2020/10/06 07:05:50

Introducing recommended overseas travel destinations in November

Winter is the season of travel along with summer. In winter and summer, it is easy to take long vacations due to the Obon festival and the year-end and New Year holidays, so it is easy to schedule a trip. Especially winter is a cold and spicy season even in Japan. It's good only in winter, but I wonder if I should go to a country where it's cold and warm every day.

Because winter is the travel season, tours are also substantial. However, the drawback is that if you don't make a schedule early, your reservation will be filled. A winter trip abroad that I would like to consider from now on. We have selected a perfect destination. We will focus on countries that are easy to reach from Japan and countries that have reasonable travel expenses.


Get ready for your travel bag!

Safe for beginners! I'm happy with the easy exoticism


・ Hawaii

The first thing I would like to introduce is Hawaii, which is easy for beginners to travel abroad. Some of the people who have traveled abroad many times have become completely repeaters, fascinated by the white sands and the mysterious scenery of the sunset. One of the attractions of Hawaii is that you can "go and come back" even though it is overseas. But that's not the only true attraction of Hawaii.

I have the impression that Hawaii is a famous tourist destination, but its true face is really popular. You can eat chain stores that you often see in Japan, as well as salads, fruits, pasta, and hamburgers that Japanese people like, just outside.

When it comes to traveling abroad, many people are confused by changes in the environment. Especially for beginners traveling abroad


"Is the food good for my mouth?" "Is it possible to sleep?" "The environment is so different that I may get sick."

I am worried.
However, in Hawaii, there is a sense of security that it is 6 to 9 hours from Japan (depending on the weather conditions), which is close to overseas, and in addition, the food and shop conditions are "like a country with few Japanese people." There is a sense of security that there is no unfamiliarity. While enjoying exoticism, dramatic changes do not keep you nervous both physically and mentally. That's why Hawaii is so popular as a destination for beginners and for a short vacation.

The magnificent nature and beaches are famous as popular spots in Hawaii, but the market selling seafood and vegetables is also popular with Japanese people. The market not only sells fresh produce, but is also a treasure trove of gourmet food. Many of those who travel to Hawaii are looking forward to eating out at markets and cities. Work hard to communicate with the locals and enjoy delicious gourmet food. This is also the real pleasure of traveling.

The cost of a round-trip flight to Hawaii is around 100,000 yen. Prices may fluctuate depending on the situation, and may be even higher for business class and first class use. It costs around 200,000 yen in business class and around 400,000 yen in first class. Please plan your trip by adding the cost of staying at a hotel to this amount.


Thailand, a fantastic ancient city

Known as a warm country all year round, beaches are also popular, but many people are fascinated by its mysterious and nostalgic atmosphere and buildings.

In Thailand, which is a Buddhist country, there are Buddhist buildings such as temples in various places, and faith is alive in everyday life. Known as an ancient city, it is very popular with people who want to enjoy the atmosphere and history of the country while traveling abroad. It is also a treasure trove of traditional food and performing arts, so it is a country where you can truly enjoy overseas, leaving Japan both physically and mentally.

It takes about 7 hours to get to Thailand. Of course, since it is overseas, it may change depending on the weather conditions.

Tickets start at around 60,000 yen for a round trip. In some cases, tours and campaigns can make it even cheaper. It is the same as in Hawaii that the price changes depending on the use of business class or first class. Thailand is a beauty country famous for Thai massage. For women, don't forget to add massage fees to your hotel and meals.


Taiwan, a warm "something" powerhouse close to Japan

This is also a major overseas travel destination, "Taiwan". Not only is it an easy country to reach from Japan, but it is also a travel destination with a large number of Japanese tourists. It is a travel destination that even beginners can easily reach.

The cost of traveling to Taiwan is around 30,000 yen for an airplane. Please note that the price may change depending on the situation, and also for business class and first class use. It's a good idea to add the hotel fee to the flight fee to calculate the approximate travel cost. There are also many cheap package tours available for traveling to Taiwan. If you are a beginner traveling abroad, instead of planning your own trip from one to ten, why not apply for a tour of a travel agency and get used to traveling abroad first. Once you get used to traveling, you can get a plan that says, "Taiwan? Alright, I'll travel with a budget of 100,000 yen."

Taiwan is about 4 hours by plane from Japan. It will be overseas closer than Hawaii. This "going in a short time" is a big attraction of Taiwan. Traveling from Tohoku to Tokyo by Shinkansen will take about the same amount of time. It's nice to be able to travel abroad in the time it takes to travel within Japan. Moreover, Taiwan is famous for "something" that Japanese people love. This "something" is spurring popularity.

What is there ... a hot spring! Taiwan is actually one of the leading hot spring countries. There are hot springs all over the country, and hot spring facilities and hot spring inns are maintained. Of course, Taiwanese people also love hot springs. It would be fun to have a conversation bloom while soaking in a warm hot spring.

Because winter is a cold season, I miss warm tourist spots like hot springs. When you think of a hot spring trip, you might think of a domestic trip, but you can also enjoy the hot springs in Taiwan. In Taiwan, many facilities require you to wear a bathing suit when taking a bath. Don't forget your swimsuit and cap when traveling to Taiwan.




We have selected countries that are easy to reach from Japan and have reasonable travel expenses.

The countries introduced this time are all countries that can be enjoyed by people who are accustomed to traveling abroad to beginners traveling abroad. Pack tours are also abundant, so if you are new to traveling, we recommend that you consult with a travel agency. Every country is very attractive!

Cold winter. Domestic travel is good, but why not get out of cold Japan and go abroad?