2020/10/07 11:42:17

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A 100-yen shop that is said to have nothing missing now. Besides its cheapness, good ideas are very attractive. Among them, we will introduce products that are sure to be useful in the kitchen.




When I stand in the kitchen and cook every day, I often wish I had such a tool.

Please take a look at a number of useful goods that seem to have realized such thoughts, even more than you can imagine.


Sealed sealer

A sealer is a machine that seals a bag of nylon or the like with heat.

Potato chips that cannot be eaten are easily damp even when closed with a rubber band, and it is troublesome to transfer them to a sealed container. If you seal it with a sealer in such a case, it will not be damp the next time you open it.

Batteries are sold separately, but they are very popular.


Cap for bag

Once you open the bag, you will be worried about moisture and insects, such as flour and rice. This cap can be attached directly to the bag and the lid can be closed, eliminating the need for refilling.

It can also be used as a food bag for dogs and cats.


Cutting board sheet

It is a sheet-like plate. Cutting boards are usually hard, but they are made thin using a soft material.

By using several sheets properly, you do not have to wash each time you cut meat, fish, vegetables, etc., which saves time.

Also, vegetables etc. are easy to spill if they are finely divided and then transferred to a pan, but the cutting board sheet can be bent, so narrowing the tip will prevent it from spilling.


Peeled rubber gloves

The rubber gloves have irregularities, and the burdock and taro are peeled off by rubbing while washing.

Right-handed and left-handed are available so you can use it without worrying about your dominant hand. Even if you use both, you can peel off quickly and it is convenient.

Also, some manufacturers have sponge type, so it may be interesting to compare them.


Dumpling wrapping device

The dumplings that are handmade at home have a different home taste than the ones in the store. It's delicious and I eat a lot, so the amount I make is quite large.

The process of putting ingredients on the gyoza skin, watering the edges, and wrapping the gyoza while pulling the skin is fun but time consuming.

The gyoza wrapping device can be wrapped by simply putting the gyoza skin on it, putting the ingredients on it, and pinching it tightly, and your hands will not get dirty.

It is not one tool for each family, but a tool for the number of family members.


Tray that does not get hot in the microwave

When you heat or cook something in the microwave, the bowls get hot together. It would be nice if I could take it out well with a pot-holder, but I'm worried about burns, especially for small children.

This tray does not get hot, so you can put it in the microwave and put it in the microwave so that you can put it in and out without touching it directly.


Egg hole puncher

Before boiling the egg, stand it on this hole puncher in the raw egg state to make a small hole. Boiled eggs are difficult to peel off, but you can use them to quickly and cleanly peel off.


Holder for slicer

When vegetables are chopped with a slicer, not only are they getting smaller and harder to hold, but they are also dangerous because they may slice your hands.

By sandwiching the vegetables in this holder, you can slice it to the end without worrying about injury.


PET bottle washing sponge

I think many people use PET bottles instead of water bottles.

A sponge with a handle is convenient and familiar when washing a water bottle, but since it is thinner, it can be inserted through the mouth of a PET bottle. You can wash it to the bottom and keep it clean.


Garlic crush

Garlic is used unexpectedly for cooking, but most of it is chopped and used only in small amounts.

Even so, my hands, knives, and cutting boards smell so I have to wash them every time. If you use a garlic mash with a double spoon structure, you can cook without getting your hands dirty.


Silicone pot

Silicone cookware is also a specialty of 100-yen shops. Silicone pots can also be used to prevent slipping when opening the lid of the bottle, so I'd like one.



There are many storage goods in the 100-yen shop.

By using it well and storing it neatly, you can save the trouble of searching for things and you can cook in a spacious space. It is fun to combine various storage goods.


File box

Although the area under the sink and the gas table is wide, there are many houses that are difficult to use due to the piping.

By arranging several file boxes side by side, the frying pan can be stored vertically to save space. You can also store frying pan lids and platters.


Wire net and S-shaped hook

Wire nets are not available at 100-yen shops if they are too large, but they are available at 100-yen shops up to a certain size.

It can be installed on the wall for storage, or it can be installed inside the shelf with the door open. Use the S-shaped hook to hang a ladle or a hole comb.


Various storage containers

There are many products that are compatible with microwave ovens and frozen storage.

There are a wide variety of sizes and items, so putting seasonings in the same series of containers will give a unified look to the entire kitchen and give it a stylish impression.

We have everything from sealed containers to glass bottles, and we also have cute designs.


Extra edition
Wrapping goods

We also have a large selection of wrapping goods for those who make sweets for birthdays, Christmas and Valentine's Day. If you combine bags and ribbons with good taste, it will be the best gift.


Reading glasses

When cooking while looking at a cookbook in the kitchen, the problem of small letters and difficulty in seeing is solved at the 100-yen shop. The strength is divided into several stages, so choose the one that suits you.

However, it is not made to order, so it seems better to avoid using it for a long time.



I introduced kitchen utensils this time, but there are many other useful products in the 100-yen shop, and you will want them too.

Why don't you take your time and take a leisurely look inside the store to find a product that suits your lifestyle.