2020/10/07 12:41:40

About useful disaster prevention goods and disaster prevention knowledge

Are you prepared to think that disasters such as earthquakes will not occur in your area for a while?

If you think that way, you will regret it after the disaster.

At that time, I should have prepared it properly ... but it's a later festival.

Do you have knowledge about disaster prevention goods preparation and disaster prevention?



Even if you panic after a disaster, you just panic.

Here, we will introduce standard disaster prevention goods that are convenient to have in case of emergency and basic knowledge of disaster prevention to prevent panic.

Standard disaster prevention goods that are convenient in case of emergency

Recently, there are various disaster prevention goods in particular, but let's try to buy standard goods first, instead of buying all of them.

Here, we will introduce the standard disaster prevention goods.



Water is a staple of disaster prevention goods. In addition to drinking water, there is also water used in daily life such as baths and toilets.

It's a good idea to prepare about 3 liters of drinking water per person per day.

You should prepare as much water as possible for the bath and toilet.

If possible, always leave the hot water in the bathtub unflushed.

In case of emergency, it is useful as water for disaster prevention.


Emergency food

Emergency food is also a standard item.

Prepare as much as you can, such as canned food, canned food, cup ramen, and instant soup.



During the earthquake, there is no TV or internet connection, so I can't get enough information!

At the time of the earthquake, I didn't even know "how big and where the earthquake happened" ...

Since the radio is an important source of information, it is useful to have one for disaster prevention goods at home.


Cassette stove and gas cylinder

Even if you have cup ramen, you can't eat it without hot water.

In the event of an earthquake or disaster, there is a high possibility that the gas will be stopped, so it is convenient to stock a few cassette stoves and gas cylinders.



In the event of an earthquake or disaster, there is a high possibility that electricity will stop, which is a big problem.

Batteries are convenient in such cases.

In particular, it is difficult to charge your mobile phone, so it is convenient to have a dry battery and a mobile phone charger!



Immediately after the earthquake, the electricity will stop and the area will be pitch black.

A flashlight is a must, as you can get hurt in total darkness even if you want to evacuate.


First aid kit

The longer you live in a disaster or disaster, the more people will get injured or catch a cold.

Adhesive plasters, bandages, cold remedies, gastrointestinal remedies, and supplements are useful at such times.

It is convenient to have a first aid kit for disasters in case of emergency.


Work gloves, rubber gloves

There is a possibility that broken furniture and glass may be scattered due to the earthquake, so you may get injured when cleaning up.

Work gloves and rubber gloves are convenient to have at such times.

It's even better to have rubber gloves to keep your hands clean!


Cold protection goods

Earthquakes may occur during the cold season, and evacuation life may continue until the cold season.

In such a case, let's prepare cold weather goods.

Cold weather goods are convenient to use as soon as you have a hot water bottle, body warmer, blanket, etc.


Warm ones are recommended to calm anxiety.

What should I prepare for disaster prevention goods? I'm confused.

In such a case, I would be grateful if you could refer to the basic goods I just introduced.

Basic knowledge of disaster prevention! What to do if an earthquake occurs?

If you have disaster prevention goods, you can prevent panic in case of emergency by knowing the basic knowledge of disaster prevention.

Here, we will introduce the basic knowledge of disaster prevention when an earthquake occurs.


Indoor action points in the event of an earthquake

The action points when an earthquake occurs while you are indoors, such as inside a house, are as follows.


Ensuring personal safety for yourself and your family

First of all, let's ensure the personal safety of yourself and those around you. Hide yourself under a table that is as sturdy as possible, or cover your body with a futon. There is a risk that something will fall due to the shaking of the earthquake, so it is important to ensure your safety as soon as you notice the shaking.


Open the door

If you are in a condominium or concrete building, open the door before it becomes distorted and unable to open due to the vibration of the earthquake. If you open the door, even if the door is vibrated due to vibration, you can escape after the shaking of the earthquake has subsided.


Check information on the radio

If you check the disaster information on your mobile phone, there are many hoaxes and so on, which may cause you to panic.

Only the correct information is available on the radio, so check the information on the radio in the event of a disaster.

Action points outside when an earthquake occurs

You are not always indoors when an earthquake occurs.

Also check the action points when you are outside.

The action points when you are outside when an earthquake occurs are as follows.


Protect your head with something

You have to be especially careful of falling objects when you are outside. First, protect your head with a bag. When the shaking subsides, go to a vacant lot or park where there are few falling objects. On the contrary, if you are near the building, let's go inside the building.


Follow the instructions if there is a clerk

There may be staff in places with a lot of people. Don't panic and follow the staff's instructions. When one person panics, the people around him also panic and affect evacuation. Let's keep calm behavior for each person.

Use stairs as much as possible

In the event of an earthquake, the elevator may stop. If you feel shaking, move on the stairs without using the elevator.


Act calmly even in the elevator

If you feel any shaking, immediately press all the buttons on the destination floor. This will prevent you from being trapped because the door may open somewhere on the floor. If you are trapped, please contact us via the intercom. If you contact and wait, the rescue team will come and you should not panic.

As you can see, there are many points of action because it is more dangerous to be outside, but it is important to act calmly and calmly without panicking.




We do not know when and when disasters such as earthquakes will occur.

That is why you should at least have standard disaster prevention goods and hold down the action points in case of emergency.

It's too late after the disaster.

If you have disaster prevention goods, you can spend comfortably just until the lifeline is restored.

If you have basic knowledge of disaster prevention, you can make accurate decisions in case of emergency, so you can prevent secondary disasters.

I want each person to be aware of disaster prevention and be prepared not to lose to a sudden disaster.