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The ultimate funeral manual!

In recent years, funerals have become expensive and many families are not burdened. If the funeral of the family can be held by the family, it will be the ultimate funeral and the burden on the family will be reduced, so we will publish the manual.

Funeral flow
If you die at a hospital, police station, elderly home, or home, your doctor will issue you a medical certificate.

It is possible to move by private car because it is not illegal, but it is recommended to move by green number hearse because there is a risk of hygienic infection.

Hearse dispatch app

We will place you at home or at the morgue funeral. When placing it, cool it with dry ice or rock ice for maintenance.

Detention center reservation app

If you are religion, we recommend that you choose a date that matches the vacant schedule of the desired ceremony hall and the circumstances of the temple and priest.

Ceremony / religion reservation app

Fill out the death certificate and submit it to the government office to get a cremation permit issued.

We will arrange fresh flowers, gifts, food and drinks according to the date of the funeral.

Automatic ordering app

Set up and wake up
We will check if the arranged items have arrived and go to the night.

Ordered product inspection app

Funeral farewell ceremony
After the funeral, the fresh flowers offered by relatives are placed in the casket.

When the cremation is completed, the bones will be disbanded or delivered after the bones are collected.

Cemetery app

Funeral practice
The Funeral Practice Edition is a manual about the actual funeral scene.

Preliminary examination of funeral

The funeral examiner is Takako Tanaka. In this case, you are considering your own funeral.

What kind of image do you want to have for your funeral?

□ I want to do it grandly at the end of my life
□ I want to make it a general funeral
□ I want to do it small
□ I want to leave it to the community and family
□ Other
⇒ I would like a general funeral. But push the budget as much as possible
Please get it.

Is the religious form fixed?

□ Buddhist ceremony (temple name: sect temple)
□ Shinto style (shrine name :)
□ Christian ceremony (church name: denominational church)
□ Non-religious ceremony
□ Other

How many mourners are likely to be

(Wake and funeral together)
□ 20 people or less
□ 20 to 50 people
□ 50-100 people
□ 100-200 people
□ Over 200 people
Description: If there are less than 20 people, it will be a group of people who are very close to their relatives, so it may be called a family funeral. So how do you calculate the approximate number of people you expect?
Think of it this way.

Relatives () name
Person related to the person: friend () name, work-related () name, neighborhood () name,
Family members: friend () name, work-related () name,
Other () name

Relatives will attend both the night and the funeral. Basically, friends and business people
You will be attending either a wake or a funeral (with some exceptions).
In some cases, it is possible that more family members will attend than the person concerned. For example, if the owner of the deceased person is a manager of a large company, he or she may end up with hundreds of attendees.
Knowing the number of people will give you good advice when choosing a funeral hall. It also makes it easier to predict the number of dishes and rewards.
My funeral
⇒ I took 2 days
I'm thinking about 150 people. There are 40 other relatives.

What do you think is the best place for the funeral?

What do you think is the best place to put it?

□ Home
□ Funeral hall
□ Temple
□ Meeting place
□ Other

My funeral
⇒ I live in XX city, but it is managed by the city
A I would like a public ceremony hall.
In addition, I would like to stay at home until the night.

Is there anything you want to do this way?

□ Decorate the altar of Shiraki
□ Decorate an altar with lots of your favorite flowers
□ I want to play my favorite music
□ I want to entertain with delicious food
□ I want to carefully select the gifts and incense gifts
□ There are things you want to stick to, such as caskets and hearse
□ I want to display memorable items
□ Other
Description: Here, any trivial matter is fine, so please make your request in detail.
I will ask. It will also be necessary to find out the hobbies and special skills of the target person. Asking here will help you propose a funeral that is personal to you.
My funeral
⇒ My hope is
"Make it a fresh flower altar (pink to a non-flashy flower based on white)"
"I want my friends who play the violin to play the music in a less comfortable atmosphere."
"I like coffee and cake rather than cooking, so I want you to set up a place where you can talk with coffee and cake."
"We will leave the gifts and incense to the mourner."
"Coffins and hearse are simple"
"Please display your memorable items and photos."
"I want to keep my hair and makeup neat (because I don't have to be a professional)" Let's sort out my funeral.

My funeral [Summary of plan]

● I would like a general funeral. Hold your budget.
● Jodo Shinshu Honganji School (Bodaiji Temple is XX Temple)
● The number of mourners is 150 in 2 days + 40 relatives
● The funeral place is A Public Ceremony
● I would like to stay at home until the night
● I would like a fresh flower altar based on pink and white. I don't want it to be too flashy
● I want you to play songs with an atmosphere that does not make the music too dark
● I want my friends who play the violin to play
● I want you to set up a place where you can talk with coffee and cake
● We will leave the gifts and incense gifts to the mourner.
● The casket and hearse should be the simplest
● I want you to display your memories and photos.
● I want to keep my hair and makeup neat (you don't have to be a professional)
The quotation and time schedule created based on the above plan are as follows.

