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The rainy season has arrived! How to dry quickly even in the room

If the rainy days continue, the laundry will not dry easily and you will be in trouble.
When the room is dried, the room becomes damp and the odor of laundry is also a concern.


Is there a way to dry the room quickly?

Conditions for the laundry to dry quickly

Laundry is difficult to dry without wind and high humidity, and it does not dry quickly even at low temperatures.
Of course, it is hard to dry in the rain, and it dries quickly on a sunny day, so it can be said that the power of the sun is great.

It seems that the conditions for drying laundry are high temperature, wind and sunlight.
You just have to create an environment that is close to this condition.


Creating a well-ventilated environment and devising ways to dry

Open the window of the bath, drain the water, wipe off the water, and then turn on the ventilation fan or turn the fan to dry the laundry. The design of the bath makes it easy to remove moisture.
If the bath is a drying room, it is good to use it, but even if there is no equipment, the bath is the easiest to dry.

As for how to dry, for example, to hang a bath towel, it is faster to hang it with a clothespin than to hang it on a rope and fold it in half.
To dry blouses and T-shirts quickly, use thick and thick hangers such as wooden hangers to help the wind pass through the hangers.

Trousers, hooded sweatshirts, blouses with collars, socks, etc. will dry faster if you dry them with the thick part facing down.
Also, if you hang it face down, the thickness of the seams will be more exposed to the wind and it will be easier to dry.

When using a square or rectangular hanger to dry the laundry, alternating long and short hangers will improve ventilation and dry faster.


Use of tension rods

Strut sticks sold for 100 yen are convenient for drying light items, but if you attach them to the toilet, it will be easier to dry if you hang towels or mats on the toilet.
If there is a place to attach a stick in the washroom, small items such as handkerchiefs and stockings will dry quickly.


Raise the temperature and let it dry.

It dries quickly on hot summer days, but iron it during the rainy season to create a hot environment.
If you iron the laundry when it is dry, it will be finished without wrinkles, spraying, and an unpleasant odor.


Worst to dry, dry in 5 hours

Keeping the laundry around the house, even if it will dry out someday, will cause the dampness to become damp and cause the laundry to smell bad.
It's easy to hang it on curtain rails because it's dry, but if you don't wash the curtains, they will get dirty and smell and will be transferred to the laundry.
Besides, the air is flowing in the center of the room more easily than the walls and windows, and it doesn't get dirty.

Even if you hang it on the balcony on a rainy day, the humidity is as high as 80% and it is hard to dry, but it is not recommended to hang it in the living room.
This is because the place where people live is unexpectedly humid due to sweat, body temperature, cooking steam, and so on.


When drying the room, avoid living room and bedroom.

If it rains lightly, dry it on the balcony, when it rains, dry it in the bath, and when it dries to a certain extent, dry it with an iron. The laundry will dry in about 5 hours.


Let's take in laundry goods and ideas and dry them.

If you go around home improvement stores and 100-yen shops, you can find various goods for drying laundry.
If you use something that suits you, such as a type that attaches to the Kamoi or a hanger holder, it dries unexpectedly quickly.

In addition, there are 8-shaped hangers made to make it easier for the wind to pass through the clothes, and flat-drying nets that allow you to spread and dry your clothes.


What if you really want to dry it right away?

If you want to dry quickly and wear it and go out, you can use a hair dryer to dry it quickly.

・ Wrap damp clothes in a bath towel and lightly step on it to transfer moisture to the bath towel, which will dry faster.

-Turning the laundry around has the effect of a manual dryer and dries quickly.
It is also an exercise for the upper arm, so it is recommended for those who are suffering from Talmi on the upper arm.

・ After dehydrating the laundry once, wrap it in a bath towel again and put it in the dehydrator to dry it quickly.

・ Use a hammock to hang it in the room space for efficient drying.

What should I do if my clothes smell in the wrong room?


The cause of the odor may be that the room was dried in the following conditions.

(1) It took a long time to dry, and germs had propagated.
(2) The sweat and sebum on the clothes did not come off cleanly.
③ I packed too much laundry and washed it.
④ I washed it with socks and other odorous items.
⑤ It was left with dehydration.

The workaround is to dissolve the oxygen bleach in hot water, leave the laundry for 20 to 30 minutes, and then wash it normally.
Alternatively, you can dissolve the alum sold at pharmacies well and rinse it without adding detergent to remove the odor.


Tips for drying laundry quickly and getting a beautiful finish

① If it gets dirty, wash it as soon as possible.

As time goes by, dirt is hard to remove, and if you wash them all together, there will be no space to dry the laundry, and it will be hard to dry and the odor will remain.
Detergents and water are certainly used, but in the long run they are good for clothes.

② Wash heavily soiled items separately before putting them in the washing machine.

If you wash odorous items such as socks and pillowcases together, they may get stuck in other clothing.
It smells especially when it is humid, so wash your hands and then wash them together.

③ Let's dry in a short time while preventing shape loss and wrinkles

It is difficult to remove it if it gets wrinkled.
Learn how to wash your grandmother in the olden days, and before you dry it, pat it and save the buns and wrinkles by hand.
A little thing will dry faster and prevent it from losing its shape.

④ Use laundry for drying the room

It uses a detergent that has antibacterial and antibacterial effects to prevent odors even when it is dry, and uses a softener that has a soft scent.




To dry the laundry quickly even in the room, dry it in a well-ventilated place and use an iron to dry it efficiently.
To prevent the whole house from being full of laundry, wash it with beans without collecting dirt.

Let's devise a way to survive the rainy season.