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Rapid increase in consignment funeral 110 plan to prevent infection

I will tell you how to perform the consignment funeral 110, which can be done without hassle even if it becomes a sudden funeral. The number of cases where the mourner is far away without a family or who cannot respond due to poor physical condition has increased rapidly. In addition, we will disclose to everyone, including those involved in the industry, about the consignment funeral, which is rapidly increasing due to the spread of infection with the new coronavirus, which is currently increasing rapidly worldwide.

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A mourner without a family lives far away
A mourner who has no family cannot move (during hospitalization, etc.)
I can't move because the virus infection is spreading
Procedure for consignment funeral 110
The family is notified of the death from the hospital.

At this time, after contacting the funeral company and confirming it, I will tell you that the XX funeral company will come at XX time because I can not go.

Transport enshrinement

The funeral company will take care of it to the hospital, etc. on your behalf. When virus infection spreads, we recommend protective clothing and non-permeable delivery bags to prevent infection regardless of the cause of death.

Listening to necessary information

We will ask for necessary information such as personal information of the medical certificate for the procedure of issuing the cremation permit. We will also inform you of the date and time of the cremation. Since the entry of the medical certificate is treated as an official document, we will ask the amanuensis (administrative scrivener) to fill it out and then issue a cremation permit.

Cremation at the crematorium

If the family cannot come, we will proceed without a mourner. We will inform your family that you will not be able to mourn when the virus infection spreads.

Deliver the bones

We will deliver the collected bones to your family. If the virus infection is widespread, will it be delivered at a later date? Since it can only be mailed by Yu-Pack, we will decide the delivery method after consulting with your family.

* Not limited to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the number of families is decreasing sharply and the population is aging, and the number will continue to increase rapidly.

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