2020/10/08 10:28:03

"Edogawa Ward is No. 1 !?" Regional ranking that makes it easy to raise children

If you plan a ranking of "areas where it is easy to raise children" in the planning of online and magazines, the area of ​​Tokyo, which can be said to be a regular, will be ranked in. Can you guess where it is?

Speaking of areas where it is easy to raise children, the child-related system is substantial, the environment is good, and access is good.

And there are many places to leave children, so it must be a condition that fathers and mothers can work with peace of mind.

Also, it may be important that there is a place where you can take your children to play during the holidays, and that the local residents will show their understanding of child-rearing.

Can you immediately think of the name of the area, provided that it is in Tokyo?

When raising children, it is important that the environment is in place.

However, in this era of declining birthrate and aging population, not all local governments have the highest priority on child-rearing systems.

Some local governments are focusing on the welfare of the elderly. It is self-evident that such local governments naturally attract people who want a system that local governments can focus on.

Of course, the area that is a regular in the ranking is also focusing on the system related to children, which is why it seems that as a result of the gathering of couples raising children, the reputation of being a very easy-to-child-rearing area is increasing.

How about now? Did you know the area name?

It is a regular area with a high ranking in the area where it is easy to raise children in Tokyo.

The area is ... "Edogawa Ward"!

What kind of area is Edogawa Ward? The points are subsidies, childcare, and the environment!

Edogawa Ward is an area of ​​Tokyo's 23 wards, which faces the sea and borders Chiba Prefecture. As of January 1, 2017, the population is about 690,000 and the number of households is about 330,000.

Numerically, it may be more populous than the prefectural capitals of some prefectures. Although it is a region of Tokyo, it is not a small region, and it can be said that it is large enough for a local government.

What is the reason why Edogawa Ward always digs into the top of the ranking as an "area where it is easy to raise children"?

Last year, the small number of nursery schools in Tokyo was taken up, but is Edogawa Ward an area where there are many nursery schools and it is easy for fathers and mothers to do so, and as a result, they can do their best to raise children?

What is the reason for shining at the top of the ranking?

From here, I will focus on Edogawa Ward, which is a regular in the top ranking of areas where it is easy to raise children, and explain the wonderful child-rearing environment in three points.

1: Allowance from medical assistance! With a system up to self-pay support for private kindergartens

The first point.

The most attractive thing about Edogawa Ward is that it has many systems that make it nice to raise children.

You need money to raise a child. Therefore, Edogawa Ward says, "Let's help those who are raising 0-year-old children," and provides 13,000 yen as an "infant care allowance" to homes below the income limit.

But that's not the only aid. For homes where children are sent to expensive private kindergartens, we also provide financial assistance under the system of "private kindergarten guardian burden allowance".

In addition, although it is not financial assistance, there is also a help system in which a childcare worker will take care of the child at the accommodation as a "child short stay business" when the guardian cannot take care of the child due to illness, childbirth, ceremonial occasion, etc. There is.

The medical expenses support system for children is also substantial. Parents are the main child-rearing people, but I would be grateful if the community helped me in various ways, and the number of "problems" in my life would be reduced accordingly.

Edogawa Ward is a municipality that is particularly strong in children-related problems. One of the regulars in the regional rankings where it is easy to raise children is that the enhancement of such a support system is supported.

2: Parks and facilities full of greenery! You can live a leisurely life with your children

Edogawa Ward does not only have many systems specializing in child-rearing. We also have an environment that makes us happy when raising children.

Since Edogawa Ward faces Tokyo Bay, it has a seaside park and is characterized by its abundant greenery and the sea.

The seaside park also has a Ferris wheel and an aquarium, making it a great location for a walk with children or for a family out on Sundays.

There are so many parks, the environment is green and peaceful, and there are many mothers and families with children who push strollers just by going outside. Kids, green, sea! Isn't this a characteristic of the environment in Edogawa Ward?

Moreover, Edogawa Ward is not only abundant in facilities such as parks that are nice for raising children, but also in a nice environment with excellent access.

Edogawa Ward, which is easily accessible to both Chiba and the city center, is a great home town for those who want to live in abundant greenery and sometimes play in other areas.

3: There are many families with children in the area! The situation is the same

Since the subsidy system is entrusted to each local government, the procedure method, amount, and the actual system contents differ depending on the local government.

Some regions provide subsidies for the matter A, while others do not.

Even local governments in the same country, Japan, have different tax revenues, populations, and climates in each region, so there is a tendency for systems to be naturally implemented according to the characteristics of each region.

In Edogawa Ward, the system is implemented only due to the circumstances of Edogawa Ward.

And as a result of the system being implemented, the current situation is that many small children and fathers and mothers live in areas where it is easy to raise children.

Many families in Edogawa Ward have very small children. Child-rearing families come together because the system is solid and the environment is good.

The news that strollers and children's crying is difficult to understand and parents have narrow shoulders is often reported.

Edogawa Ward has increased the number of families with children as a result of implementing a child-friendly system, so it can be said that it is a municipality where it is easy for residents to understand child-rearing.

Because, most of the people around me are fathers and mothers who are also trying hard to raise small children. Feelings can be understood by each other.


Each municipality has its own characteristics. The characteristics of Edogawa Ward are the enhancement of the child-rearing support system and the good environment so that it always ranks high in the ranking of "Which area is easy to raise children?"

If you're raising a child, I'd be happy to see an area with abundant child-rearing support. Edogawa Ward is focusing on subsidies and childcare systems, and its fulfillment is a great word! There are many green facilities such as Rinkai Park, and it has good access to Chiba Prefecture and the 23 other wards.

Edogawa Ward is ranked high in the ranking, making it easy to raise children. It is a hot local government with a high possibility that child-rearing support will continue to be enhanced.