2020/10/06 13:57:24

Recommended travel spots for summer vacation and Obon vacation

Summer vacation is a period in which children who go to school can make memories that will last a lifetime.

Fathers and mothers in the world talked with alumni associations and friends, saying, "By the way, go to a place like this during the summer vacation when I was a student." "I played with this kind of thing." "I enjoyed going fishing with my friends. Wouldn't you say "ta"? Yes, summer vacation is a large vacation that will be remembered even as an adult for future life. That is why parents may want to make wonderful memories for their children.

I'm usually busy with work, and I really want to take a break. However, let's do our best to make it with the wonderful feelings of the child. For fathers and mothers who are thinking like that, we would like to introduce "a travel spot where you can make wonderful memories with your family." When you were a kid, wasn't it exciting just to travel with your parents?

Make memories locally! "Fireworks display" is the aim

When it comes to making memories with your family, you may think about going far away. But wait a minute. Traveling far away is not the only way to make memories. I think there is a big event that should not be forgotten during the summer vacation, especially around Obon. ... Yes, it's a fireworks display and Bon festival dance.

For fathers and mothers in the world, remember when you were little. Do you remember going to a local fireworks display with your family and friends? Even though it was a familiar road, when you saw the fireworks launching and blooming in the night sky, did you feel that the road you were accustomed to was the first road to take? Do you remember looking up at the night sky with your friends and family and sighing without thinking it was beautiful?

Do you remember eating yakisoba and takoyaki in a familiar shopping street with stalls lined up? Have you ever tried to scoop a goldfish and slipped through a big goldfish? Do you remember looking around the cotton candy shop and the shaved ice shop and wondering which one to buy with limited pocket money?

When it comes to traveling, it's easy to think of traveling far away. And I tend to think about going to leisure facilities for the time being. However, there are events in the local area where you can make memories. Of particular note are the local fireworks festivals and Bon festival dances. It can be said that this local fireworks display is easy to visit and make memories.

Many fireworks festivals are held all over Japan. There is also a site where you can search for "when and where", so please check the schedule of your local fireworks display and come visit us.

Relax at the Hakone Open Air Museum in Kanagawa Prefecture

Do you have the impression that even if you go out with your family on the weekends when you go to school, you will be in a hurry.
Even if Saturdays and Sundays are consecutive holidays and fortunately there are three consecutive holidays, if there is a school or company, "Is it the company from the day after tomorrow? Will I be tired?" "School from tomorrow. Isn't it possible that you can't concentrate on going out somewhere because you think, "I have to put away my luggage?" It would be fun to go to a place where you can take a leisurely look because it is a long vacation for children, which is summer vacation, and it is easy for fathers and mothers to take a long vacation at work.

For example, what about museums and museums?

The Hakone Open Air Museum in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, is one of the facilities that you want to take a leisurely look at when you have time, with many objects scattered on the vast site. What's more, the Hakone Open Air Museum not only allows you to appreciate art, but also has hands-on objects that children will be happy to play with.

"Woods of Net" is a very popular experience-based object. Seen from the outside, it looks like a huge Jenga, but when you go inside, it's strange that the net is spread all over. It is a mechanism that children can play on this stretched net. You can feel like you're stuck in a spider web, or you can enjoy the feeling of floating.

Hakone is one of Japan's leading tourist destinations with many other tourist spots and many excellent hotels. It is usually difficult to enjoy art appreciation with children, but it is because of the summer vacation that you can enjoy art appreciation and play with all your might.

Experience activities at "EVER GREEN HORSE GARDEN" in Chiba Prefecture

Isn't it the biggest advantage of summer vacation that you can play leisurely during consecutive holidays? In normal days, experience activities tend to be hectic. It is good to travel as a memory during the summer vacation, but it is also recommended to enjoy the experience activities that are usually difficult to spend time.

For example, how about a horseback riding experience?

Horseback riding takes 10 minutes and 20 minutes and does not end with "yes". Starting from the precautions for horseback riding, you will experience horseback riding leisurely, so it is an experience activity that takes a long time.

"EVER GREEN HORSE GARDEN" in Chiba prefecture is about an hour's drive from the city center. It is a location with excellent access from Tokyo, about 15 minutes after getting off at the nearest IC.

Horseback riding itself requires a time of 40 minutes or more. Because it is a summer vacation where you can take a rest, you can ride a horse in the nature without rushing and enjoy the experience that you can not usually accumulate with greenery.

Moreover, EVER GREEN HORSE GARDEN has options such as a course with lunch and barbecue. Lunch can be enjoyed while looking out over the lush greenery, and there are antique rest areas around. In Mobara City, Chiba Prefecture, where EVER GREEN HORSE GARDEN is located, there are many inns and hotels that boast greenery and cuisine, so why not consider it as a place where you can enjoy it at a comfortable distance from one night to several nights. The riding experience will surely be a good memory that will last a lifetime. It's nice to make memories near you, not far away.


We introduced "a travel spot where you can make wonderful memories with your family". Summer vacation is a great time to make things in your life with the feeling that it was fun. I think you all have some memories of "I enjoyed going to my grandparents' house during the summer vacation Obon festival." It's important to have fun now, but it's also important in life to have fun for some time.

Please go out to make memories so that you and your family will have a better summer.