as the "national identification number system," and was introduced in fiscal 2016.

A management number is assigned to all citizens individually, and personal information and social security are managed based on this, and all administrative processing is performed.

Before the introduction of the My Number system, it was necessary for individuals to go to a public institution to obtain attached documents when applying for social security.

Here, let's introduce that it will be convenient for individuals to apply by introducing the My Number system.

For those who have retired
Easier when applying for a pension arbitrage claim

Pensions are not automatically paid when it is time to pay them. Procedures are required to receive the pension.

A ruling request is this procedure. A ruling request is a document used when making a ruling request.

The tax certificate is the income certificate of the previous year. It is determined every June based on the income of the previous year.

After introducing the My Number system, by providing My Number to the pension office in advance, you will not need to submit a tax certificate and resident's card when you make a pension arbitrage request after retirement.

It's a simple procedure to get National Health Insurance

It was necessary to attach a certificate of disqualification as an insured person in the case of procedures for entering the National Health Insurance.

However, after introducing the My Number system, it will not be necessary if you provide the number during the procedure.

For those who are raising children
Easier when applying for an annual children's allowance in June

When applying for a child allowance, by providing your My Number to the company, you do not need to attach a National Health Insurance Card or Pension Handbook.

For those who get married

The procedure for certifying dependents of health insurance and certifying the third insured person of the national pension becomes easier.

You do not need to attach a tax certificate by submitting your spouse's My Number to the company in the case of the procedure for certification of dependents of health insurance and certification of third insured person of national pension.

For high school students
The procedure for applying for high school enrollment support is simplified

When you apply for a high school enrollment support fund, you will not need to attach a tax certificate or resident's card for parents, etc. by providing your My Number to the school.

Difference between notification card and personal number card

In the case of the My Number system, there are notification cards and personal number cards.

From January 1, 2016, you can use either card.

Notification card

The notification card is a card that is issued free of charge to all citizens who have a resident card.

My number is now provided as a set of ID card and notification card.

If you use your Individual Number Card instead of the Notification Card, you will need to have your Individual Number Card exchanged.

Individual number card

The Individual Number Card is a different version of the Basic Resident Register.

In the case of the Basic Resident Register, a grant of 1000 yen was required for each period of validity for 10 years.

In the case of Individual Number Card, it is issued free of charge only for the first time and is valid for 5 years.

The main advantage of the Individual Number Card is

Can be used as an ID card
Can be used as a national health insurance card
It can be used to check personal numbers for employment, childbirth and childcare, job changes, illness, disasters, pension benefits, etc.
Can be used for additional services in prefectures, municipalities, government agencies, etc.

That can be mentioned.

If you have an Individual Number Card, you can use it as a national health insurance card or ID card, and even if you are asked to show your My Number, you can do it with just one card, which is convenient.

Smartphones play an active role as minor portals

There is a case where the minor portal system is the My Number system.

The main things you can do with the minor portal are to check where and when you exchanged your information, to check what kind of information the government agency has for the person who provided the number, and to have a number. One of the things is that you can check the information that the government agency has given to people.

Mina Portal is a system that can check such things.

The method to check the information is the personal computer of the person who holds my number. A digital certificate is required to check important information on your computer.

Even in the case of electronic filing when filing a final tax return, the electronic certificate is used.

Since the Basic Resident Register is used for final tax returns, it is better to have an Individual Number Card when filing an electronic filing.

In addition, it is necessary for the personal computer to recognize the contents of the Individual Number Card.

When issuing a digital certificate, it is necessary to connect an IC card reader to a personal computer to recognize the card information.

IC card readers can be purchased at home electronics retail stores for around 1000 yen.

However, smartphones are now attracting attention instead of IC card readers.

The contents of the Individual Number Card can be read with a smartphone.

If you can recognize your personal card number on your smartphone, you do not need an IC card reader.


This is a new system that has just begun, but it has been introduced to make people's lives more convenient.

You should remember it to make your life a little easier.