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[Funeral flow] Let's prepare in case of emergency

One of the big problems with funerals is "I don't know the funeral procedure".

To be sure, funerals are not something you will experience so many times in your lifetime. Your funeral is once in a lifetime, and you can't be directly involved. Even if you are a family member or relative, it depends on your age and family type whether you help the funeral as a mourner or a mourner.

Especially when the funeral is the first time, you may be in a hurry asking "How does the funeral start?" And "What should I start with?"

What is the flow of the funeral? Is there a basic form? I will gently explain the flow of such a funeral.

What is the flow of the funeral? How to prepare

First, the funeral begins with the death of a person. That said, local governments and hospitals do not prepare for the death of a person.

The family (bereaved family) of the deceased person will take the lead in performing the funeral. There is no rule that you must be an heir, and there is no rule that the mourner is also the eldest son.

The general flow is

The end
Transport (hospital or home ⇒ funeral home)
Funeral meetings (also contacting monks and local governments)
Pillow decoration / coffin
Funeral, farewell ceremony, coffin
Cremation / bone raising

So let's organize this flow in our head.

The funeral has already begun at the time of death!

It is no exaggeration to say that the funeral begins at the moment a person dies.

If you die in the hospital, ask your doctor to declare you dead. If you die at home, contact your doctor if you have one.

If a healthy person dies suddenly, contact the police for confirmation.

If you die at home, the police will check the cause of death and whether or not there is a case, so it will take longer to declare death than if you died at the hospital.

Does the cost change depending on the period of storage of the body? The first thing a family should do

Once the doctor confirms the death, the bereaved family must immediately begin preparing for the funeral without grief. You might think, "Slightly sentimental time ...", but if you don't start dashing here, there's a big problem.

The problem is that the funeral home and crematorium schedules are filled up. Especially in areas where there are few funeral homes, reservations fill up quickly and it is difficult to make reservations. Basically, funeral homes and crematoriums are on a first-come, first-served basis, first come, first served.

Don't worry about the death of your family, make a reservation with a fierce dash first.

Prices often change depending on how long the corpse of the deceased is kept. If the funeral can be done smoothly the next day and the day after next, the cost of detention will be reduced.

When it comes to "full schedule", it takes time to finish the cremation. Please note that the cost will increase accordingly.

In addition, the hospital may introduce you to a funeral director. You don't necessarily have to use the funeral director you were introduced to. It's okay to decide on your own funeral director.

Book a cremation in a hurry! Consultation while contacting the bereaved family and the mourner

After deciding on a funeral company and making a reservation, we will have an immediate meeting.

It's a good idea to contact your employer at the same time as making this reservation. If you are the organizer of the funeral, you will have to spend a few days at the funeral, so please apply for a holiday.

Also, at this stage, if you say "I haven't set the schedule properly yet, but my family has died" and "I will contact you again as soon as the funeral date is decided", the company will be able to prepare wreaths and spirits smoothly. Proceed to.

Let's contact the monk at the same time as booking the funeral home. Especially if you are not a Buddhist priest at any temple, it is a good idea to consult with the funeral home and ask them to introduce you to the monk.

At the same time as making a funeral reservation at the funeral company, take the death certificate to the local government office and make a cremation reservation.

Basically, if you make a reservation for a funeral home, you cannot automatically make a reservation for a crematorium. Please note that the crematorium must be reserved at the crematorium.

If you have several bereaved families, keep in touch with your smartphone

"The crematorium has the shortest vacancy at 0:00 on October 0!"

"The funeral home is open on October 0!"

If you hold a conference call on the spot while listening to the schedule of the funeral home and the government office, it will proceed efficiently.

Most local government offices have a night window, so you can submit a death certificate even at night to complete the procedure.

Place the deceased and contact the necessary places

After the funeral meeting, the bodies transported from the hospital or home will be cleaned and pillows will be prepared. When you are invited to the funeral, I think the body is sleeping on the futon. The person in charge of the funeral will arrange it for you.

In the case of a type of tatami room such as a family funeral, if the tatami room (funeral home) can be used immediately, it may be placed in the tatami room immediately.

If the funeral home is not available, you will be charged a fee in most cases, but you can have the funeral home in a dedicated room until the funeral.

If the funeral meeting goes smoothly, the corpse may be placed at the same time as the meeting.

Don't forget to contact the company or the deceased's friends and relatives once the dates are set.

From commuting to funeral! Further to the farewell ceremony

All you have to do is hold the funeral on schedule. Following the wake, funeral, and farewell ceremony, we cremate and say goodbye to the deceased.

Funerals happen suddenly, so everything is a real hit. Unexpected accidents may occur, but consider that a small accident is an inherent part of a funeral, and ask an experienced funeral director to help you.

The funeral home often takes care of minor lack of equipment, so especially the mourner is Don! Please be ready.

Once the funeral is over, it's time to go through the inheritance process and reorganize the mind that "the family has died."

What if I need a thank-you note or postcard in mourning?

After the funeral, we will send you a thank-you letter for coming to the funeral. It is not always necessary, but it is also important to confirm the address and name in the book and give thanks after considering future relationships.

Also, as soon as the New Year's card season is near, you need to prepare a postcard in mourning. At the funeral home, you may be able to consult with us about postcards and thank-you notes. Check it if necessary.

Does the order of the memorial services depend on the region? You can also give the monks all the donations

I have seen the flow of the funeral.

This is the basic flow, and the order may change depending on the region. It may also be done at the same time.

In some regions, after the cremation, people return to the funeral home or home to talk about the memories of the deceased and have a drink with attendees. It is possible and actually performed a funeral form in which the funeral is completed in one day from the funeral to the memorial service on the 49th.

In this case, the monk will be given all the donations from the funeral to the 49th.

The scale of the ceremony varies from a large venue to a family funeral, which is a small funeral held in a tatami room.

Rather than preparing for a flutter when your family dies, it's a good idea to check the funeral directors and funeral homes in your area and their fees in advance.

The size and number of funeral homes vary depending on the funeral home, so I would like to confirm that as well.

The flow is important for the called side too! Check with your local funeral director for information

What kind of flow should the side invited to the funeral face?

Basically, the funeral is prepared by the mourner and the funeral home, so you don't have to go to help unless you are asked. However, depending on the depth of the relationship with the deceased, it may be necessary to prepare goods.

A company or other organization that contributes greatly to the deceased may send a wreath to the funeral home, and a close friend or relative may send a wreath or incense burner as well.

When sending goods in this way, be sure to move immediately as soon as you are informed of the funeral schedule. Contact the funeral company or funeral home in the area where the funeral is held to discuss what kind of goods are good and make arrangements.

Funerals may vary slightly depending on the region, so it's a good idea to check when you are called.

Please note that you may not be able to make it in time if you do not arrange it early. In the case of a funeral, both the organizer and the called party need speed to prepare.


I explained the general flow of the funeral, but how was it?

The funeral is very difficult because you are required to respond quickly after losing your family. It's also difficult in terms of suddenness.

If you keep the flow in mind, you will be able to cooperate smoothly with the person in charge of the funeral home, and the number of accidents will be reduced accordingly.

Death is to come to everyone at some point. I want to keep my knowledge in mind on a daily basis so that I don't panic at that time.