2020/10/06 14:05:29

10 recommended recipes using summer vegetables

The impression that you can harvest a lot of lush peppers and lustrous eggplants from the summer fields,
Do you have the impression that delicious red tomatoes are hanging when you pass by the vegetable garden?

Summer is a season for holidays, but it is also a season when vegetables are very delicious. In particular, vegetables that can be harvested in the summer are just a mass of nutrients that are condensed with the nutrients needed in the summer. Here are 10 carefully selected recipes that will give you plenty of nutrition with such summer vegetables!


If you eat a dish full of summer vegetables, you may get rid of summer heat and colds.

Prevent summer heat fatigue with local cuisine!
Yamagata Prefecture's local cuisine "Dashi"

In recent years, "dashi" is a traditional dish of Yamagata prefecture that can be purchased at convenience stores.
"Dashi" is associated with soy sauce and dashi stock, but Yamagata's dish called "dashi" is one of the standard summer dishes. Moreover, there is a nice point that it can be prepared and used for various dishes.

It's easy to make, just chop cucumber, eggplant, okra, myoga, large leaves, ginger, and kelp rehydrated with water and mix with the soup. Add a little salt if you like and adjust the taste. That's all, but you'll have a nutritious dish that uses all the classic summer vegetables. The finished "dashi" is eaten over rice or served with cold tofu. It's a great success when you don't have an appetite.


Miyagi Prefecture's local cuisine "Miso no Shiso Maki"

Another local dish that you can easily make is this "miso roll".
It's a simple dish that you just put flour and sugar in miso, adjust the taste, let it sit overnight, wrap the miso in blue and wrap it with its leaves, and fry it. The original recipe is to use Sendai miso, but even ordinary miso will accompany delicious rice.


When you want another item!

Have you ever finished preparing your supper and thought, "I want another dish?" In such a case, we recommend a simple dish that you can easily add.


"Stir-fried tomato and pork"

Even if you buy pork, you may end up leaving it unused. In such a case, why not cut it into a size that is easy to eat with tomatoes and make it a stir fry. By cooking pork and tomatoes together, you can expect a nutritional effect to relieve summer fatigue.

Quickly season the pork with salt and pepper, and use potato starch if you like. After fry it easily, add tomatoes and garlic (tube type is OK) as a flavor, and you're done.


"Salt kelp cucumber"

Is also very easy. Slice the cucumber into a size that is easy to eat, and use a cloth to remove the water. Simply add salted kelp sold at supermarkets and mix it, and then add sesame oil to finish it. Sprinkle with white sesame seeds to improve the flavor.


Harvested vegetables at once!

For those who grow vegetable gardens and fields, summer is also the season when vegetables can be harvested at once. It would be nice if we could harvest as much as we could eat on that day, but since summer is the season when the sun is shining, we should have just harvested the vegetables that are ready to eat in the early morning, but in the evening the tomatoes that are ready to eat are already fluffy. It tends to be. Summer vegetables are delicious, but if the vegetables that are ready to eat are waiting for harvest, you will be in trouble. Therefore, I will introduce recipes that can use "easy" and "lots" of vegetables.


"Tomato risotto"

It is a recipe that you can easily eat tomato, which is a typical summer vegetable, when you are hungry. "Tomato risotto you want to eat in the summer"! Risotto is a simple dish as long as you get the hang of it, so it's great when you want to eat a little with your child at noon.

First of all, the tomatoes can be small tomatoes or large tomatoes, so cut them into pieces that are easy to eat. If you are worried about tomato skin, strip it with hot water in advance. The rice is not the rice before cooking, but the leftover cold rice is OK. If you heat the cut tomatoes on medium heat for a while, water will come out, so add cold rice there. When the rice becomes thick, season it with melted cheese and salt and pepper to complete. It's also beautiful to add edamame to the toppings.


"Tomato sorbet"

Tomato sorbet is very easy. Wash the tomatoes and simmer in a large pot. The point is to add honey, grain, and lemon juice to taste and simmer until the shape of the tomatoes is barely noticeable. Simply cool this stewed tomato in a container and put it in the freezer. A refreshing sorbet cheer with a delicious sourness of lemon juice and tomatoes in a faint sweetness. Since tomatoes can be harvested at once, it is also recommended to use such sherbet as a snack.


I'm happy for lunch!

We would like to introduce another dish of tomatoes that can be harvested in large quantities, which is perfect for your child's lunch.


"Tomato udon"

"Tomato udon" that looks like pasta at first glance. This is also easy, but it makes me hungry. It is also recommended for women who want both health and vegetable nutrition at the same time.

Prepare boiled udon noodles and diced tomatoes. Add an appropriate amount of kabosu or yuzu juice and olive oil to the soup. After decorating the udon with tomatoes, all you have to do is sprinkle the noodle soup. It's that easy. If you like, you can put a slice of okra or paprika that has been boiled in salt.


"Summer vegetable udon"

Next is how to make summer vegetable udon noodles!
Cut eggplant, cucumber, Japanese ginger, etc. into strips. To remove the lye, the eggplants are simply rubbed with salt water after cutting, and then washed with water. After washing with water, lightly rub it with Japanese ginger and cucumber to make it soft. After serving the udon on a plate, drain the salted vegetables well and place an appropriate amount. Other than that, it is beautiful to add tomatoes cut to a size that is easy to eat, edamame peeled from the pods, etc. After that, sprinkle noodle soup and it's done. The noodle soup can be a commercially available soup. You can also add dried plums or mayonnaise if you like.

The udon noodles of "summer vegetable udon" are similar to the udon noodles of "tomato udon", so if you master one, you should be able to easily make the other. The ingredients are different, so why not rotate it for your child's lunch?


As a side dish!
"Summer vegetable carpaccio"

Purchase sashimi at the supermarket, cut summer vegetables such as paprika and cucumber into thin strips, and arrange them in a colorful manner like sashimi knobs. Arrange the sashimi on the summer vegetable knobs and put on your favorite dressing to complete the "summer vegetable carpaccio" in no time. It's the perfect dish when you don't have time or want to have a drink with a simple dish. You can eat a lot of vegetables with sashimi, so it is suitable for cooking to overcome your child's dislike of vegetables.


"Myoga Aemono"

"Myoga Aemono" is also a perfect snack. Slice the cucumber thinly and sprinkle with salt. Similarly, slice the Japanese ginger thinly and mix it with the crushed umeboshi. This is the end. Although it is a simple dish, it has a crispy texture and a refreshing sourness of plums, making it a perfect dish for a summer evening drink.




Summer is a treasure trove of vegetables. In addition, seasonal vegetables store plenty of nutrients necessary for that season, so they are a great ingredient for preventing heat fatigue. This time, we have introduced not only dishes that you can eat delicious vegetables, but also those that can be applied and are simple.

This menu can be easily made not only by mothers who are worried about lunch for their children who are enjoying their summer vacation, but also by new graduates and university students who live alone. Please, try it!