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The flow when purchasing a grave and the points to decide the graveyard

The tomb is an important place for generations of clan to sleep. At the same time, it will be a place where you and your family will sleep at some point.

When choosing a grave, it is important to think of it as a "long day, something to protect," "a place to sleep sometime," and "a symbol of the clan." Even if you hurt your throat and buy a throat lozenge on the go, you should think about your taste, calories, and what you should eat. Since graves have been around for a long time, it is necessary to purchase them more carefully and from a strict perspective than the candy and miscellaneous goods that you buy on the go.

I will explain the flow of purchasing a grave and the points to decide the graveyard. If you read this, it is okay for those who say "I have never purchased a grave" or "I do not have a graveyard in my house". Even if you haven't decided when to buy, let's easily remember the points so that you don't have to worry when you make a purchase.


What is the flow of purchasing a grave? Notes on each

The order of the graves is as follows. However, this is just a basic "common pattern" and may be done in other ways.


① Decide the burial form ・ Decide after purchasing the grave with your family

Will you buy a grave for one family member or a grave for the whole family? Is it a grave only for couples? In the old days, it was basic to buy a grave and have a family. However, in recent years, there have been various forms of graves, such as graves for couples only (couple graves), traditional graves for families (house graves), and graves for oneself (individual graves). is.

Corporate tombs also exist in some temples such as Mt. Koya. Decide "who will enter the grave" and "who will protect the grave". It is also important to eliminate later grave troubles and conflicts between relatives.


② Decide where to put the grave

There must be land to set up the grave. Decide where to place the purchased grave.

Even if you want to build a grave, you cannot buy ordinary land and suddenly turn it into a graveyard. Instead of buying land for sale in a residential area such as a residential area, consider which of the three land is "temple," "public graveyard," or "private reien."

One thing to consider when deciding on land is that it costs money to prepare the land. Even if the land in the graveyard is purchased, it is not bought or sold like ordinary residential land, but it is basically rented as land for the graveyard (permanent use). Because you are renting, you cannot resell the land for the graveyard that you rented for permanent use.

In addition, after building a grave on the land for the graveyard, management fees and donations will be required regardless of whether it is a temple, public graveyard, or private reien. It's a good idea to keep in mind that it's different from a normal house or land for home use. If you have any questions, contact the land manager of the graveyard (the municipality or temple that manages the reien) and resolve any questions.

Some temples do not have a graveyard. If you want to build a grave in this temple, it's a good idea to check if the temple has a graveyard.


③ Decide on a stone dealer to buy the grave

Once the land issue of whether to make it a temple graveyard or a reien or public graveyard has been resolved and you talk to the land manager, decide which store to buy the grave next.

You can go in parallel with the land search, but the conditions may differ depending on the land, so even if you are looking for the land and the gravestone shop in parallel, it is better to settle on the land first. The purchase of the grave will proceed smoothly. It is possible to prevent problems such as deciding on a stone dealer and getting an estimate of the gravestone, and finding it difficult to build the desired grave because the land is too small at the stage of contract.

You can decide the shape of the grave to some extent and decide the land according to the size and shape of the grave, but in that case, make a contract about the use of the land after a while before making a purchase, and then It's a good idea to return it to the grave purchaser.

Observe not only whether the stone dealer handles the stones and grave shapes you desire, but also the expertise and attitudes of the shop staff.

Graves are expensive shopping. I will use it for a long time. The risk of grave purchase failure is reduced by the proper advice and expertise of the shop staff.


④ Decide the shape of the grave, consult about costs, and purchase

After deciding on a stone store, it's time to decide on the shape and stones of the grave. Once you have given your general wishes, check the strength and amount of the grave and ask for a quote. Sticking to the grave is important, but cost is also important. Discuss it with your family, be careful not to create a feud at the grave, and make a purchase when your family is satisfied.

Speaking of graves, it seems that rectangles are common, but in recent years, graves of various shapes have appeared. In some cases, golf ball type, volleyball type, musical notes, hearts, etc. are made to order according to your hobbies and tastes. If you want to stick to this kind of shape, it is necessary to confirm "whether it can be made to order" and "how much can be made to order" at the stage of deciding on a stone store. If you check the size and shape of the graveyard manager, it will not cause any trouble.

What is the point of choosing a land in a graveyard?

He said that there are three types of land for building graves: "temples," "public graveyards," and "private reiens." Regardless of which of these three lands you choose, you should be aware that you will incur "administrative expenses (even in the case of" donation "in temples, etc.)" every year. The management fee is like a common service fee for apartments, etc., and this money is used to pay for the maintenance and cleaning of common areas of the land, and the cost of water supply.

As a guide, the amount of money is about several thousand to 10,000 yen for public graveyards, about several thousand to 20,000 yen for private reiens, and about several thousand to 30,000 yen for temple graveyards. Keep in mind that you will need this amount each year.

It is important that the annual payment is small, but it is also necessary to consider other factors such as "is the location easy to visit the grave?" If you choose a graveyard far away just because you pay cheaply every year, the transportation costs for visiting the graveyard may be negative.




The purchase of a grave must be decided in the long run. This is because graves have to be protected by the family for many years. If you buy it even though your family is against it, it will create a feud in your family, and even if you buy it at your own discretion, your descendants will mourn the burden of being a grave keeper. Because it is a place where the family sleeps, it may be necessary to purchase it harmoniously and as the family wants. It should be desirable for not only you but your family to be able to join hands comfortably.

The flow of purchasing a grave is roughly 1 to 4. However, depending on how you proceed, the order may change, or 3 and 4 may be performed together. If you have any questions about graves, such as choosing a grave or landing a grave, a stone dealer or a local funeral shop will be a strong ally. If you have any concerns or doubts, don't put it off, but check each time to make the grave selection smoother.