2020/10/06 14:09:03

Recommended app ranking for receipt management

The basis of household management is the receipt.

The receipt shows not only how much you paid to the store in total, but also the price of each item including tax. For example, if you secretly buy and eat ice cream at a supermarket saying, "Because the shopping for dinner ended early," the record of buying and eating will be clearly recorded. Isn't this scary for mothers in the world? You want to quickly destroy the evidence of buying and eating that is secret to your family before you find it.

However, you should be able to think of it as "reassuring." Since wasteful spending is recorded perfectly, if you manage the receipts for one month, you can clearly identify the problems of household income and expenditure, and you can understand the characteristics of monthly expenses. Certainly, there are some expenses that do not remain on the receipt, but even if you manage only the remaining part properly, it should be a good opportunity to reconsider the problem of income and expenditure of your own house with a rational thing of calm numbers.

Recently, many applications for managing receipts have appeared. Even if the purpose is to review the household budget, it may be addicted to using it once for too much comfort.

Recommended receipt management app BEST5

Excellent convenience in household management! We will introduce such a receipt management application in a ranking format. We have carefully selected the ones that we can recommend to mothers who want to manage their receipts immediately in the summer, which is the season when Obon and summer vacation are expensive.

5th place "2 seconds household account book money record"

All the receipt management apps introduced this time have been carefully selected from those who can use them for free.
Ease of use is also important for managing the income and expenditure of your home. Easy to see is also important. It is also important that the operability suits the person. The best way to see these is to try them out. However, even if you try it, you will be charged a fee, which is a pain for the mother who keeps the household budget. It's an app that will take care of the income and expenditure of your own house from now on, but you don't want to incur small expenses as usage fees. I chose it with that in mind. Rest assured.

Let's start with the 5th place! It is "2 seconds household account book money record".

Among the receipt management apps, there are many users, and it is said that more than 3.8 million people are currently using it. It is extremely popular with people who are particular about "easiness" because it is easy to manage the household budget simply by selecting the cost item and entering the amount. It is popular with people who are accustomed to smartphones to some extent and want to customize and manage receipts because it can be customized to a considerable degree in spite of its easy operability. At first, mothers who said "customization is difficult" and "I'm not very strong at machines" seem to be able to customize and use it as they get used to it. After all it is best to touch whether the receipt management application is suitable for you.

4th place "Household account book Dr. Wallet"

Next is 4th place.

"Household account book Dr. Wallet" is also an application that has many users and is often featured on the Internet and TV. It is a good app that does not have any troubles when entering the balance, "What kind of expense should this expense be classified into?" You don't have to worry about it yourself because it will classify your expenses just by taking a picture of the receipt. Also, you don't have to enter it manually because you just take a picture of the receipt. Basha! The convenience that ends in an instant is gaining popularity. It's a great app especially for people who struggle with a lot of receipts every day.

In addition, "Household account book Dr. Wallet" supports not only receipts but also receipts handwritten by the store. Mom's shopping is not limited to supermarkets that give out beautiful receipts.

3rd place "Kakeibon"

"Kakeibon" will be introduced as the 3rd place. It is possible to manage receipts by shooting like "Household account book Dr. Wallet", and it will be a big ally for busy people, people who are not good at manual input, and people with a large number of receipts. I will. By registering your credit card and account information in the app, you can clearly understand the flow of money.

What's more interesting about this app is that AI makes various suggestions based on the balance of payments. Not only managing it, but also referring to the data of people with similar income and expenditure status on the application side, and suggesting "Is it possible to save such a place?" It is a nice app for those who want to reduce household spending from receipt management.

2nd place "Household account book Zaim"

The second place is "Household account book Zaim". This is also an application that can automatically manage when you take a receipt. Currently, it has more than 6 million users and is known as one of the standard receipt management apps. It is well-known and standard because it is easy to use and supported.

The feature of this app is that you can manage not only receipts but also household money in general. You can manage each account and card by entering information on your credit card or bank account, and the various easy-to-read graphs display the status of your money in an easy-to-understand manner. It's also convenient because it has a "tell me" function that tells you about special sales information of shops you go to often and forgetting to keep a household account book.

1st place "Household account book money forward"

The first place is this "household account book money forward".

The receipt is a simple specification to take, and you can manage your card and deposit account. Similar to "Household account book Zaim", it has a lot of functions such as forgetting to keep the household account book, telling you the points to save, and spending management. However, the great thing about this "household account book money forward" is that it has a plus alpha function.

What a "household account book money forward" has a function to manage miles, securities company accounts, pensions, etc. You don't have to use all of these features, you can just use the ones that suit you. You can manage the entire household while managing receipts, which ultimately leads to the big purpose of saving money. For that reason, we have fully realized management functions.

Of course, the receipts you have taken will be automatically classified by expense item, so it is a good app even if you only look at receipt management.


This time, we have introduced the best apps for receipt management in a ranking format. All of them are excellent apps, but you should have the impression that they are easy to use and difficult to use depending on the individual, and that you will only remember them when you touch them. All five apps are free to use (some features may be charged), some are specialized for receipt management, and some are specialized for managing money in general, including receipts. , It's a good idea to choose the one that suits you.

Summer is a season in which Obon and summer vacation overlap, and expenses are high anyway. Many households use a lot of air conditioners to manage their physical condition, and their electricity bills are higher than in other seasons. It might be a good idea to manage your spending this summer as data and think about what you should save for the next summer.