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Panasonic's new IoT refrigerator-Automatically detects the decrease in foodstuffs and saves energy by linking with user location information

Panasonic's new IoT refrigerator-Automatically detects the decrease in foodstuffs and saves energy by linking with user location information

Panasonic refrigerators have many fans because of their ease of use, such as the "Wonderful Open" that allows the drawer to be pulled out to the end and the "Top Unit Method" that allows you to reach the depths of the upper part of the refrigerator. Panasonic released the flagship models "NR-F657WPX" and "NR-F607WPX" of IoT-compatible refrigerators at the end of February.

Both are open prices, and the estimated market price (excluding tax) of the NR-F657WPX with a storage capacity of 650L is around 430,000 yen. The NR-F607WPX with a storage capacity of 600L costs around 410,000 yen. Based on the above-mentioned briefing session for the new refrigerator model "WPX" series held by Panasonic for the press, we will report on the features of the new product.

"NR-F657WPX" with a capacity of 650L. The photo shows the Misty Steel Gray model, and the Onyx Mirror model is also available.

Achieve more eco-friendly driving by learning and analyzing the user's life
The refrigerator is always in motion. I'm also worried about the electricity bill. It is said that the flagship refrigerators of recent companies use very high-performance heat insulating materials, so they have higher energy-saving performance than small middle-class refrigerators.

In addition to this high heat insulation performance, the NR-F657WPX and NR-F607WPX learn the user's life by driving "Econavi". Using a wide variety of sensors, such as an "open / close sensor" that checks the frequency and time of door opening / closing for each refrigerator, and an "illuminance sensor" that predicts bedtime from the brightness of the room where the refrigerator is installed, the data from the sensors is analyzed in a complex manner. And learn. By judging the lifestyle pattern from the data for three weeks and predicting the lifestyle every day of the week and every hour, it is possible to drive finely and save electricity.

You can also check the status of eco-navigation driving and the guideline for reducing electricity bills from the dedicated app "Cool Pantry".

This eco-navigation driving is a function that was also in the conventional model, but the new product is equipped with a function that saves even smarter by linking with a smartphone. The location information of the smartphone and the refrigerator are linked, and when the user leaves home, it becomes "answering mode" and shifts to power saving mode. When it is determined that you are at the shopping destination, it will be in the "shopping preparation mode", predicting bulk purchases, and efficiently pre-cooling the inside of the refrigerator.

Equipped with a wide variety of sensors, including a "storage amount sensor" that illuminates the refrigerator compartment with LEDs from above, left, and right to sense the increase or decrease in food. Know the timing of energy-saving operation from the storage capacity. In addition, the new model allows finer driving control by referring to the user's location information.

Use the dedicated app "Cool Pantry" to link with the user's location information. If the user specifies the location of the supermarket in advance, it will precool the refrigerator in the house while shopping. When you add ingredients after returning home, the temperature will not rise sharply, which will save you money.

In addition, the new product also supports "winter energy-saving operation". Further energy-saving operation is possible by linking with the temperature information of the registered area and controlling the operation on days when the temperature is low.

The snow mark displayed on the application screen is a sign that the vehicle is in energy-saving driving in winter. In conjunction with the weather, the winter energy-saving operation is automatically terminated in the warm season.

Equipped with convenient functions using addable "tools"
Another notable new feature is the existence of tools that support shopping. NR-F657WPX and NR-F607WPX come with 1 weight detection plate. By putting this weight detection plate in the refrigerator and placing the ingredients on it, you can grasp the remaining amount of ingredients in the refrigerator in real time on your smartphone.

The photo shows the weight detection plate "NY-PZE1B1" with an egg case. A single "NY-PZE1" without an egg plate is also sold separately.

It's easy to use, just register the ingredients you want to manage in the dedicated app "Kitchen Pocket", place them on the weight detection plate, and register. You can select either "%" display or "remaining number" display for the remaining amount. In addition to being able to check the remaining number of registered ingredients from the shop, it seems convenient to use it according to the household, such as the remaining amount of beer, milk, and yogurt. It is also recommended to buy additional weight detection plates to manage multiple ingredients.

Check the remaining amount of eggs on your smartphone. You can check in the same way on the go

Installation example of weight detection plate. A weight detection plate is used to check the weight of beer (top photo) in the refrigerator and rice bins (bottom photo) in the vegetable storage. Not recommended for use in door pockets

Although not included with the NR-F657WPX and NR-F607WPX, a cool plate "NY-PC1" is also available as an optional tool that can be used in the refrigerator. This is a plate that can be used like a "cold pot" by cooling it in the refrigerator. It is useful for keeping sashimi cold at the table, removing heat from cooking, and whipping cream while cooking.

The silver plate that you have in your hand is the "horse cold plate". Use after chilling in the freezer

Demonstration using sashimi at the briefing session. Place the sashimi at about 10 ℃ on a plate, and leave one on the chilled plate and the other on the desk. When the temperature of the sashimi was measured 15 minutes later, the surface temperature of the sashimi on the chilled horse plate was about 5.6 ° C, and that of the sashimi on the desk was about 18 ° C.

By the way, the cooling assists "Hayauma Freezing" and "Hayauma Cooling", which are also popular functions in the previous model, are still alive. By blowing a large amount of cold air directly onto the ingredients, the ingredients can be cooled at the speed of a commercial refrigerator. With Hayauma Freezing, you can quickly freeze the ingredients to prevent cell destruction of the ingredients such as meat and freeze them deliciously. With Hayauma cooling, you can remove the heat from your lunch box in a short time of about 3 minutes.

By blowing cold air directly on the ingredients with a fan, quick cooling at the business level is achieved. You can cool a hot lunch in about 3 minutes

Slightly frozen partials have a longer lasting freshness
Panasonic's high-performance refrigerator also features a "slightly frozen partial" that stores ingredients by slightly freezing at about -3 ° C. In the slightly frozen partial, the ingredients do not freeze to a tick, so you can easily cut and cook even in the frozen state.

Until now, it was said that slightly frozen partials can store meat and fish for about 1 week, but with the new product, minced meat and chicken can be stored for about 10 days. Fillets such as beef and pork can now be stored deliciously for about 14 days.