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Japanese funeral subsidy system

There are many styles of funerals these days, but no matter which style you choose, it costs a lot.

If the deceased's property is low, first consider supplementing the funeral expenses with life insurance.


But please wait a moment.

In fact, there is a funeral subsidy system.

Funeral subsidies can reduce the financial burden of funerals.

Here, we will talk in detail about the funeral subsidy system.


What is a funeral subsidy system?

If the deceased is a member of social insurance or national health insurance and meets certain conditions, he / she can receive a subsidy for funeral expenses.

This is a subsidy that you can receive from the national government or government agencies by applying.

There is also a funeral subsidy system for welfare guardians when a person who has received welfare protection dies.

What is the "funeral expenses" that can be received by members of the National Health Insurance?

Members of the National Health Insurance can receive a funeral subsidy called "funeral expenses".

This will be paid as a funeral fee to the person who performed the funeral of the deceased when returning or changing the national health insurance card of the deceased who was a member of the National Health Insurance.

Although there are some differences depending on the municipality, you can receive a funeral fee of about 50,000 to 100,000 yen.

The application period is two years from the date of death of the deceased, so be sure to apply early.


What you need to apply

National Health Insurance Card of the deceased
Funeral receipt
Seal of applicant (recipient)
Funeral expenses transfer destination information


Only those who have performed the funeral can receive the benefits, and apply to the National Health Insurance Division of each municipal office.

However, if the deceased had previously taken out social insurance and within 3 months of switching to national health insurance, the funeral subsidy will be paid as "burial expenses" from social insurance instead of national health insurance.



What is the "burial fee" that social insurance subscribers can receive?

Social insurance members can receive a funeral subsidy called "burial expenses".

The amount of burial expenses is 50,000 yen, which is basically a subsidy paid to the family who performed the burial.

If there is no family, the deceased person who maintains his or her livelihood and performs the burial will be paid the burial fee within the actual burial fee.

The application period is also two years from the date of death of the deceased, and the application is made to the place of employment or the social insurance office in charge.



What you need to apply

Health insurance card for the deceased
Certificates by the employer
Death certificate or burial permit
Recipient's seal


What is the "funeral assistance system" that can be received by welfare recipients?

The funeral subsidy system that can be received when the deceased is a welfare recipient is called the "funeral assistance system".

The funeral assistance system is provided by the local government and can be applied for if the following conditions are met.

If the dependent who holds the funeral is also a welfare recipient
When a funeral is held by someone other than the bereaved family of the deceased who was a welfare recipient

The amount of payment is limited to cremation, and although it varies slightly depending on the municipality, it is set to be 201,000 yen or less for adults and 160,800 yen or less for minors.

Only cremation can be done within this amount, but since this is a case where the self-pay is 0 yen, there are cases where a funeral is also held with some burden on the funeral assistance.

Of course, if there aren't many attendees, there are many cases where the funeral is only a cremation ceremony.



Flow of cremation ceremony for welfare recipients

A cremation ceremony is a funeral in which only cremation and bone collection are performed without going to night or farewell ceremony.

There is no wake-up or farewell ceremony, so there is no altar and no attendees, so there is no need to secure a venue for the funeral.

As a simple funeral style, the funeral company also has a cremation plan, and there is also a plan for welfare recipients who pays 0 yen.

The flow from application for funeral assistance when a welfare guardian dies to the cremation ceremony is as follows.

Flow from application for funeral assistance to cremation ceremony
After confirming the death of the welfare recipient, first contact the welfare office

After confirming the death of the welfare recipient, if the doctor diagnoses the death, contact the welfare office of the government office. At that time, do not forget the documents that can confirm the death such as the death certificate.

After applying for funeral assistance, request a funeral company from the funeral company

First, apply for funeral assistance to the local government that has the applicant's resident card or the welfare office of the local government where the deceased who was a welfare recipient was protected. After completing the application, request a cremation ceremony from the funeral company. In that case, let us know that you will use the funeral assistance system to hold the funeral.



Hold a cremation ceremony

Once the funeral company is decided, the body will be transported to the designated crematorium. After that, the cremation ceremony is held in the order of cremation, cremation, and bone collection.

After the cremation ceremony, the welfare office pays the funeral aid to the funeral company.

Funeral assistance is paid directly by the welfare office to the funeral company, not by the cremation owner.

In this way, the cremation ceremony for welfare recipients is held.

Precautions when performing a funeral for welfare recipients

There are two things to keep in mind when applying for a funeral aid to perform a funeral for a welfare recipient.

Apply for funeral assistance before the cremation ceremony



Apply for funeral assistance before the cremation ceremony.

The application of the funeral assistance system is premised on people in need, and it is decided that the decision will be made before the cremation ceremony.

Even if you apply after the cremation ceremony, the funeral assistance system will not be applied because it will be judged that you were "payable" as long as the cremation ceremony was held.

If the jurisdiction of the resident's card of the applicant and the deceased is different, apply at the applicant's local government

If the applicant for the funeral assistance and the municipality that has jurisdiction over the deceased's resident's card are different, basically apply to the municipality that has the applicant's resident's card.

However, there are differences in the amount of payment depending on the local government, so it is a good idea to check and compare each one and consult with the local government.




When a relative or acquaintance dies suddenly, the shock of death is great, and it is harder than I expected to set up a funeral.

If you can't prepare a funeral fee, you may not only be shocked but also panic, so it's good to know that there is a funeral subsidy system.

There is a funeral subsidy system for each of the National Health Insurance subscribers, social insurance subscribers, and welfare recipients, so be sure to check the amount, application method, contents, etc. so that you do not panic at that time. Let's keep it.