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To accelerate! Support tool!

To accelerate! Support tool!

Isn't AR the best match for business support? Companies around the world are accelerating their introduction to provide business support in AR. In a few years, AR support is accelerating to the point where it becomes commonplace.

Corporate issues] Lack of skilled engineers in business expansion
"Ace Real for docomo" is introduced by Toyoko Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Toyoko). We are developing the "SOSEI Business" to extend the life of aged roofs by applying waterproofing, heat insulation, reinforcement, soundproofing, and dew condensation measures using our unique resuscitation method.

Toyoko is a leading company in roof repair using resin, and is the company with the No. 1 construction record in Japan, but although it is looking at growth both in Japan and overseas, it has problems related to the transfer of skills of skilled engineers. I will. Business trip costs and labor costs, which increase as we try to maintain construction quality, are also issues that accompany it. In addition, measures against the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) must be taken.

"Ace Real for docomo" has found the possibility of solving these problems.
Workers can wear AR smart glasses and transmit video and audio of the work site in real time to skilled technicians who are on standby remotely via a 5G network that can smoothly deliver large amounts of data. And, with low-latency communication, skilled technicians can give clear instructions to worksites far away without delay.

By realizing smooth and accurate remote support, it is expected that the difficulty of technology transfer can be reduced in a society where skilled engineers are in short supply. In addition, not only can construction quality be maintained while reducing business trip costs and labor costs, but it is also effective as an infectious disease countermeasure because of non-contact guidance. It is thought that the improvement of the worker retention rate can be expected from the point of being able to acquire the technology cultivated over many years.

[Technical background] Streamline technology transfer with 5G and AR smart glasses
"Ace Real for docomo" is a remote support work solution that enables efficient technical transfer and on-site guidance, which increases travel costs and labor costs, which is difficult only with classroom lectures and manuals. AR smart glasses, business support applications, support services, and 5G (including Cloud Direct ™ * 1) are all included in the set.

Since it is via a high-speed, large-capacity, low-latency 5G network, it enables close communication as well as high-resolution image and video transmission. Supporters can also capture on-site footage, add specific instructions, and provide immediate feedback. It also supports file transmission and screen sharing.

By adopting AR smart glasses that can add information to the real world, workers can work successfully while displaying manuals and checklists. Since it can be viewed hands-free, it is possible to ensure safety. It is drip-proof and dust-proof, resistant to high temperatures, and can be worn on a helmet.

In addition, since the cloud server is built on the "DOCOMO Open Innovation Cloud", highly confidential information transmission has been realized without going through the Internet at all.

DoCoMo will update the concept of field work by developing and providing services for "Ace Real for docomo" that utilizes 5G networks and AR smart glasses.

[Company evaluation] Eliminate labor shortages with high-quality remote support
Toyoko, which introduces "Ace Real for docomo", greatly appreciates its value.

"We are expanding the'SOSEI'business, which reinforces the waterproofing of roofs, but in order to realize this, we need to efficiently pass on the technology," said Kenjiro Shigemi, President and CEO. "I have high hopes that 5G will solve many problems such as handing down craftsmanship in various places, solving labor shortages, and exporting technology overseas, and will improve society. "(Mr. Shigemi).

Mr. Norifumi Katsumata, Manager of the Development Division, SOSEI Division, who has witnessed many sites as a skilled engineer and has given a lot of guidance, is also highly evaluated. "You can give instructions to the site from a distant place, and you can maintain the construction quality even if you are far away. Considering that even a small number of people can manage multiple sites, I think that it will lead to solving the labor shortage." (Katsumata Mr).

Mr. Masato Yamada of On Prime Co., Ltd., who is actually working on site, also highly appreciates it. "I'm not used to it, but I'm worried about controlling the site by myself, but there was a problem that I couldn't reduce the quality. With" AceReal for docomo ", even from a remote location, advice from veterans I was able to get rid of my anxiety even when I wasn't used to it, and I felt reassured that I would be close to him. "(Mr. Yamada).

[Future outlook] 5G seamlessly connects sites
DoCoMo has built a "5G X-Border Platform" that allows users to use the cloud with peace of mind internationally. On September 29, Toyoko used this to conduct a demonstration experiment of the "SOSEI project" between Japan and Thailand.

And it was proved that the use of "AceReal for docomo" can easily jump over the big barrier of borders and provide seamless high-quality remote support even internationally.

Utilization of 5G networks and AR smart glasses has the potential to realize work style reforms from various aspects such as efficient technology transfer, cost reduction, and improvement of labor retention rate, and solve many problems.

With low-delay communication, you can give accurate instructions without feeling stress and shorten the sense of distance between sites. The usage scenes where the potential of 5G networks can be maximized will increase in various industries in the future.

* 1 Please see the following for details on "Cloud Direct".
Press release material (Notice) DoCoMo open innovation cloud "Cloud Direct" service started to be provided-5G solution can be used with Japan's first closed connection service to MEC by 5G- <June 30, 2020>