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How to prevent and deal with autumn colds that are easy to prolong

Autumn is a very beautiful season. TV and magazines actively feature beautiful places in the autumn landscape, and on Saturdays and Sundays, many sightseeing buses come and go on the road. That's why the resort is full of tourists, and people in the area realize that "Oh, autumn has come." It seems that you are looking at an oil painting when the surrounding mountains turn red or yellow. When the youkai and spirits that appear in Hayao Miyazaki's movie really seem to live, the beautiful and fantastic scenery will make you breathless.


Autumn leaves are trampled in Okuyama When the crying deer's voice is heard Autumn is sad

The storm-blown Momijiha in the mountains of Mimuro is Nishiki Narikeri in the Tatsuta River.


It seems that people in the old days were also impressed by the scenery peculiar to autumn. There are many waka poems about autumn. It's fun to sing Japanese poems while staring at the autumn leaves. The food is delicious, and the coldness of the wind makes it more transparent and fashionable when combined with the scenery. Many people like autumn the most.

However, there are drawbacks in such autumn. The downside is that it is prone to illness due to seasonal characteristics. The autumn cold, which is said to be particularly prolonged, is one of the problems that even people who like autumn want to avoid.

Isn't your eyes just outside because the seasons are beautiful? I want to look inside myself because it's autumn ... I'll talk about the inside of my body. What should I do to prevent and prevent autumn colds? This is the knowledge you need to know before going on a vacation.


Isn't the autumn cold just because of autumn?

Autumn is the season that comes after summer. And the season before winter. You might say, "What is the norm!" However, this natural thing is important when considering the relationship with the autumn season and the prevention of autumn colds. The obvious thing is firmly. The foundation is important.

By the time of the Obon festival in August, when the summer heat gradually eases, you can feel the autumn air. When the scent of autumn rides on the wind, I feel relieved that "Oh, that heat is finally over", but at the same time, I have to be careful about the characteristics of the autumn season. Specifically, it is a measure against the temperature that has begun to drop and the coldness of the wind.

Summer is the season when the heat makes you lose your strength. It is also called "summer heat" to come in the heat of summer. The time when summer to autumn around Obon is the time when the illness caused by summer heat has not been improved yet. Also, even those who are not in the summer heat are at a time when their physical strength is weakening due to the heat.

What if the season suddenly changed while the summer heat was still weak and still continuing? Since the summer heat has not recovered, we will take over the sickness in the fall. In addition, if the summer heat itself has recovered but the physical strength has not recovered, it is possible that the cold will further deprive the physical strength and suddenly become ill around the time of switching to autumn.

Autumn cold is a characteristic of autumn that "it suddenly gets cold from the heat of summer". I'm not ready for the fall, so my summer illness is trailing. These are closely entwined and pull together. It is said that autumn colds are prolonged, but this is not only because the weather is changeable and it is easy to catch colds in the dry season, but also because the physical strength that has been gradually scraped due to summer has not recovered. It's also related to the fact that you can't beat the cold virus.


Three points for prevention and countermeasures for autumn colds

Autumn colds are related not only to the season of autumn, but also to the season of summer just before. That's why it's even more troublesome, and the real horror lies in the fact that even people who are usually full of energy get sick. However, it is not without measures for autumn colds. There are some points, so let's know about prevention and countermeasures.

First of all, let's briefly control the prevention and countermeasures for autumn colds with three points. By holding down the points, it will be easier to learn how to prevent autumn colds.

-Weather and temperature change easily in autumn (measures against weather and temperature)
-In autumn, my physical strength has been reduced due to the summer just before (measures to restore physical strength).
-Autumn cold is also a type of cold. That's why normal cold prevention is also necessary


By suppressing these three, the complexity of "I have to do that" and "I have to do this for prevention" is eliminated.

If you have a cold even though you are careful about these three things, or if you are feeling sick due to a cold, it is beyond the scope of your own prevention and countermeasures, so go to the hospital as soon as possible. Please visit and receive appropriate treatment. It is said that a cold is the cause of all illnesses. It's the same with autumn colds, so it's strictly forbidden to look sweet!


Suppressing the characteristics of the autumn season and basic cold countermeasures

Autumn is the season when the weather and temperature change from time to time. There is a word that compares the autumn sky to "Tsurube-otoshi". This is a word that compares the autumn sky, but the temperature and weather also drop and rise suddenly, like dropping a fishing bottle.

Naturally, when the temperature rises suddenly, you sweat, and when it drops, the sweat cools and you are more likely to catch a cold. In autumn, it is difficult to think about clothes because the temperature and weather change from time to time. The weather conditions that make it easy to catch a cold are perfect. Therefore, when you go out in the fall, be sure to carry something that you can wear. If it is difficult to dress, you have to adjust it by putting it on and taking it off on the go. As a weather measure, it is useful to put a folding umbrella or kappa in your bag.

It is also a big problem that I am not physically fit because of summer. Autumn is the season for delicious ingredients. In addition, the temperature drops, so it is a pleasant season for futons. When you get tired, you can sleep soundly, and incorporating seasonal ingredients into your diet is also effective in preventing colds. If the temperature suddenly cools, be careful about measures against cold, such as adding ginger to black tea. It is said that there is a relationship between body temperature and immunity, and it is said that the higher the body temperature, the higher the immunity. Be careful not to cool your body and keep it warm.

Autumn cold is a cold. That is why regular cold prevention is effective. When you return from the outside, wash your hands thoroughly and wear a mask when you go to places with a lot of people. While you are careful to prevent colds and block colds in this way, recover the physical strength that you lost in the summer by adjusting your sleep and diet, and be in a good position to survive the cold.




Autumn is a beautiful season, but on the other hand, it is also a season in which the body is easily damaged. The reasons for this are that the last season is summer and that the weather and temperature are liable to change. It is important to organize the three points yourself and try to manage your physical condition.

Autumn is a beautiful season for holidaymakers. You can enjoy going out only if you are healthy. Please take good care of yourself so that you can fully enjoy the autumn season.