From receiving the newsletter to enshrining

● When you receive a newsletter

① Name of the deceased

"Excuse me, can you tell me the surname and first name of the deceased person?"

② Pick-up location

"Are you in the hospital now?" "Which hospital is it?"
For the hospital name, ask the official hospital name and the name of the municipality. ○○ Hospital No. 2 or ○○ Hospital △.
In the case of a hospital, check whether you are going to the hospital room or the morgue.

③ Name and contact information of the person who called

Sometimes the content of the story tells the relationship of the person who called.
Ask for your name and contact information.
However, if the response is too simple, you will be anxious. The point to keep in mind at that time is to tell your name and mobile phone number.
We will clearly inform you of the arrival time (we will visit you around XX hours).
That is.
A place to put the body
Get a death certificate and complete the discharge procedure.
The death certificate is required not only for notification to the government office but also for procedures such as insurance and pension, so we ask several hospitals to issue it.

● When you arrive at the hospital

The funeral industry uses the term "pick up" when going to the hospital to transport a deceased person.

At the time of "pick-up", we will bring a set of materials necessary for the meeting, a pillow decoration set, and dry ice.
(Dry ice may also be available from sleeper vendors).

Not only greetings with relatives, but also greetings to hospital staff.
Since detailed meetings are not possible at the hospital, we will only confirm the place of storage.
If possible, it may be a good idea to have someone in your family get in the passenger seat of the sleeping car and give directions.
When leaving the hospital, the hospital staff may be sent off.

You can use the mortuary and mortuary of the crematorium and rental funeral home.
① Check the availability.
② Check if you need a cold storage or dry ice
③ Check if you need a casket (you may not be able to deposit it unless you put it in the casket) These facilities may be closed at night.
In that case, we ask you to leave it at the hospital overnight and transport it to the storage place the next day.

Funeral preparation


The actual funeral preparation can be similar to what was explained in the funeral pre-examination section.


How should I decide the date?
"Venue for funerals" "Convenience of religious people (temples / churches)" "Crematorium availability"


First of all, complete the death certificate, make a reservation for the crematorium, submit it to the government office, and get a cremation permit issued. If you do this, you will be able to cremate.
Only this should never be forgotten.
A set of 2 bereaved family members!
・ Death certificate (death certificate) ← Make a copy.
・ Seal (three-text format is also acceptable)


[How to perform a memorable funeral]
① Create a memory corner.
② Ask your relatives and acquaintances to host.


As the name suggests, a casket is to put a body in a casket.
It's not just a ritual, it's a ritual.


Sometimes we do it at home, and sometimes we do it at the ceremony.


* Here, the ritual is performed as a ritual, so it is called the "Nōkanshi".
Nōkanshi is also a time when the bereaved family feels a strong feeling for the deceased.

The important thing is to do everything in the hands of your family.

Let's explain the procedure

[Cassette procedure]

Start with the corpse on the futon and the casket next to it empty.

Put on a shroud (not necessary for some denominations such as Jodo Shinshu)
Attach the back of your hand, kyahan, and socks.
* It is better to have different people.

Put a bag containing Rokumonsen (head bag) over your head

Put the body in the casket
Hold the four corners of the sheets firmly and put them in the casket as they are. The sheets will be left in the casket until the end.
You can prevent body fluids from leaking from the body.

Place the net cap and crown near the head

Place sandals at your feet and a cane near your dominant arm

Hang white costume from above
* The white costume is for the person to wear, but since it requires skill to handle the body, it is OK just to hang it from above. If there is clothes that the deceased loved, I will hang them over them.

Finally, pay the item that the deceased loved

Wake up

After finishing the coffin, make sure that everything is ready by 1 hour before the opening ceremony.
Explain the business contents to the receptionist, treasurer, etc.

Explaining the progress of the night to the bereaved family and relatives

Meeting with religious people

Opening ceremony
* Guide general attendees to "burning incense → wake-up behavior"

End of the night
* Religious people leave. Confirm that the attendees have settled down

Guided bereaved family / relatives and funeral committee members to behave overnight

Next day confirmation

There are occasions when the deceased or an acquaintance of the bereaved family will help.
The main roles are reception, accounting, and directions.
The helper is called a funeral committee member or a "clerk".
* Here, the funeral committee members are unified.
Most of the funeral committee members come to the ceremony without knowing the specific work, just because the bereaved family says "Please help me".

・ In the case of reception

"The reception is divided into" company relations and general "windows. Please make a note and receive the incense. Please check the contents of the incense easily and hand it to the treasurer."

・ In the case of accounting

"Please organize the incense books that came from the reception desk on this notebook. Please be careful not to make any mistakes in the contents and amount of the notebook."

For directions (large)

"Please give me" directions "to the nearest station. Please come back to the ceremony hall when the closing time comes (instructing the specific place to stand)."


After the wake, the bereaved family, relatives, and funeral committee members will behave later than the general attendees.
When I'm a little calm, I'll check the next day.
I think the detailed meeting has already ended, but here