2020/10/06 14:29:16

In the coming season! 5 Recommended Sunscreens

One of the important problems for women is "skin problems". In the old days, it was said that "whiteness of skin color hides seven difficulties" and white skin was considered to be attractive. Nowadays, many people think that brown skin is also healthy and attractive. The whiteness of the skin is not the only definition of female beauty.

However, if the skin is burned by the strong sunlight in the summer, not only will you feel a tingling sensation when you take a shower, but you will also be in a state of "exactly difficult", such as peeling and blisters. Also that. Putting the whiteness of the color aside for the time being, how to deal with the summer sun is important when considering the health of the skin.

It has also been pointed out that the effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin may lead to skin cancer. Protecting the skin from the sun has become an important issue not only for women but also for men to protect their skin health. Mothers may have a hard time protecting their children's skin. Sunscreen is a must during this season.

This time, we will introduce the excellent and excellent sunscreens recognized by the public in a ranking format. Here are some useful information to help you switch from the sunscreen you are using now!

Basic knowledge of sunscreen! SPF and PA

The symbol "SPF" on the sunscreen. Do you know what this is? SPF is a symbol that indicates the ability to cut ultraviolet B waves. Ultraviolet B waves are ultraviolet rays that cause spots and freckles. SPF is a symbol that cuts this B wave and indicates how long it will suppress sunburn.

For example, with SPF50, the idea is that sunburn will start immediately on skin with nothing on it, but it will suppress sunburn for the numerical value of 50. It is not interpreted that 50 is strong because it creates a strong barrier, but it is interpreted that the time when sunburn starts is delayed by the symbol of SPF50.

On the other hand, the symbol "PA" that you often see here. What is displayed here is ... This shows the defense against ultraviolet A waves. Ultraviolet A wave is an ultraviolet ray that causes wrinkles and sagging. It is displayed in the form of "PA +", and the more "+" there are, the higher the defense power. The more +, the stronger the barrier power, but on the other hand, if there are too many "+", it may be difficult to remove the sunscreen in the bathroom. Isn't it difficult to remove the sunscreen and rub it against your skin to hurt it?

For daily shopping and small outings, "PA ++" can also be expected to be effective. If you are going to a place with strong sunlight such as the sea or mountains, it is better to purchase "PA +++" or higher as a guide. Also, for everyday use, it is important to select from the points of "Does it come off properly with soap?" "Is it gentle on the skin?" "Can it be used for children?"

5th place: "ALLIE" Extra UV Gel

We will first introduce the famous "ALLIE Extra UV Gel" among sunscreens.

It's a standard product, so it's nice to have a sunscreen that's easy to get, but what makes me happy is that I'm focusing on preventing it from drying out in the sun. When exposed to the sun, my skin becomes bulky, but this sunscreen contains a lot of anti-drying ingredients. In addition, there are also good reviews for women who can use it on their faces and do not easily lose their makeup!

It is not popular because it is a standard product, but it can be said that it is a standard product because it is popular. With SPF50 +, the effect is perfect with PA ++++.

4th place: Alo Baby UV & Outdoor Mist

Mothers who think about their children's skin may also be concerned about sunscreen for babies. Most sunscreens on the market at pharmacies are NG for babies. For small children, you need to have a sunscreen that you can use for small children.

"Alo Baby UV & Outdoor Mist" is one of the sunscreens that can be used for such babies. It is 100% natural and gentle on the skin. What's more, I'm also happy that it has the effect of not only sunscreen but also insect repellent. You can do outdoor measures with just one. Of course, you can use it with your mother.

There is also a cream type here, but we recommend the mist type. Taking care of your child with creamy hands can be difficult. If you are holding a child, it is difficult to remove the lid and apply the cream. It is convenient to put one mist-type sunscreen in your bag that you can use by spraying it on your baby's skin with one hand. SPF is 15, PA ++.

3rd place: Sun Medic UV Day Protect

"Sunmedic UV Day Protect" is a sunscreen that has gained tremendous support from people with chemical allergies and sensitive skin.

If you don't apply sunscreen in the summer, your skin will get rough. However, it is a painful place for those with sensitive skin who get rough skin with commercially available sunscreens and those who are allergic to cosmetics in general including sunscreens. This sunscreen is a gentle sunscreen that takes into consideration sensitive skin and allergies. SPF is 31, PA ++.

Basically, it is a gentle sunscreen for people with sensitive skin and chemical allergies, but if you are interested, please consult your doctor before using it.

2nd place: "NIVEA SUN" Protect Water Gel

The second-ranked "NIVEA SUN Protect Water Gel" is the same standard sunscreen as the first-ranked sunscreen that we will introduce. It is also sold as a standard item at pharmacies and home improvement stores, so many people may be familiar with the packaging. PA +++ sunscreen gel with SPF35.

The feature is, after all, the texture like a thick lotion. It can be applied quickly like a lotion and does not have the sticky feeling peculiar to sunscreen. It is a nice specification for those who are not good at whitening or sticky sunscreen. The price is reasonable, so it's a sunscreen that comes in handy when you're shopping in the summer.

1st place: "ANESSA" Perfect UV Sunscreen A + N

Summer is the season for swimming. Because the sun is strong on the beach, it is not uncommon for the body to "scratch" even with sunscreen. I almost cry, "Why did you apply sunscreen?" But when you think about it, it's a matter of course. Even if you apply sunscreen, it will fall off when you bathe in the sea, so it is natural that you will get a sunburn due to the reduced effect. Therefore, I would like to have one sunscreen that is resistant to sweat and water in the summer of the holiday season.

"ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen A + N" with its golden container is SPF50 + and has a considerable effect with PA ++++. Moreover, because it is resistant to water such as sweat and seawater, it is highly praised by people who work outside in the summer. There is even a word of mouth that even in a country that is more sunshine than Japan, it did not burn at all. Instead, you can use soap to remove it, so you don't have to rub your skin hard in the bath.


We have introduced the recommended sunscreens for the coming season. In the summer, there are concerns about heat stroke due to the heat, but there are also concerns about the skin due to sunburn. Correct measures are important for the former, and sunscreen and skin care are important for the latter.

There are concerns, but summer is also a holiday season. I would like to take proper measures and enjoy the excursions peculiar to the warm season.