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Japanese funeral hairstyle manners

There are two major problems that bother you when you are invited to a funeral.

One is the question, "How much money should I wrap?" Each house has a different denomination, and the amount may vary depending on the region. If your house is called to a local funeral many times, you probably know the market price, but if you are called to a house that hasn't been called to a funeral or a funeral in a completely different region. The big question is "how much to wrap". Funeral circumstances may differ between large cities such as Tokyo and local cities, and it is well known that not only the market price but also some stories about funerals are different.



How much do you wrap?

What is the market price for non-local funerals?

Isn't this a very annoying problem?

Another problem with funerals is "manner." This is also one of the worries for those who haven't attended the funeral very often. In addition to the manners of burning incense and greetings, you may be inclined to ask, "What should I do with my clothes?" And "Is there any manners in my hair and makeup?"

This time, I will explain the manners of "hair" among the funeral manners that many people are worried about. This is a must-see for women.



What are the precautions for funeral makeup and clothing?

A funeral is a mourning dress. As for the manners of clothing, you can either wear the mourning clothes sold as a set, or use black clothes that do not use leather or enamel as mourning clothes. Clothes with glittering beads and flashy embroidery are not suitable for mourning clothes, so basically "simple black clothes" are the basis of mourning clothes.

Natural make-up is the basis for funerals. Because it is a place to send the deceased, even the person who sees off will want to see her beautiful self. However, the funeral is not just a place to say goodbye to the deceased. There is also the position of a relative of the deceased who was invited to the funeral, and there are many attendees who are also coming to say goodbye.



If you put on too flashy makeup, other attendees will be surprised that it is not a sunny seat. Therefore, it is important to keep the foundation natural and to keep cheeks and lipsticks modest.

Even if you want to try the new spring lipstick, you can put up with it. The appropriate color is beige or natural. If you don't wear flashy makeup at work, you can use beige lipstick for everyday use. People who usually use clear red, dark pink, or orange lipsticks should bring a modest color lipstick for the memorial service.

"Simple" and "natural" are important when you are invited to a funeral. If you are worried, it is less likely that you will make a mistake by selecting a simple and modest one.



So far, we have talked about clothes and makeup. For women, clothing and makeup are annoying issues, but there is one more thing to keep in mind when it comes to dressing. Yes, it's hair. Did you know that funerals also have hair etiquette?

Funeral hair etiquette that women want to be careful of! Hairstyle NG

Women's hair etiquette is basically the same as makeup and clothing. If you get lost, just keep it simple and natural, and there will be few mistakes. However, you may be wondering what it means to be simple and natural. Therefore, I will briefly explain the manners of NG women's hair at the funeral. Try to arrange your hair so that you don't get caught in this NG.

Hair is basically tied
It's okay to tie your hair above your ears for ceremonies, but below your ears for mourning
Hair styling products should be unscented or slightly scented
Watch out for hair accessories



There is also hair color in NG.

For example, too flashy hair color will be NG at a funeral. However, dyeing hair does not mean that it is NG. Today, there are a lot of people dyeing their hair. If dyeing your hair at a funeral is NG, many people will have to hurry to re-dye their hair black if they get an obituary at midnight. Gray hair dyeing is also NG. There are many people who dye their hair and work in the office.

Colors that are too eccentric and flashy are NG, but there is no particular problem as long as they are dyed in ordinary brown. It is also a good idea to return it to black considering whether the house you are visiting is a tough one.



What is hairstyle NG? Manners for hair elastics and hair styling products

If you have long hair, basically tie it. Absolutely NG while hanging! It's not, but it's not good. Because, at funerals, there are many scenes where you bow your head, so if you keep your long hair hanging, you may get caught in the candlelight, or you may have to hang down in front of your face and brush your hair quickly each time. Because it often becomes. Long hair is basically good to tie because "there are many occasions to bow", "the fire of candles and incense sticks is dangerous", and "sloppy".

However, you need to be careful when tying. Enamel, leather, beads, glitter, etc. are NG for hair accessories. Avoid flashy colors, white, red and other rubber. Use black rubber and tie it below your ears when tying your hair. It is okay to tie it above your ears at a celebration, but at funerals it is good manners below your ears. If you get lost, just tie a simple reef knot and there will be no mistakes.



Another thing to watch out for is hair styling products.

Regardless of the length of the hair, those who prepare their hair with a hair styling product and go to a funeral need to be careful about the scent of the hair styling product. Perfume is NG at the funeral, but if the hair styling product has a strong fragrance even though it is not used, it is no different from using perfume. Make sure to choose an unscented hair styling product or a slightly scented hair styling product. When you're preparing for a flutter and a funeral, you tend to use the hair styling products you have at home. Don't forget to check the scent before using.




There are manners in the funeral. I want to pay attention to manners because it is a place to see off the deceased. The funeral is not a place for you and the deceased, but an important place for the deceased, the funeral organizer and all attendees.

In funeral etiquette, it is more efficient to deepen your knowledge by keeping in mind that "this is NG" rather than "this is okay".

Hair also has proper etiquette, so please hold down the NG introduced this time and hope for a funeral. It's not difficult as long as you have the knack.