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What is a grave erection celebration?

A erection celebration is when a relative builds a grave or moves and rebuilds it.
As nuclear families have become more common, many people live far away from their parents' homes, and parents cannot keep their graves, so it seems that many people have been rebuilding near their homes in recent years.

Also, more and more people are building graves before they are alive.
Just as a new house is celebrated when it is newly built, it is common to celebrate when a new grave is built.

About the celebration of the erection ceremony

Since we rarely have the opportunity to rebuild or build a new grave, we are wondering how much to wrap and what type of bag to use.
Also, building a new grave does not mean that everything is a celebration, and if you build a grave because your family died, it is not a celebration.

・ In the case of a celebration of the construction of a grave, write "Celebration of the monument", "Celebration of the tomb", etc. on a festive bag with a red and white bow-knot mizuhiki.

・ If a grave is built due to the death of a family member, it is usually held at the same time as the day of the memorial service such as the bone-laying ceremony or the 1st anniversary. Write "In front of the Buddha" and hand it over.
At that time, it is a good idea to write "Celebration of the monument" on a white envelope and hand it over.

What is the market price for erection celebration?

Since the situation is different depending on the region and the family, it is not possible to say how much the price is, so it is a good idea to ask the person who celebrates with you.

Generally, it seems to be in the range of 10,000 yen to 50,000 yen, but for example, if a parent dies and children spend money to build a grave, the amount will be higher.
On the other hand, when building a grave on the heritage of a parent, it seems that the family may not celebrate.

About erection clothes

If it's just a erection ceremony, there is no problem with a gray or navy blue suit or dress.
However, if it also serves as a memorial service, it is better to wear mourning clothes as much as possible.

Buddhist affairs and related money are on a case-by-case basis, so consult with someone in a similar position to decide.

About the cost sharing of the grave construction

In the past, the ritual heirs had to bear the cost of building the graves of their parents who had already died and rebuilding the graves of their ancestors, but now that nuclear families are becoming more common, the property is evenly divided among the brothers. As a result, the cost of building a grave is often shared.

This method is said to be the preferred method for "the clan to prosper."
There are many types of tombstones, from those using Chinese stones to those using famous domestic stones, so the price cannot be unequivocally stated, but it is better to share the costs as much as possible.

Eye opening memorial service and erection celebration

When building a new tomb, an "eye-opening memorial service" is held to accommodate the soul of the Buddha.
In most cases, it seems that a priest will do it before the memorial service, such as the first anniversary or the third anniversary.

In the eye-opening memorial service, flowers and offerings are offered, the monks read the sutras, and then the incense is burned.
In addition, when opening the eyes, a memorial service is given to the temple separately from the memorial service.

Those who are invited to open the eyes need a "building celebration" in addition to the Buddhist memorial service, but if it is not good to celebrate at the same time as the Buddhist ritual, they may put it in a non-congratulatory bag in front of the Buddha. ..

Buddhist affairs differ between Kanto and Kansai, and even in the same prefecture, customs and customs differ from place to place.
There is a saying, "Enter the town and follow the town," but since it depends on each region and family, it is important not to celebrate the construction of the grave at your own discretion, but to suit the people around you.

When should I build a grave? When is the right time to unveil?

If your family dies and you want to build a new grave, you may think that you have to build it early, but don't rush and build it carefully.
It seems that the graves are often unveiled on days when people tend to gather, such as the first anniversary, the third anniversary, the Obon festival, and the equinoctial week.

The grave also needs to be managed after it is built

Although I built a grave, I am wondering what to do with the usual management.
If you have a management office, you are supposed to pay the management fee about every year.

Since the name of the user is registered in the graveyard, a change notification is required if the address of the holder is changed or if he / she dies. When you move the graveyard, you need to apply to the local government.
It seems that building a grave requires as much effort as building a house.

In addition, the price of the grave seems to be about 3 million yen for the gravestone price, construction cost, and permanent memorial service fee at the private graveyard.

About the Buddhist altar eye opening memorial service

If you purchase a new Buddhist altar and install it in your house, you need to open your eyes like a grave. It is said that the door of the Buddhist altar should not be opened until this is done.
Even after the funeral is over, the door must be opened after the eye opening memorial service has been completed.

The memorial service for opening the eyes of the Buddhist altar is regarded as a celebration and is generally performed according to the 49th day memorial service.

About the erection celebration when the grave was erected before life

In recent years, many people have built graves before they were alive, but in this case, it is a celebration of the announcement, so there is no particular concern about clothes.

Now that the word "end of life" has become popular and it has become commonplace to prepare for death before life, it seems that graves are often prepared before life.
The construction of the tomb during his lifetime is called Juryo, and it is said that it will lead to longevity.

In such a case, write "Congratulations on the construction" on a red and white Mizuhiki bag and bring it with you, and say "Congratulations" as well as the celebration of new construction.

Diversification of graves

The types of graves have diversified, and the funeral methods have also changed.
There are various ways of life, and it seems that couples without children and people living alone have the option of "permanent memorial tombs".
Basically, the person applies before he / she is alive.

It can be said that it is the same as the erection before life in that it decides how to be after death before life.
If you hear such a letter from someone close to you, it's a good idea to give a small celebration.


Regarding the celebration of the construction of a grave, if a new grave is built due to the death of a family member, it will be considered as a non-congratulation, and if it is rebuilt or built during life, it will be considered as a celebration.
Events related to Buddhist affairs differ depending on the religion and region, so it is important to ask the people around you and deal with them so as not to be rude.