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Go to an automated city with high-tech business support

Go to an automated city with high-tech business support

Around the world, smart city planning is progressing with all kinds of automation. Experiments are being conducted in each city in Japan, but they are lagging behind even in the world. What is your current position in the world?

25 high-tech cities in the world selected by the World Economic Forum

At the age of 26, who was surprised at the development of Shenzhen and despaired that Japan was no longer good, sympathy and counterarguments were crowded for a while. It is natural that there is a sense of crisis in the development of the unique ecosystem that was noticed in the Internet isolation, but what about the current situation? The liberal Motoyama World Economic Forum has teamed up with Business Insider magazine to create high-tech in the world. We have selected 25 cities, so we will introduce them.

How to choose a high-tech city
The elements that measure 10 technologies are selected by applying them to 85 cities around the world. There are things related to the format of the city itself, such as payment with a QR code, but we also have a perspective on the technological capabilities that will be created.

For example, the number of patents produced in the city, the goods produced per area, the number of startups, the number of venture capitalists and the penetration of smartphones are also factors. Although it is an evaluation at the present time, it was set as a ranking assuming the future and future such as patents and ventures.

Ranking of 25 cities and a brief introduction
25th place: Washington DC, USA
Washington, DC, a well-known political city as the capital of the United States, seems to have been improving in recent years as a technology leader. It's amazing that 50% of the work created in recent years is tech-related and more than 1000 startups are based in Washington, DC. Washington DC is one of the leading candidates for Amazon's second headquarter, along with Atlanta.

24th place: Barcelona, ​​Spain
Barcelona, ​​Spain, which has become a hot topic in the independence, is ranked in. While investing in infrastructure has progressed while succeeding as a tourist city, smartphone infrastructure in particular is one of the cities with the most advanced functions.

23rd place: Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, a regular in a comfortable city, is in 23rd place, and although there are offers for city and system design, it seems to be in this order due to the limited number of startups and venture capital.

22nd place: Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong, a financial city, has become a base for trade from Shenzhen and other countries in recent years, and high-tech products account for 50% of imports and exports, maintaining a certain presence in high-tech businesses. Although it does not have strengths as a city, it is a city that outperforms the average in all evaluation items.

21st place: Berlin, Germany
Berlin, the capital of Germany, ranked 21st, and it is said that a thriving venture startup culture has risen. Among them, the automobile-related business is the largest in the world, and it is said that Berlin is the only major automobile in the world that has all the bases. It seems that there are many venture companies such as automobiles, AI, and autonomous driving.

20th place: Shenzhen, China
The topic of Shenzhen is ranked 20th. With a population of 11 million in southern China, it is growing as the center of the world in terms of robotics while being the center of China's high-tech factories. Many Chinese telecom companies such as Huawei and Oppo are headquartered.

19th place: Bangalore, India
Bangalore, India, jumped from 49th place to 19th place last year, surpassing Shenzhen. It is a boomtown located on a plateau far south of New Delhi, the capital of India. An IT company based in Bangalore, one of the largest programmer populations in the world. India is a city with the highest growth potential, as half of its population is still under 25 years old.

As the IT city of Bangalore has a limited urban design due to the plateau and traffic congestion is in a state, the development of Gurgaon installed next to New Delhi is also remarkable, so that the rank-in of Chinese cities will increase. India is likely to increase. Gurgaon is an emerging city created as an extension of Delhi, so it has good infrastructure such as easy access from the airport and less traffic than other Indian cities. International Tech Park in Bangalore has been designed and developed with technology as one of the foundations of India's first tech park, which was established in 1995.

It is a city that is easy to live in because there are many foreign-affiliated hotels that are difficult for foreigners to live in India.

As I mentioned at the beginning, China's digital environment has evolved independently as a result of the protection of its own work by seclusion. On the other hand, innovation in India, where the global platform is released, is likely to be helpful.

18th place: Montreal, Canada
Montreal, Canada, is one of the world's capitals of industrial design, programming and wearables. It's a city that isn't much talked about in Japan, but wearables have a large community.

17th place: Shanghai, China
Shanghai, the capital of China's business, is ranked 17th, and Intel, Microsoft, etc. also have bases in high-tech parks around Pudong Airport.

16th place: Beijing, China
The use of smartphones extends to the entire city and life, and the number of patents registered one after another from high-tech corporate research facilities in universities and Zhongguancun shows a high rank. However, the number of startups is limited, and venture capital has grown significantly to cover all of China.

15th to 13th
15th place: Amsterdam, Netherlands

14th place: Vancouver, Canada

13th place: Stockholm, Sweden

Regulars in the international city rankings are steadily ranked in.

12th place: Tokyo, Japan
The world's highest level of infrastructure, especially the most developed means of transportation. At the same time, investment in venture capital and precision improvement are progressing, and expansion is progressing.

So, it is still in the 12th place, which is higher than the 3 Chinese cities. However, it seems that China and India will be overtaken as they are.

11th: Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Dallas has established itself as a startup hub in the last two years and ranked 11th. It was evaluated that the venture capital expanded and the city's infrastructure was integrated with IT accordingly. Perhaps the most surprising thing about this ranking was that Dallas was in 11th place.

Many hotels and event facilities have been actively renovated, and a huge club specializing in EDM has been created.The attraction of venture capital has led to the transformation of the city while leaving the cowboy culture as a side effect. It seems to be awake.

10th place: Chicago, Illinois, USA

9th place: Toronto, Canada

8th place: Singapore

7th place: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

6th place: Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei, which has digital hardware such as Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, and Acer, is ranked 6th. Industrial design, software, etc. are far below the average, but the presence of tech-related ventures and factories that surpass it has pushed Taipei to 6th place.

5th place: Seoul, South Korea

4th place: Los Angeles, California, USA

3rd place: London, UK
London is a financial center and a big city for high-tech ventures and industrial design, and is said to have the most programmer jobs in the world.

At the same time, experiments and projects on the future of public transport have pushed it to third place. Despite being an old city, 10 railroads will open in 2018, and it seems that infrastructure renewal and technology utilization are progressing.

2nd place: New York, New York, USA
1st place: San Francisco, California, USA

San Francisco, which has Silicon Valley, is the first, and the usual international cities such as New York and Singapore are ranked in the top. Meanwhile, new cities such as Bangalore and Dallas, which have jumped up from 50th place and out of rank, and Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen will continue to expand.

In addition, as shown below, while the new cities built in 50 years are ranked high, Dubai, which is well-known as a new investment, has not yet risen to the top.


・ Shenzhen

・ Gurgaon (not ranked)

・ Dubai (not ranked)

Still, I think Tokyo as an infrastructure will maintain its position. I am a person who returned to Tokyo from overseas because of the diversity of food, so I would like you to do your best in Tokyo.