2020/10/06 13:09:31

It's fun because it's autumn! Recommended spots for fruit picking

There is a famous word "autumn of appetite". Autumn is the season when we have to nourish for the coming winter. Therefore, it is a characteristic of the autumn season that delicious ingredients overflow in the sea and mountains.

Saury is a typical autumn ingredient, and the kanji is also "autumn sword fish", so it's just like insisting that you should eat it in the fall. Chestnuts, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and other sweet potatoes are also typical ingredients.

Not only is it delicious as an ingredient, but it is also interesting in autumn that there are many events related to these ingredients such as chestnut picking, roasted sweet potatoes, and Halloween. Autumn is exactly the season when "delicious ingredients" and "events / excursions" are combined into one set.

In addition to the autumn sword fish and sweet potatoes, there are other famous autumn staples that you should not forget about "delicious ingredients, excursions, and events." Yes, it is a fruit peculiar to autumn.

This time, we will introduce carefully selected spots in the Kanto area where you can enjoy the delicious autumn taste and experience the harvest. Sweets are good, but the natural sweetness is something you want to taste right after the harvest.

Recommended spots for fruit picking in Saitama Prefecture
Ashigakubo Fruit Tree Park Village

The first fruit picking spot in the Kanto area is Ashigakubo Fruit Tree Park Village in Chichibu District, Saitama Prefecture.

This is not a single orchard, but a true orchard village with many orchards, where you can enjoy strawberries in the spring, plums in the summer, and grapes and apples in the fall.

Due to the large number of orchards, it is an irresistible location for fruit lovers, with only fruit trees as far as the eye can see, and the sweet and sour scent peculiar to the season of fruits.

There are hot spring facilities such as Buko Onsen nearby, and you can enjoy lodging and camping from one-day hot springs. You can enjoy it on a day trip, but it is also a great spot to visit during consecutive holidays with a hot spring scheduled. I'm also happy that it's relatively close to the metropolitan area.

Although it is a village where various orchards are gathered, the opening days and hours differ depending on each orchard.

When I visited, the fruit season was gone. It wasn't the opening day.・ ・ ・ In order to prevent such mistakes, it is recommended that you contact the tourist information before visiting and use it as a reference for your travel plans.

■ Ashigakubo Fruit Tree Park Village (Information Center: Yokozecho Bukosan Tourist Information Center)

■ Buko Onsen

Sightseeing Kitaden

"Kanko Kitaden", also located in Saitama Prefecture, is an orchard located in Tokorozawa, which is easily accessible by train or car from the Tokyo metropolitan area. At this orchard, you can experience the harvesting of grapes and pears, which are typical autumn tastes.

Several types of grapes are cultivated, including the typical Kyoho. Not only are there many varieties, but the grapes in this orchard are high-quality grapes that are regular top prize winners at the fair. He has also won the Saitama Governor's Award.

Among the cultivated grapes, the one that stands out is "Gorby", which has a larger grain than a 500-yen coin. Children will surely laugh at "Big grapes!" Not only the size but also the sugar content is high.

You can also harvest crispy pears in the park. Pear hunting is open only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. If you are interested in the situation of fruits, it may be better to contact us in advance and see the delicious moon even in autumn.

■ Kitadenen

■ Regular at the show! Received the Saitama Governor's Award!
■ Pear hunting

Recommended spots for fruit picking in Gunma Prefecture

Next, I would like to introduce an orchard in Numata City, Gunma Prefecture. The area around Numata City is famous for apples, and in the season, nearby orchards pick fruits according to the situation of apples. Depending on the orchard, we also grow fruit trees that represent each season, such as blueberries, grapes, and peaches other than apples, so that the tongue and fruit hunting spirit of our customers will not get tired.

Harada Farm

"Harada Farm" is an orchard in Numata City that grows various fruits. In addition, there is also a "fruit garden" where pet dogs can enter the park together, and they are careful about barrier-free access, and they also rent out kids' spaces and wheelchairs. I'm happy that it's OK with small children and pets.

Speaking of Gunma prefecture, Ikaho Onsen is famous. How about enjoying the hot springs and fruit trees in double during the delicious season of food, including fruit trees?

■ Harada Farm

■ Fruit garden

■ Ikaho Onsen

Recommended spots for fruit picking in Tochigi Prefecture

Tochigi Prefecture also has an orchard where you can enjoy fruit picking.

Speaking of Tochigi prefecture, it is known as the number one municipality in Japan in terms of strawberry production and sales. You may have the impression that "strawberry is Tochigi prefecture" nationwide.

However, Tochigi Prefecture, of course, grows not only strawberries but also other fruit trees.

Iwafune Fruit Park

"Iwafune Fruit Park" in Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture, is an orchard that changes the stereotype of "Tochigi Prefecture is strawberry" to "Tochigi Prefecture is amazing with other fruits".

In addition to strawberries, various fruits such as grapes, pears, tomatoes, and blueberries grow in the garden every season. Of course, the harvest experience is fun, but this orchard has a lot of merchandise.

From the sale of freshly harvested vegetables and fruits to gelato and sweets using fresh vegetables and fruit trees, not only fruit trees but also processed products are one of the highlights. There is also a bakery using vegetables and fruit trees in the garden, and it is a recommended orchard for those who want to completely satisfy their taste.

It is easily accessible from Tochigi city, and there are park facilities in the surrounding area. A spot where you can fully enjoy the taste of autumn with just a short trip from outside the city is a place you want to enjoy along with other sightseeing spots.

■ Iwafune Fruit Park


Ryotoen, also in Tochigi City, is a popular orchard with unlimited time to eat all-you-can-eat grapes.

Moreover, as of September 2017, the price is 1,200 yen for adults (junior high school students and above) and 1,000 yen for children, which is quite reasonable considering that you can fully eat Kyoho, which is a representative of the taste of autumn.

You can bring your own lunch in the park, so it is a spot where you can relax and enjoy grape hunting with your family. Of course, we also sell grapes for souvenirs.

■ Ryotoen


We have introduced spots around the Kanto area where you can experience harvesting autumn fruits.

Autumn is a season of delicious food, and at the same time, the heat of summer relaxes, making it a comfortable leisure season. It would be great if you could enjoy the fruits that represent autumn together with leisure.

You can buy the fruits at the store, but I think the fruits you harvest will be much more delicious.

Depending on the location, there are hot springs nearby. It's okay to go out for a short walk, but if you're interested, you'll want to take a leisurely holiday. By all means, please enjoy seasonal taste hunting along with sightseeing in the surrounding area.