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What is the unexpected "how to move a grave"?

When I was driving a car on a GW vacation, I found myself in a grove.
You realize that there is a grave that has been forgotten by people.
Not only in the woods, but also in the area on the way to the tourist spot, while many houses are vacant,
You may also see weeds left in the local graveyards.
As a result of children and grandchildren leaving home and no one taking care of the grave
It may have been left unattended like this. Or a distant relative
I don't know the location of the grave, so I'll take care of it
It may not be possible.
Perhaps it's a situation where you live far away and can take care of you once a year.

Even if you buy a grave, you need to think about what to do with the grave in the future.
In the olden days, it was not uncommon to be born and raised in one area, work in one area, get married in one area, and end life. But nowadays, it's not uncommon for people to work all over Japan, no, all over the world. Because it is a world-wide world, it is necessary to decide on the grave early.

One way is to end the grave. However, if you have a fondness for the grave and want to take care of it as much as possible, moving the grave is one way to do it.

"Reburial" to move the grave! What is the method

If you can move the grave to a temple or reien that is easy to care for,
You don't have to struggle to go far, and when you're on the equinoctial week or Obon
You can sew between your lives to clean and visit the grave.
It seems that many people feel guilty about ending it suddenly.
For those who find it difficult to take care of the grave
You may want to consider moving the grave nearby first.

It is a good idea to make a comparison with your family, considering the end of the grave, the movement of the grave, the amount of money and labor, and the future.
If you decide to move the grave after that, first decide where to move the grave.

The specific method for moving the grave is as follows.

Decide where to move the grave (decide by talking to the move destination instead of finding it)
Offer to relocate to the manager (local government, etc.) of the temple or reien that manages the current grave
Buy a new grave
Apply for permission from the local government
Put the soul of the new grave and remove the soul of the old grave (you can ask the monk)
Clean up the old grave

Even if you try to move it, you can't move it unless you can find the destination.
Also, if you do not talk to the destination, even if you try to move from the old grave
There is also the possibility that you will be refused "the place is full".
Even if I think it's a good temple, when I listen to the story, I have a strong connection with the Dan family.
Sometimes it's a problem if you don't attend the puja on a regular basis.
For those who are busy with work, this can be a daunting task. So
It's a good idea to carefully check "Do you accept the relocation destination" and "Does the relocation destination suit your lifestyle?" Before deciding on the relocation destination.

Many people who move graves are in trouble because the current policies of temples and reiens do not suit their way of thinking and lifestyle, or because the graves are far away and cannot be taken care of. It doesn't make sense if the burden increases even though you are trying to solve the situation.

You can move the grave again, but keep in mind that you can't move it so easily, so decide on a destination that you won't regret.


Talk to the old grave manager and get permission from the local government

After talking to the new location, the next thing to do is prepare a new grave and prepare the current grave.
I'm going to talk to the person who manages it. At the same time, notify the local government,
You must have the necessary permits.

When we move, if you own a house, you can leave it as it is and manage it without any problem. Leaving your old home completely abandoned just because you're moving can be a nuisance to your neighborhood. In addition, since it is necessary to transfer the resident's card, it is natural for the world to recognize that even if a living person moves due to circumstances, it will take appropriate time and procedure. The grave is the same, and it is different from our moving procedure and procedure, but it takes a lot of time and effort.

It is not always possible to move to the new location immediately after finding it, and we will inform the manager of the old tomb to that effect and ask for cooperation in moving the tomb. At the same time, I would like to prepare a new grave to be used at the new location and the procedure at the local government. If you are moving a living person, you will have to take procedures such as moving your resident's card according to the move, but in the case of a grave, there is a separate procedure. You cannot move the grave without this procedure. The law stipulates that you may be subject to penalties if you do not follow the procedures properly.

After setting the star of the relocation destination and talking to it, talk to the manager of the old tomb and go through the procedure at the local government.
Let's proceed in the order of preparing a new grave. You can proceed with these at the same time.
It's okay if you're ready to do it when you move.

Even if you apply for a permit, it is unlikely that the local government will give you a permit on the spot. It takes about a week to ten days to get permission.


Don't forget the soul-free and soul-filling memorial services

When moving a grave, it is necessary to remove the soul of the old grave and to put the soul in the new grave as well.
In this area, where will the grave before the move and the grave at the move destination be?
The priest you ask will change depending on what you were doing.

We will ask you to do a memorial service and wrap about 10,000 to 50,000 yen as a donation.
In the general market, it seems that about 30,000 to 35,000 yen are often given as the market price at one time.
Of course, it's a feeling, so it's okay to wrap a larger amount.

However, an exorbitant request such as "Please wrap 500,000 yen" is made from the temple.
If you are worried, including applying for a permit to the local government
You may also want to consider getting a legal expert involved or consulting with the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan.



The relocation will be completed if the memorial service is performed in this way and the old tomb is finally cleaned up. It's not that difficult if you keep in mind the order from 1 to 6. Considering the application for permission, the relocation destination, the grave manager before the relocation, and the temple, if you start working at least a month ago, you will be able to proceed with plenty of time.

Moving a grave is not something that happens many times in your life. However, because we are in a world-wide world, we sometimes have to think of it as a choice.