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How much does it cost to build a grave? ~ Let's know the appropriate price ~

Isn't the cost the most worrisome when building a grave for the first time?

The cost of the grave includes not only the cost of the gravestone but also the cost of land and construction.

Since the market price including them has a wide range of prices, it is difficult to understand the market price, and many people will be even more worried.



Here, we will talk about the market price and contents of the total cost of building a grave.

What is the market price for building a grave?

The market price of the grave includes not only the main body of the grave, but also the gravestone + permanent usage fee (land usage fee), gravestone construction cost, and sculpture cost.

The market price of graves including these is about 1.5 million yen to 5 million yen.

The reason why the price range is quite wide is that the cost varies considerably depending on the permanent usage fee (land use fee) and the type and shape of the tombstone in each region.

Even if you search the market price of the grave on the Internet, the clear market price does not come out easily because the total amount changes due to the difference in the total cost due to such breakdown and the discount applied depending on the plan you choose. ..



Three elements included in the grave market

The money needed to build a grave consists of three components:

Permanent usage fee: This is the usage fee for the land on which the grave is built, and is paid to the reien, temple, communal graveyard, etc.
Tombstone charges ... Tombstones are the graves themselves. There are quite a few types of tombstones, and the price varies depending on the type of stone, domestic, and Chinese.
Tombstone construction cost: This is the construction cost to install the tombstone. Engraving fee is also included.

In this way, the cost required to build a tomb is made up of these three factors.



What is a permanent fee? How much is the market price?

Eidai usage fee is the money paid to temples and reiens as a usage fee for the area where the grave is built.

For example, land and real estate are obtained by paying money for the land and purchasing it, but in the case of a grave, the land remains as a temple or a reien, and the graveyard fee is used for a long time instead of purchasing. It is a system that pays temples and cemeteries as a fee.

The market price of the permanent usage fee for graves is about 750,000 to 800,000 yen, but the price varies considerably depending on the area where the grave is built.

Regardless of the region, some cheap ones cost around 300,000 yen, while some high-class temples cost as much as 2 million yen.

It seems that many people confuse the permanent usage fee with the permanent management fee, but the two are different.

The Eidai usage fee is the money paid to the temple or reien as the usage fee for the section where the grave is built, while the Eidai management fee is the temple when the grave cannot be succeeded or it is difficult to visit the grave for some reason. It is the money to pay to ask the or cemetery to manage it.

Recently, many elderly people do not want to burden their descendants with the management of graves, and the number of cases of paying permanent management fees is increasing.



How much is the market price for tombstones?

When you build a new grave, you need a gravestone.

Recently, the number of marine scatters and ossuary halls has increased, but building graves has long been the mainstream.

The price of tombstones varies depending on the type and country of origin, but the market price is about 1.35 million yen.

By comparison, although they have the same shape and structure, the price changes considerably just because the country of origin is China instead of Japan.

For example, in the case of the most popular granite, Japanese products are about 20 times more expensive than Chinese products.



How much is the sculpture fee?

When a grave is built, the name of the house, title, title, builder's name, erection date, and the deceased's legal name, dharma name, and death date are engraved on the gravestone.

The engraving fee is also required, so consider it as part of the cost.

The market price for engraving is around 30,000 to 50,000 yen.

However, when building a new gravestone by purchasing a new gravestone, the engraving fee other than the legal name and the Dharma name is often included.



Analyze why there is a big difference in the market price of graves!

The price range of the grave market is quite wide, and it is difficult to find the exact market price even if you search on the Internet.

There is a reason there.

Here, let's analyze in detail why there is a big difference in the market price of graves.



Cemetery type and location

There are various types of graveyards, such as reiens, temples, and communal graveyards.

Depending on the type, the permanent usage fee for the grave area will vary, so the market price will differ.

Not only the types of reiens, temples, and communal graveyards, but also the land prices of each region are relevant.

In areas with high land prices, permanent royalties are relatively high, regardless of the type of reien, temple, or communal graveyard.



Cemetery area

Of course, the total cost of the grave will vary depending on the size of the graveyard.

As with ordinary land, the larger the land, the higher the price, and the larger the area, the greater the amount of stone material and the time and effort required for construction, so the stone material cost and construction cost will also increase.



Types of tombstones

The cost varies greatly depending on the stone material used. First of all, price fluctuations due to differences in countries of origin are quite large.

Domestic products are basically the most expensive, and Chinese products are one-third the price of domestic products.

The same type of stone is of exactly the same quality, but the price range is about three times higher just because of the different country of origin.

As a proof of that, if you search the internet for grave stones, you will be surprised to find that they are of the same type but have a considerable price range.

It should be kept in mind that there is a pitfall of different countries of origin, and prices do not differ from stone dealer to stone store.



Shape of tombstone and amount used

Since the shape of the tombstone may be customary depending on the region, the amount of tombstone used may change due to regional issues, which may affect the cost.

For example, graves in the Kyushu region generally have a large ossuary, so gravestones are required accordingly.

Not only the cost of the tombstone, but also the construction cost will be a little higher, which will be reflected in the total cost of the tomb.

There are many cases where the decoration differs depending on the area, and the more decorations there are, the higher the construction cost.



Relationship of sectarian customs

Depending on the sect of Bodaiji as well as regionality, there are cases where a pagoda or epitaph to be attached to the grave is required.

In that case, the total cost will be higher because the cost for the stupa and the epitaph will be added.

As you can see, the cost of building a grave varies greatly depending on the five conditions.

Even if you look up the market price of the cost required for the grave, it is difficult to understand the guideline because there is a considerable range, but if you look at the five conditions, you can understand the difference.




If you want to keep the cost of your grave as low as possible, don't just look at the price to make a decision, but know what the cost of the grave is and how to save it.

In some cases, a permanent management fee may be required, so it is necessary to calculate the amount of expenses required in the future and then estimate the cost of building a grave.