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Everyday cooking becomes easier! 10 selections of cooking tricks

There are some things that are indispensable as long as human beings are alive. One of them is a meal!

Diet is indispensable for human beings to live.

You can skip one or two meals, but if you skip it, you will have to spend time and money, but you may be taken care of by the hospital later and you may be billed for medical expenses.

If you miss it, it will be life-threatening and health-related. That is the daily diet.

However, food is indispensable and at the same time very time-consuming.

Even if you think eating out is easy, eating out every day costs a lot of money. Besides, the lack of the faint scent of miso soup when I get home is a shame for my busy father and children who have studied hard at school.

However, it is still troublesome to prepare. However, food is still indispensable.

Because it is indispensable, I want to devise it to make it as easy as possible. We will show you how to reduce the time and effort of cooking every day.

Incorporate "boil" into preservation! This saves time and effort for vegetables

How do you store your vegetables?

Isn't there anyone who just puts the vegetables purchased at the supermarket in the refrigerator?

Actually, this is NG both in terms of preservation and labor.

In order to make vegetables last longer, it is better not to lose their freshness, so it is a good idea to store them in newspaper or a plastic bag.

In addition, there is also a method of pre-processing. This method of pre-processing is also very convenient because the vegetables are already in a state suitable for cooking when you want to cook.

One method is to boil broccoli or spinach, cut it to the size you want to use, and store it.

If you want to use it as a stew or a dressing, it has already been cut, so you can use it as it is!

And when one item is not enough, it is useful because it can be casually arranged on the table as hot vegetables or hot vegetables.

Incorporate "frozen"! The material is prepared first anyway

Freezing is another method of processing and storing. The method is to cut it into pieces that use vegetables and freeze them.

Welsh onion is a vegetable that is often served on the table as a condiment.

If you cut it to the size you want to use and freeze it, you can just take it out and thaw it on the day "Today is udon".

Long vegetables such as green onions are bulky even in the refrigerator. Let's make the refrigerator more efficient as time goes by.

"Frozen" snacks are OK! From sweets to your favorite snacks

It is also a method of incorporating freezing to improve efficiency.

However, this is not cutting vegetables, but the target ingredients are fruits. Tangerine and berry fruits can be used for cooking at any time if they are processed and frozen.

In particular, mandarin oranges become harder to eat as the days go by, as the thin-skinned part becomes crisp and hard. Berry-based products will become more and more popular as the days go by. So, let's keep it frozen.

Fruits are especially useful when making sweets. Just take it out and put it in a pound cake.

Also, if you crush the frozen fruit as it is, you can make an instant sorbet, so if you prepare it quickly at the moment your child says "snack", it will be a quick snack that will surprise you "already !?".

What is the best-by date when using soy sauce? How to use the surplus of dinner

It's a little troublesome to bake meat when it comes to seasoning after returning home.

Stir-fried vegetables with meat is very useful because you can do it immediately when you are tired, but human beings think that it will be easier if possible. Therefore, let's make good use of soy sauce pickles.

Sprinkle soy sauce on the meat you bought
Store in a soaked state

This is the end. It's very easy. If you hold ginger as you like, you can grill ginger just by cooking it as soon as you get home.

It's a very easy way to save time, but it's not the only benefit of soaking in soy sauce.

In fact, it is said that the expiration date will be extended by about two days if it is soaked in soy sauce. Japanese people have long used the method of soaking in salt, sugar, or soy sauce as a preservation method.

Soy sauce is also very good in terms of preservation.

However, depending on the ingredients, the pain may progress, so please eat as soon as possible without saying that it is okay.

You can also apply it to kelp tightening and seafood bowls! Perfect for dinner and lunch

Did you know that this method of "pickling" can actually be applied to sashimi?

By sprinkling Tororo Kombu on the remaining white fish such as Thailand, you can instantly tighten the kelp.

Moreover, by using this kelp tightening and tororo kombu, it is a time-saving dish that you can eat after letting it sit for a few minutes. Also, if you use not only soy sauce but also mirin and sake, you can pickle red fish sashimi with a very good taste.

If you soak and store the remaining sashimi, you can make a seafood bowl in 5 minutes, which saves you time and effort.

What if I have extra bread? Useful recipes

Bread is a food with a short expiration date. Is it okay to buy bread, but have you made a mistake of getting moldy?

It's a waste, but some people may not get tired of eating only bread.

Therefore, I would like you to try a simple dish using bread.

Tear off the excess bread and spread it on a heat-resistant plate.
Lightly put cheese, white sauce, vegetables and bacon on top and chin!

Then, in just five minutes, you will be reborn as a simple quiche dish while consuming the surplus bread well. Try it.

Another way to consume bread! Transform into handmade sweets

Similarly, if you have excess bread, there is another way to use it.

Bread crumbs are made of bread.

Therefore, if you tear off the part of the bread crumbs other than the ears and make it fine with a mixer, bread crumbs will be formed in a blink of an eye.

Fried food tonight! And there is excess bread! In that case, you can efficiently consume the ingredients by crushing this bread and crumbing it.

In fact, by applying this method, you can also make pancakes by adding milk, eggs, sugar, etc. to bread crumbs whose expiration date is approaching and baking them.

What is "made" by hometown tax payment? Let's know gourmet housewives

Hometown tax payment is famous as a profitable system where you can receive local specialties as a thank-you gift while saving tax, but you can also use this system to reduce the time and effort of cooking.

There are so many finished products in the return goods sent by hometown tax payment!

You can also choose raw ingredients such as meat and fish, but local governments that have gifts such as meat, fish, and eggs often line up retorts of each ingredient and foods that are just baked as gifts. is.

For example, Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture. In this municipality, hamburger steaks that are just baked are lined up.

Other local governments also have a wide variety of foods such as chicken, ham, and miso-zuke of meat, so it is a system that can help reduce the time and effort of cooking while saving taxes.

Mixed vegetable useful for living! Is the content different from the budget?

So far, I've introduced you to some ways to make your daily cooking easier. However, there are some that have not been introduced so far in terms of reducing labor. It's ... mixed vegetable!

You may think that it is natural that mixed vegetables are convenient. However, did you know that the three types of mix vegetable, green peas, carrots, and corn are completely different depending on the store?

Seiyu's mixed vegetable is gaining popularity among housewives as it is cheap and has outstanding volume.

The volume of the three kinds of vegetables is outstanding, and the price per 100 grams is about 42 yen.

As a guideline for mixed vegetables from other manufacturers is 50 yen or more per 100 grams, it is characterized by its volume and low price.

Even with the same mixed vegetable, volume and price are important.

What about retort? There is also a difference in the standard menu!

Retort pouch foods that also make daily cooking easier. Retort pouch foods these days are very delicious, aren't they?

It is also a nice product in the sense that it will overwhelmingly shorten the cooking time. Did you know that such retort foods vary considerably from manufacturer to manufacturer?

For example, curry, which is a typical retort food. The curry retort pack is overwhelmingly advantageous for ions.

While retort curry from various manufacturers is sold from 98 yen, Aeon's retort curry has a wonderful cost performance of about 60 yen per pack!

You can also aim for saving effects while making daily cooking easier!


How was that. We have introduced 10 ways to reduce the time and effort of cooking.

All of these are very easy methods, so it is recommended not only for busy mothers, but also for students who have just started cooking by themselves and new members of society.

Because meals are indispensable, we must do our best to prepare them even when we are tired. However, you can save time and improve the efficiency of cooking by reducing the effort.

But please try!