2021/03/18 07:06:05

unveils robot center to promote full automation of distribution warehouse

MUJIN unveils robot center to promote full automation of distribution warehouse

 MUJIN reveals robot center to promote full automation of distribution warehouse

MUJIN Co., Ltd., which is celebrating its 9th anniversary this year, relocated its head office to Tatsumi, where distribution centers are gathered in September last year. The new head office has a total floor area of ​​more than 14,000 m2, which is 8.5 times the role of the previous company building, and has a "MUJIN Robot Center" where you can observe demonstrations using actual intelligent robots.

In view of the recent increase in demand for automation due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it will be available for logistics personnel for a limited period of three days from July 28 (Tuesday) to July 30 (Thursday), 2020. A special preview of the facility was held.

Motion planning AI, which is MUJIN's core technology
MUJIN 3D vision system (left shelf), MUJIN controller (right shelf), MUJIN pendant (center photo)
In order to move a robot, the conventional way of thinking is that each movement must be carefully programmed, that is, taught.

This act of teaching and different robot makers have different methods. In actual logistics and manufacturing sites, engineers with specialized skills had to spend a long time programming in order to set work movements on robots.

It was okay in the process of just repeating the exact same operation for objects of one shape, but for example, you have to grab and move or store unspecified objects of different sizes, weights, and shapes, such as logistics. Robots were unsuitable for scenes where it wouldn't be possible, so humans had to do it, and automation did not progress.

MUJIN's motion planning AI is a technology that allows the robot itself to think about movements without teaching with only the minimum teaching points.

By controlling the robot with this "intelligent robot controller" equipped with motion planning AI, it is possible to "immediately" realize advanced robot automation that was not possible until now.

If robots can take on tasks that only humans can do in this way, it will be possible to solve the problem of labor shortages due to the declining birthrate and aging population, and the shortage of shifts in the morning and evening. In addition, Mr. Ishihara, a public relations officer, explains that being able to provide a stable supply of products even in the event of a corona crisis is one of the strengths of the company.

MUJIN Deparating Robot + AGV

In this demonstration exhibition, a pallet on which product corrugated cardboards with different AGVs are stacked is carried to the front of the conveyor, and the robot moves the corrugated cardboards stacked on the pallets one by one to the conveyor.

The cardboard on the pallet is photographed and recognized by the MUJIN 3D vision installed on the ceiling side. In the case of the cardboard of the product loaded for the first time, the size, weight, package, etc. are memorized for each cardboard that the robot grabs.

Therefore, it is not necessary to register as a master in advance, and even if new products are loaded on the pallet, it can be handled without preparation.

Further, when the corrugated cardboard is placed on the conveyor, the bar code surface of the corrugated cardboard is recognized in advance and the orientation is automatically adjusted, and the height of the corrugated cardboard grasped is recognized and the corrugated cardboard is automatically controlled to be gently placed on the conveyor.

MUJIN mixed loading box-stage disassembled robot
Demonstration of MUJIN's "Mixed-loading box-stage disassembled robot"
This is a demonstration in which boxes of different sizes and directions (return boxes) are stacked on the pallet, and they are grabbed one by one and placed on a conveyor.

The "Mixed-loading box-stage disassembled robot" has an ultra-high-precision camera "Hand Eye 3D Vision" installed at the tip of the robot, and it approaches the return box to take images and recognize it.

Recognizing the slight gaps in the returnable box and the shape of the box, the variable hand installed at the tip of the robot automatically changes the hand part that grips the returnable box according to the size of the returnable box for picking.

It was not possible to automate the step disassembly in the past, but this solution has made it possible to achieve automatic picking in 15 seconds per box.

At the tip of the robot is a high-precision camera and a variable hand that can grab return boxes of various sizes.
With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, there is no doubt that the logistics industry will have a growing need for automation. In addition to demonstrations, the center can also carry out transportation and picking tests and operational training. He expressed his intention to utilize the center to automate more distribution sites.