2020/10/08 10:37:24

Funeral subsidy

Perhaps few people know that benefits will be paid after a funeral.

The benefit system after this funeral is surprisingly usable.

Here, I would like to introduce the benefit system after a funeral that you lose if you do not know it.

After the funeral, there are benefits, and the amount may be insignificant compared to the expenses, but it will be helpful, so if you can get it, get it.

However, please note that the benefits will not be paid unless you apply.

Here, let's introduce what kind of benefits you will receive after having a funeral.



In the case of National Health Insurance

Funeral expenses are paid by the National Health Insurance.

Benefits are paid to the person who performed the funeral and are paid to the deceased insured by applying within two years after the funeral is over.

For example, 70,000 yen will be paid for the 23 wards of Tokyo, and 50,000 yen will be paid for cities and towns in Tokyo.



For social insurance

Funeral expenses are provided by social insurance.

Benefits are paid to the person who performed the funeral and are paid to the deceased insured by applying within two years after the funeral is over.

If you apply to your place of employment or social insurance office, 50,000 yen will be paid uniformly.



In the case of national pension

Depending on the conditions, it will be paid if you have a national pension.

If the deceased person is a self-employed person in the national pension, he / she will be paid one of the following benefits if he / she applies after clearing certain conditions.

In the case of survivor's basic pension



The conditions for receiving

Cleared the qualification period of old-age basic pension or national pension member
The national pension is due for payment of more than two-thirds
Has a national pension for over 25 years
There is no 12 months until 2 months before the date of nonpayment



Either of is applicable.

The beneficiaries are wives with children of the deceased, children by the end of the 18th year, annual payments of 780,100 yen for wives, 224,5900 yen for children, and third and subsequent children. In the case of, it will be 74,800 yen.

In the case of widow's pension



The receiving conditions

There is a total of 25 years or more of exemption period and payment period of national pension insurance premiums for deceased people

The beneficiary is a wife who has been married with a deceased national pensioner for more than 10 years, and the annual payment is 75% of the old-age basic pension that the deceased person should have received, between the ages of 60 and 65. It will be paid to the wife for a period.



In case of lump-sum death payment

The receiving conditions are

When a person who has paid the national pension for 3 years or more dies without being paid either the disability basic pension or the old-age basic pension

The beneficiary will be the bereaved family with the deceased national pensioner.

The amount of payment depends on the period for which the pension insurance premium has been paid. For example, if the period for which the pension insurance premium has been paid is 3 to less than 15 years, the amount of payment will be 120 million yen.



In the case of welfare pension

In the case of the welfare pension, the survivor welfare pension is also generously paid.

Most people who work for a company have a welfare pension, so the survivor's welfare pension is also paid in addition to the national pension's basic survivor's pension.



The receiving conditions

When a person who paid the welfare pension while in office died
If you die within 5 years from the date of your first visit due to injury or illness during the insured period
When the payment deadline of two-thirds or more of the national pension is met
If you have cleared the qualification period with the old-age welfare pension
If you can receive the first and second grades of the disability welfare pension



The beneficiary

A bereaved family with a welfare pensioner who died, a wife with a child of the deceased,

Children by the end of the 18th year, wives without children under the age of 18, spouses over the age of 55,

Depending on the parents, grandparents, grandchildren under the age of 18, people with disabilities of grades 1 and 2 and under the age of 20, the annual salary depends on the salary of the deceased welfare pensioner, and the average salary. Is calculated by multiplying the subscription period and the fixed multiplier.



In the case of mutual aid pension

If you are a member of the mutual aid pension, you will be paid the survivor mutual aid pension and the survivor basic pension.

In the case of mutual aid pension, the contents of the system are basically the same as the welfare pension. If you are a civil servant, you are in a mutual aid pension.



The receiving conditions

There is a subscription period for those who have died for more than 25 years

Beneficiaries include children with a deceased mutual aid pensioner, spouse, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, and children without a spouse by the end of the 18th year of the year.

From the time of the death of a mutual aid pension member, the calculation method for persons with disabilities of Level 1 and Level 2 and the annual payment amount is the same as for the survivor's welfare pension, but about 20% of the additional work area will be added.



In the case of simple insurance, life insurance, management insurance, group life insurance, etc.

Check out the life insurance that the deceased person had in his lifetime.

Life insurance includes "life insurance" of life insurance companies, "simple insurance" of post offices, "group life insurance" that includes companies in a lump sum, "manager insurance" of company owners, and more recently. Some have mortgage life insurance.

If you have life insurance, be sure to check the receipt and certificate.

Insurance premiums will not be paid unless you apply.

The application period also differs depending on each company, so be sure to respond early.