2020/10/07 08:33:19

Recommended for GW! 10 hidden spots that are not crowded

What I look forward to during a long vacation is, after all, vacation. But GW is crowded everywhere
"Even if I went there, people couldn't enjoy it because it was full!" So that you don't have to worry about that, let's keep some spots that are not crowded in GW.

Here are 10 hidden spots in the Kanto region with the themes of "not crowded" and "relaxing with your family"! Landscape, leisure, experience and GW are full of fun. Which one do you like?

The fairy tale world of Chiba prefecture and the glass world of Kanagawa

Andersenland, located in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, has gained popularity by word of mouth, but its name recognition is a park that gives way to a large amusement park in the Kanto region. The windmills, tulips, and the mysterious sight of tripping to the story world while in Japan are perfect for families to enjoy. It is easily accessible from Tokyo, and events for children are held in the park. There are shops and restaurants, so it's a spot you want to go to GW with your family!

Hakone is a very popular travel destination. Even in Hakone, there is a hidden spot that you want to visit in GW. It is "Hakone Glass Forest Museum". Hakone tends to focus on hot springs, but the museum where the beautiful Venetian glass shines is also a must-see spot. The shining glass in the light is really romantic, and it is also popular as a hidden date spot for lovers.


I want to experience making! There was such a little-known spot!

There is also a place you want to check as a little-known spot in glass. It is "Tsukiyonobidoro Park" in Gunma Prefecture, which is operated by Joetsu Crystal Glass. In addition to a factory tour where you can observe the glass making process, you can also experience making glass yourself. There is also a local beer restaurant in the park, so it is a nice spot not only for children but also for fathers and mothers. If you enjoy local beer, driving is strictly prohibited!

There is another little-known spot famous for glass. This is "Glass Studio Rasiku" in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture. The feature is that you can experience blown glass and make full-scale glass works according to your experience. Of course, it is a fun spot for lovers, and it is also recommended as a place for GW travel after retirement.


There is such a little-known spot in Tokyo! Natural limestone cave and lake with outstanding scenery

Did you know that there is a natural limestone cave in Okutama, Tokyo?

The Nippara Limestone Cave was once cherished as a place of mountain worship, and is now known as a place where you can see natural limestone caves in Tokyo.

Okutama is a day trip away from the 23 wards and is rich in nature, so the surrounding scenery is outstanding. If you think of Tokyo, you might have the impression that it is a building or an artificial amusement park. However, this Okutama Nippara Limestone Cave is breathtaking even for adults. Your child will surely be happy.

In addition, the inside of the limestone cave is cool at around 10 degrees even in the summer. Even during GW, it is recommended to prepare a long-sleeved cardigan and go inside.

There are other spots in Okutama, Tokyo where you can feel nature. Lake Okutama, the water source of Tokyo, is a spot where you can enjoy the nature of the four seasons. Walking paths are also maintained, and GW is a perfect place for families who want to spend a relaxing time in beautiful nature. If you take a leisurely walk around the lake, you can experience the richness of Tokyo's important water sources. The spring blue sky reflected in the lake is also beautiful.

It is also good to tell your child that "the water in Tokyo is also carried from here." It will be a little study of life in GW.


Let's enjoy "company" in GW! Such a museum

There are many inventions that Japan is proud of in the world, but this is also the invention in terms of food. Yes, it's instant noodles!

Currently, companies all over the world sell instant noodles that have their own unique color, but the creator is still Japan. This "Cup Noodle Museum" is a museum where you can fully feel the history of instant noodles that Japan is proud of. It's an unbearable spot for ramen lovers who can even make chicken ramen inside. The museum is located in Naka-ku, Yokohama, so it's easy to reach by train.

Gari-gari is loved as a representative ice cream in Japan. You can also visit the factory in Saitama prefecture of Gari-gari. You can buy goods that are irresistible for Gari-Gari-kun lovers, and visitors can also eat Gari-Gari-kun for free.

Gari-gari's factory requires advance application. You need to apply online or by postcard. It's an irregular holiday, so be careful about that too.


I want to interact with animals! GW Kanto secret spot

If you want to come in contact with animals in the Kanto region, this is the Saitama Children's Zoological Park, a must-see spot. The experience corner is particularly fulfilling, and it is a wonderful place where children can come in contact with cute animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, and pigs. You can also experience pony riding with a staff member, squeeze a dairy cow, and feed animals. If you just want to touch animals and experience various things in Kanto, this is a spot you definitely want to visit. Children seem to be very happy too.

As an animal-related spot, I would also like to recommend "Osasa Ranch". This ranch in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, is a place where you can experience dairy farming, which is rare in the Kanto region. The experience of making ice cream, butter and raw caramel sauce is very popular. There is also a Genghis Khan House and an auto campsite on the premises. It is a place where you can enjoy staying overnight instead of a day trip.

I'm glad that the parking lot is free. You can enjoy the atmosphere of a ranch leisurely without worrying about time, unless you have a long vacation like GW.



We have introduced 10 spots in Kanto that you would like to visit GW. With nature, leisure, and experience, you can't decide where to go. There may be places where you may have caught it in your ears. It's been a long vacation, so it might be a good idea to take this opportunity to visit.

There are many other recommended spots in Kanto. In addition, there are many leisure facilities in the Kanto area that are relatively easy to access, so even if you are always traveling by train, it might be a good idea to try GW by car. If the means of transportation changes, the mood will change. If you usually only see the sights from the train, the sights you see from the car window will be a fun leisure activity.