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I want to go this summer! Outdoor spot

Japan is said to be a country with beautiful four seasons. Of course, in any season of spring, summer, autumn and winter, there are good seasonal holidays. In spring, the flowers such as cherry blossoms are beautiful, and just walking around the park will make you feel excited.

Autumn is a wonderful season for autumn leaves, and it is a fun season for families to take a drive or take a lunch and take a walk in the mountains. In winter, there are differences in the amount of snow in each region, but the festival is very attractive because of the warm food such as traditional hot pots in each region and the snow. Then, what about summer ... I think there is a way to enjoy summer because it is a warm season. Yes, it's outdoors!

Summer is probably the most enjoyable season outdoors because of the high temperatures. You can enjoy a campfire or barbecue together, or you can enjoy fishing in the river or the sea with your family. It may be a good memory for your child to have a hard time setting up a tent.

Introducing outdoor spots in the Kanto area this time! I chose the points of "enjoying summer with my family", "even beginners are OK", and "going to play with my child during the summer vacation".

"Cottage Shinrinmura" in Akiruno, Tokyo

There are also types of outdoor activities. For example, it is outdoors to go into the mountains and set up a camp by yourself. Going to the river with your family will be included in the outdoors. The meaning of the outdoors is so broad that there are some outdoor spots for professionals.

However, for those who want to enjoy the unique summer atmosphere with their children, or those who rarely go outdoors but this time with their children during the summer vacation, if you suddenly go to an outdoor spot for professionals, you just can't enjoy it. It is possible that you will inadvertently encounter a dangerous eye. It's summer, so I don't want to remember that I was scared at that time.

The first thing I would like to introduce is "Cottage Shinrinmura" in Akiruno, Tokyo.

It is an easily accessible spot, 90 minutes by car from the city center, but it is also a nice spot for those who seek nature such as forests and rivers outdoors and those who seek food elements such as barbecue. There are many cottages made with plenty of wood in the cottage forest village, and the facility has a proper toilet, shower, and kitchen. You can enjoy the barbecue run by a meat expert in the facility, and there is also a restaurant, so you can enjoy all the elements of nature and food here.

Of course, with such facilities, beginners in the outdoors will not be confused as to "what do you need?" Or "the toilet is inconvenient for the outdoors!" It is a facility where beginners and children can easily enjoy the outdoors. Of course, the surrounding area is magnificent and children can enjoy playing. There is also a hot spring in the Akigawa Valley nearby, so you can use it as a petite trip.

Cottage Shinrinmura HP:

Akikawa Valley Onsen Seotonoyu HP:

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo "Shiokaze Park BBQ Square"

"Shiokaze Park BBQ Square" is famous as a place where you can enjoy outdoor activities in the center of the city. Here is a facility in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo where people who want to enjoy barbecue gather.

Shiokaze Park BBQ Square is also famous as an outdoor spot where you can go empty-handed because you can procure equipment and ingredients from the square. The cottage Shinrinmura is a 90-minute drive, so it's a little far away ... Why don't you make memories of your summer vacation with your child here? It's in the middle of Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, so I'm happy that it's easy to make plans and go out to play.

It's a little different from the magnificent nature of mountain streams and mountains, but this is a location where you can have a barbecue while watching airplanes and boats. Some plans do not require cleaning up. There is also the advantage that you can go empty-handed and return empty-handed without the need for ingredients, equipment, bags or equipment to clean up. Anyway, it is also recommended for people who are particular about the small amount of luggage.

Metropolitan Shiokaze Park BBQ Square HP:

Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture "Asagiri Jamboree Auto Campsite"

On the other hand, there may be some people who want to get out of the metropolitan area and let their children play leisurely without worrying about their neighbors because they are on holiday. However, this season, every campsite is very busy. Even if you look next to it, the tent and the cottage next to it are lively ... Isn't that the case? Anyway, I want to enjoy the quiet "nature itself". Moreover, it would be great if it was a place that was relatively friendly to outdoor beginners.

"Asagiri Jamboree Auto Campsite" in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture is a vast campsite boasting one of the largest areas in Japan. The sale here is Mt. Fuji, which is a representative mountain in Japan that can be clearly seen, and the vast area itself. It is recommended for those who want to get out of the tent situation even if they look next to them because it is summer vacation.

There is also an event venue here. You have to prepare the equipment yourself, but you don't stay in a remote mountain. It is a place where you can enjoy a sense of distance between the city and nature.

Asagiri Jamboree Auto Campsite HP:

Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture "Paddington Bear Campground"

"Paddington Bear Campground" is also a spot where you can easily enjoy the outdoors. Paddington Bear Campground is an outdoor facility located in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. You may have the impression that the outdoors are barbecuing and setting up a tent, but this facility has a more modern image than the impression of the outdoors in the world.

One of the problems for beginners in the outdoors is "I don't know what to do". It's true that you set up a tent, barbecue, and wonder, "What are you going to do after that?" People who are accustomed to the outdoors may enjoy walking around the area, but those who are not accustomed to it may wish that there were more places to play. You may be looking forward to nature, but there are tips on how to enjoy nature. If you have small children, it would be safer to have a facility where you can let them play closer than the outdoors surrounded by magnificent nature for professionals.

I would like to recommend this facility to such people.

Paddington Bear Campground is a facility that combines hot springs, athletics, a swimming pool, and an amusement park in addition to camping facilities. Here is a spot for two birds with one stone, where you can enjoy leisure facilities while enjoying the outdoors.

Paddington Bear Campground HP:


Unlike winter, summer is a warm and nice season when you can spend time outside. I want to enjoy the good points of the season itself, "summer".

The outdoor spots introduced this time are perfect places for families to enjoy summer. Summer is also the season for summer vacation. At homes with children, you may be wondering what to do with your summer leisure activities. It's a warm season, so why not enjoy the outdoors as the real thrill of summer?