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What are the precautions when choosing funeral clothes?


It's hard for people to hold funerals, but it's hard for people to be called.

You have to wrap up your money, and if you're a close relative who died
It is not uncommon to have goods and garlands. Depending on the area, the color of the beads may be strict.
There is the difficulty of having to keep in mind where the funeral is held.
If you're invited to a friend's lunch, you won't have to worry about the same call.

Some people are called because it is a milestone in someone's life and a big event
You have to be careful not to be rude. I'm not the only one to be ashamed
Attendance at the ceremonial occasion is because I think that the person who called it may be embarrassed
It's difficult both in terms of feelings and preparation.

This time, I will explain about "mourning clothes", which is one of the preparations for the side called for the funeral, focusing on how to choose.
Is it okay if the mourning dress is black? We will answer such questions!



If the mourning dress is "black", it's OK! This is the conclusion

In conclusion, mourning clothes are not a problem "as long as they are black and seem to be suitable for mourning clothes".
You don't have to wear commercially available mourning clothes, but you can choose from plain clothes.
You can also use a black blouse or skirt as a mourning dress.
Since the funeral is called suddenly, some people may say that the mourning dress was not in time.
If you have a set of black suits, it's okay to wear them as mourning clothes.

However, think carefully about why mourning clothes are "mourning clothes", even if they are black.
You need to think carefully about whether it is suitable for a funeral. Of course, you can use black plain clothes, but please check the following points carefully and consider whether it is suitable for a funeral. Avoid black clothing that has the following characteristics:

-Although it is a black background, the colors and patterns are mixed.
-Embroidered with colored threads
-Black but the fabric is transparent
-Enamel and skin are used
-Sequins and beads are used
-For skirts, the length is too short
-Body line not emphasized
-Not jeans
-It's not clothes that look too much like play clothes or relaxing clothes in the room
-The design is not eccentric
-Not tattered or wrinkled


If you get lost, it's best to choose plain black if it's more flashy, and black if it's more than one with other colors.

When choosing, "choose without failure" instead of "choose well"

The important thing in mourning clothes is "choose well" and "provide your own fashion sense"
It is not about "creating individuality". Funerals are not a place to compete for fashion
It's not a party either. It is not important to choose a mourning dress well, but it is important to choose a mourning dress without failure.

The least unsuccessful choice is to choose clothes that look like they're away from you, rather than clothes that look like plain clothes, and wear suits or mourning clothes rather than what you buy as plain clothes. This way, even those who haven't attended the funeral very often will not fail.

You also need to consider the size of the funeral.
If it's a fairly small funeral for your relatives at home, the eldest son who goes to college can wear a black shirt and slacks, as long as the family nods. But for large ceremonies, many people often wear solid suits and mourning sets. The scale of the ceremony is also a key point when choosing a mourning dress.



It is also important to match the funeral format

The important thing in mourning is "being black" and "not being flashy".
There are other things I would like you to think about. It's not difficult.
It's a very easy and simple point. The point is ... "to match the funeral."
You might be wondering, "Isn't it just right when you get out in mourning?"
That's true. However, what we have to think about here is that clothes other than mourning clothes sometimes become mourning clothes.

It's an analogy. Suppose that a grandmother who loved ballroom dancing during her lifetime, went to the classroom, and participated in many competitions died. The grandma really liked dancing, and her relatives wanted to send her to heaven by dancing. Many of the attendees are also learning ballroom dancing, and at the funeral they planned to dance with a song that grandma liked. Relatives contacted us in the form of "If you participate in the dance, please come in a ballroom dance costume." What about this case?

There are many gorgeous and exposed costumes for ballroom dancing.
At the funeral, you will be told that it is "insane."
But what is the correct answer at this funeral? Isn't it important to think about the sender and his family? In this case, ballroom dance costumes could be the correct mourning dress.

In recent years, funeral shapes have been very varied.
It is not uncommon for funerals to be sent as a hobby such as music.



"Mourning if it's a funeral"

That's right. However, if different clothes are specified at each funeral, it is also good manners to match the other party.
In this case, if you don't participate in the dance, you can ask your family what kind of clothes you should wear. The important thing is to match the other person and to be considerate. It is also important to sometimes select clothes other than mourning clothes as mourning clothes according to the form of the funeral.




It is very important that the mourning dress is black, so you can use the blouse or skirt you purchased as plain clothes for mourning dress. However, it is safer to avoid clothes that look too homey, transparent, wrinkled or tattered, and jeans. Please be careful about the pattern and sequins when choosing.

The easiest way is to buy a commercially available mourning set. These are clothes made for mourning, so you won't fail at a funeral. If you haven't attended a funeral very often, it's a good idea to buy a complete set of these. Also, if the other party specifies the dress code in the form of a funeral, do not think that "If it is a funeral, it is not a mourning dress!", But follow the intentions of the deceased and the other party. Currently, there are various funeral forms. I wish I could think first of all about sending the deceased.

In mourning, it is more important not to fail than to choose well. To avoid failure, be careful and choose standard mourning clothes. Adventures in everyday fashion are not a bad thing, but if you're in mourning, don't go on adventures.