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One day trip is OK! Popular autumn leisure spots

Autumn is a beautiful season when the world is dyed red and yellow. From ancient times, many waka poems have written about the beauty of the mountains and the mysterious appearance. Autumn is the season that I like to use as the subject of novels. The cherry blossoms in spring are fantastic and wonderful, but the beautiful moon and some lonely winds on autumn nights are also attractive.

There is a work called "Autumn" in Ryunosuke Akutagawa's novel, but as the title of the novel says, the season is autumn, and it is a very beautiful work that matches the human heart pattern and the season of autumn. I think autumn has its own charm. And it attracts us living in the present age.

Here are some popular spots for day trips where you can feel the fascinating season of autumn. Why don't you go a little further and enjoy the beauty and lyrical atmosphere of autumn, which is also sung in literature and waka poems.

"Rikugien" in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

The first thing I would like to introduce as a beautiful day trip spot where you can feel autumn is that garden, which is familiar to those living in the Kanto area. That garden, known as the two major gardens representing Edo, created by Yoshiyasu Yanagisawa, who served as a side servant under Tsunayoshi Tokugawa, over the course of seven years ... Yes, a seven-minute walk from Komagome Station It is "Rikugien" in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.

Rikugien Garden is a garden closely related to poetry. The name of the garden comes from the fact that Ki no Tsurayuki diverted and spread old Chinese poetry as the six bodies of waka poetry. To briefly explain these six bodies, it is the classification of waka and poetry, and the idea is that waka and poetry can be divided into six types such as "Iwai no Uta," "Parable Song," and "Kazoe Uta." The garden created by Yoshiyasu Yanagisawa is like a tightly packed six categories. It seems that the elegance and taste of spring, summer, autumn and winter permeate your heart through the name and scenery of Rikugien Garden.

Rikugien has beautiful autumn leaves, and the trees dyed in red are vivid even in the sun. In addition, it is lit up at night, and the crimson is reflected on the surface of the pond, which is fantastic. Rikugien is a location where you can drop in on your way home from work. Why don't you take a detour to the autumn scene after work?

"Meiji Jingu Gaien" in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

There is another popular autumn leisure spot that is easily accessible on the way home from work. "Meiji Jingu Gaien" in the middle of Tokyo called Shinjuku Ward is also a spot that people living in the Kanto area can immediately think of. It's so commonplace that you may not immediately think of it as an autumn leisure spot.

More than 140 ginkgo trees are lined up in Meijijingu Gaien. By mid-November, all the ginkgo trees are dyed yellow, and the fallen leaves make the road look like a golden carpet. Autumn in central Tokyo is said to be a row of ginkgo trees in the Meiji Jingu Gaien. You can feel the colors of autumn just by taking a walk on the street, and you may want to read a phrase.

At Meiji Jingu Gaien, the "Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Festival" is held from mid-November to December, when the golden ginkgo is in full bloom. There are also stalls that accompany the festival and shops that sell special products. It is a wonderful event where you can enjoy the autumn with your children and enjoy the festive mood.

"Nagatoro Town" in Chichibu District, Saitama Prefecture

Next, I would like to introduce Nagatoro Town, Chichibu District, Saitama Prefecture. In Nagatoro, the entire town is full of autumn leaves. The autumn leaves begin to change color from early October, and the best time to see them is around mid-November. In 2017, the "Nagatoro Maple Festival" will be held from November 1st to the last day. It seems that maps that introduce the beautiful spots of autumn leaves in the town are distributed at tourist information centers and convenience stores in the town, so it seems fun to go out for a walk with a map and a lunch box.

Nagatoro Town itself is one of the famous spots for autumn leaves, but the most famous spots in the town are "Iwadata (Nagatoro Valley)", "Kaneishisuikan Bridge", and "Hodosan". Iwadatami (Nagatoro Valley) is a spectacular spot where you can enjoy the autumn colors while taking a leisurely boat ride, and Kaneishisuikan Bridge is a spectacular spot where everything around the bridge is colored leaves. At Hodosan, you can look down on the autumn leaves from the ropeway, so you can enjoy the entire carpet of autumn leaves. You can also see Nagatoro Town and the surrounding mountains from the summit.

At "Tsukinoishi Momiji Park," "Hodosan Shrine," and "Maple Forest (Museum of Nature)," which are within a 10-minute walk from Nagatoro Station, the autumn leaves are lit up, so it is recommended to take a walk after it gets dark. is. It's fantastic enough to be fascinated. The maple forest is adjacent to Tsukinoishi Momiji Park, so you can enjoy it as a set.

"Kinchakuda" in Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture

Although it is not autumn leaves, it is a member of the same red spider lily and blooms in autumn. Kinchakuda in Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture, is famous nationwide as a place where 5 million cluster amaryllis bloom. It is a masterpiece that the red flowers bloom all at once in the autumn scene. Amaryllis is a delicate flower, so you can look at the red carpet from a distance, or you can get closer and see the beauty of each flower.

Amaryllis is said to be a flower on the equinoctial week. It is also called a cluster amaryllis because it blooms around the equinoctial week. The equinoctial week means "opposite bank". Looking at the cluster amaryllis of Kinchakuda, it seems that you will be invited to a mysterious world on the opposite bank. Nankichi Niimi's masterpiece "Gongitsune" will also feature cluster amaryllis. When you look at the crimson flowers, don't you think that the fox seems to come out from the other side of the flower?

The best time to see the cluster amaryllis is from the first half of September to the beginning of October. It seems that the flowering time and the best time to see are quite different depending on the year. Please note that the best time to see is generally a little earlier than autumn leaves and ginkgo. First of all, the autumn travel plan to feel the early autumn in the cluster amaryllis and enjoy the next autumn leaves and ginkgo is also wonderful.


We have introduced 4 popular autumn leisure spots that you can take a day trip to. When you think about it again, all of them are famous as easy travel spots in autumn. It may be so famous that it may be removed from the travel destination. If you look sideways, you may find a spot where you can enjoy autumn in your immediate surroundings.

"Small Autumn Small Autumn Found Small Autumn"

This is a passage of a famous nursery rhyme written by Hachirou Satou and composed by Yoshinao Nakada.

I think autumn is hidden in the roads that I usually go through casually. In addition to the spots introduced this time, many autumn scenes are hidden. Finding it may be one of the pleasures of autumn. Please enjoy the autumn holidays.