2020/10/06 13:45:11

Types of graves and points to choose

A long time ago, when it came to funerals, it was common to rent a large venue.

Or it was common to have a funeral in the tatami room at home.
A funeral was a prestigious ritual that required a large amount of money and a certain number of days. However, people's lives have changed with the times, and the form of funerals has become extremely diverse in modern times. It is not always necessary to rent a large venue, and if you make a good financial plan while glaring at the estimate, it is possible to have a funeral of a reasonable scale for less than 1 million yen. The number of funeral companies that can choose courses in the form of family funerals is increasing, and in modern society, funerals, which are important rituals at the beginning of life, are diversifying according to lifestyles and values.

But funerals are not the only diversification. Some important things related to the life and death of people and funerals are also diversifying. It's ... a tombstone. Tombstones are also diversifying with the times.

This time I would like to talk about the types of tombstones and how to choose them. I hope you will use this as a trivia when choosing a tombstone.


What kind of grave and the point when choosing "color"?

There are various types of tombstones.

First, the shape.

Nowadays, it is possible to make the tombstone into your favorite shape in a custom-made style. Tombstones can be made into various types according to the tastes and values ​​of the deceased, who loved music during his lifetime, such as making the tombstone into a musical note shape or making it a heart shape with a prayer for peace. became. Certainly, there are limits on the amount of money and physical limits in the sense of modeling. There may be a limit in terms of size that it cannot fit in one section of the reien. However, if you pay attention to them, the types of tombstones are almost infinite. This must also be the type of tombstone.

However, the types we will discuss this time are the types at the time before modeling.


In other words, it is a "stone".

Let's focus on the stones that have not reached the type of grave shape, and think about the types and points to note when selecting stones.

The first thing to think about is what the impression of a tomb stone is to you. Many people think of black stones, which are called grave stones. Certainly, when you visit the graveyard, you will get the impression that there are so many black rectangular tombstones. Some may wonder, "Isn't the grave made of black stone or gray?"

However, modern tombstones are not all black or all gray. It has become possible to import stones from overseas, and tombstones are much cheaper than in the past. It was said that graves start at 2 million yen at the lowest price, but nowadays, some graves can be purchased from hundreds of thousands depending on the type and size of the stone. I have the impression that the graves are also diversifying.



There are 4 types of colored stones that can be used for graves

Now, let's talk about the types of graves in detail.
The stones of the tomb can be roughly divided into four according to the color system.


・Gray system




These four types of colors are mainly selected for graves.

I think the most common tombstones are black and the ones you rarely see are red. Even if you say red, it is not a bright red like a red and white curtain, but a stone with a reddish-brown color. In addition, gray is marbled or really gray, so even though there are four main colors, gray and red have more detailed color coding.

On top of the fine color coding, there are subtle shades of color depending on each stone. Even if it is red, it is not a single stone, but the type of stone handled depends on the stone shop. It can be said that one tombstone is the only one that does not exist as one.

When choosing a tombstone, have a basic knowledge that these four colors are generally available, then tell the tombstone shop what color you want, and what kind of stones are handled according to that color? It's a good idea to check what is available and what the difference is in quality. Many tombstone shops have stone samples, so please feel free to think about it.

However, due to the nature of "gravestones", there are some points that you should be aware of besides color.


What are the types of graves and the points other than the color when choosing?

There are two points to keep in mind when choosing a tombstone.

Stone durability
Amount of money

Both are basic but very important.

The grave is something that will be taken care of for many years. If you choose only the color without considering the durability, you may be exposed to rain and wind, or you may be hit by sad events such as chipping when you fall down due to a typhoon or earthquake. Color is also important because it protects for a long time. But isn't durability also important?

The durability of the tomb depends on the nature of the stone itself. Stones have a rate of water absorption that affects their durability. It is said that stones that easily absorb water have lower durability. Even if the stone is the same, the properties of the stone may change slightly depending on the place of origin, so check with the tombstone shop about the durability and characteristics of each place of origin.

Another important thing is the amount of money. Even if the tombstone is the same size, the amount will vary depending on the type of stone and its rarity value. Even with the same type of stone, the amount will vary depending on the place of origin and the shade of color. In recent years, Japanese tombstones have been valuable. Among them, Aji stone is highly rare, so you have to look at the price of 3 million yen or more. It will be more expensive depending on the size and quality of the Aji stone.

Tombstones are expensive stones, so it's not good. Stones are not tombstones of the same size and more expensive in terms of nature. Some stones are relatively inexpensive but durable. It's a good idea to think carefully about how much you value "color," "amount," "durability," "shape," "origin," and "rareness."





There are different types of tombstones in terms of shape. However, in recent years, tombstones can be made to order in any shape you like, so there are countless types in terms of shape. There are four main types of stones, "red, black, gray, and white." However, none of these four colors have the same shade and pattern, so it can be said that each one is completely different.

The grave is something that the clan protects. It is passed down from generation to generation. It is important to decide by color, but it is important to consider the amount of money and durability comprehensively and discuss it well with the family.

Tombstones are stones that symbolize the history of the clan. You may be worried, but it's a place where the clan sleeps, so I want to think carefully and decide.