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Types of flowers and fresh flowers sent during wakes for funerals

There are various types of funeral tools. Among them, fresh flowers are indispensable for funerals.

When it comes to funerals, flowers are so much associated with funerals. In fact, there may be some who were called to the funeral and used fresh flowers (flower offerings), or who were worried about the amount of fresh flowers used for the funeral. Because fresh flowers are indispensable for funerals, I think it makes me think about how to handle fresh flowers at funerals.

This time, I will explain about fresh flowers, which are indispensable for such funerals, focusing on the knowledge necessary for the sender. What kind of flowers should I send when sending flowers for wakes, funerals, and funerals? What should I be careful about when sending fresh flowers to a funeral?



What should I be careful about when sending fresh flowers to a funeral?

Sending fresh flowers to a funeral is common in Japanese funerals. Fresh flowers are used at funerals regardless of whether they are Buddhist, Christian, or Shinto. There is no failure in the fact that fresh flowers are "things that are universal" that are not bound by faith.

In Buddhism, the shape of the funeral tools may change depending on the denomination.
However, all denominations have in common that fresh flowers are used at funerals. Even if you don't know the denomination, if you send fresh flowers to the funeral, you will rarely fail. That is why sending fresh flowers to funerals is so common. If you're wondering what to send to the funeral, fresh flowers will be a good candidate.

Sending flowers is certainly a failure-free method, but it will fail if you don't send fresh flowers because of the nature of the funeral ritual. In addition to failure, it will even crack the relationship with the bereaved family in the future. When sending fresh flowers to a funeral, you need to be careful about the three points of "arrangement," "flower type," and "confirmation."



Pay attention to "arrangement", "type of flower" and "confirmation" for fresh flowers at the funeral

In order to send fresh flowers to the funeral, it is important to be careful about the arrangements.

Even if you decide to send fresh flowers to the funeral, if you do not make arrangements in a hurry, you will end up in a situation where the fresh flowers were not in time for the funeral. The funeral is a rush, so get ready and arrange for delivery as soon as you're notified.

Even if regular delivery is sufficient, the delivery of fresh flowers may be significantly delayed if the year-end and New Year holidays coincide with the funeral. Also, if you ask a funeral home near the funeral home to arrange flowers, it may take some time to prepare because there were many other people who arranged fresh flowers for the same funeral. Since the number of fresh flowers is not infinite, it is actually possible that the arrival of flowers will not catch up with a series of funerals in the neighborhood.

When sending fresh flowers to a funeral, "it is meaningless if you do not make it in time for the funeral" "The delivery situation may be crowded. Be careful especially during the busy season such as the year-end and New Year holidays" "When funerals overlap in the neighborhood Or, if many people try to send fresh flowers to the same funeral, there is a risk of running out of flowers. ”If you do not pay attention to such matters, it will lead to mistakes. As a countermeasure, you can make arrangements as soon as you are contacted, that is, move immediately. Preparation for the funeral is also a speed game, but the side that sends fresh flowers to the funeral also has a speed game.



Another thing to keep in mind when sending fresh flowers to a funeral is to check with the other party.

When you send fresh flowers to a funeral, the other party or the person in charge of the funeral hall will basically display them in the appropriate place. However, not all funerals have space to decorate fresh flowers. In the case of a funeral at home, sending a lot of fresh flowers is a space problem. In some cases, it is a secret to have a funeral at a surrounding house, so it may be better to avoid prominent fresh flowers.

It is important to make quick arrangements when sending fresh flowers to the funeral, but first make sure that it is okay to send fresh flowers to the funeral. You can contact the ceremonial hall where the funeral is held, or if you are close to the mourner, you can ask directly.



The types of fresh flowers for funerals are mainly white flowers and chrysanthemums.

What I want to be more careful about is the type of fresh flowers sent to the funeral. When you send fresh flowers to a funeral, you don't have to send your favorite flowers. Please try to imagine. Sunflowers and bright red roses that are displayed at funerals ... It feels strange. It is important to send TPO-friendly types of fresh flowers to the funeral. The final flowers you send will be displayed at the funeral, so send flowers suitable for the funeral.



The following types of flowers are suitable for sending as fresh flowers at a funeral.

It depends on whether it is Buddhist, Christian, or Shinto. Buddhist funeral flowers

Do you have the impression that chrysanthemums are the flower of a funeral? Chrysanthemum is a typical funeral flower.
In the case of Buddhist ceremonies, lilies and carnations are also used. The color is basically white, but it does not have to be white as long as it is a calm color.

However, you should avoid pink carnations and red lilies just because you feel calm personally. The basic colors of the funeral are "white" and "black". Red, pink and brown shades are reminiscent of celebrations.

Artificial flowers and preserved flowers are also used in the same way as fresh flowers. It's a good idea to consider whether to use a basket or a wreath, depending on the scale and situation of the funeral.



Fresh flowers for Shinto funeral

It is basically the same as the fresh flowers of a Buddhist funeral. However, the color is often white. In the Buddhist ceremony, flowers with a calm color were used based on white, but in the Shinto ceremony, it is better to think of them as whiter flowers. Imagine a Shinto funeral, and you might think it's all white. Sending "white" fresh flowers centered on white chrysanthemums and white lilies can be said to be less likely to fail at Shinto funerals.

In Japan, there are overwhelmingly many Buddhist funerals, so if you have any questions, I would like to ask a flower shop or funeral shop for advice so that I will not fail.



Fresh flowers for a Christian funeral

As with Buddhist and Shinto ceremonies, white flowers are the basis. However, it is a characteristic of Christian funerals that they often use soft shades such as pale pink and yellow. For flowers, we use small chrysanthemums, spray chrysanthemums, lilies, carnations, etc. The pale pink color of carnations and lilies was NG in Buddhist ceremonies because it was associated with celebrations, but it is not NG in Christian ceremonies and is often used in flower baskets.

Christian-style fresh flowers are also characterized by the fact that they often pay attention to their arrangements. There are arrangements that suit the Christian style, such as hearts and crosses. Talk to a florist or funeral shop about sending them to a Christian funeral and have them arrange it.




Sending fresh flowers to a funeral is common because it is less likely to fail than sending other tools. Arrangements are not difficult as the types of fresh flowers are limited to some extent suitable for funerals. In recent years, it is possible to make arrangements on the Internet, and there are many places where you can make arrangements immediately with postpay at nearby shops. However, even though the types of flowers are limited, it is difficult to decide what kind of flowers to combine and how much volume should be used.

If you have any questions, tell the funeral shop or florist who is accustomed to arranging fresh flowers for the funeral and tell them the scale and denomination of the funeral, and you will not fail.

The key points when sending fresh flowers to a funeral are "quick arrangement," "type of flower," "confirmation with the other party," and "ask an expert if you don't understand."