2021/02/16 09:31:28

Support using AR! !!

Support using AR! !!

Currently, AR-based operations and support support tools are expanding. By using AR, it is possible to convey things that are difficult to explain in dialogue in an easy-to-understand manner. It has become a world where many businesses are epoch-making and easy to use.

Dat Japan Starts Demonstration Experiment of Remote Work Support Tool "Dokodemo Kimi / Repair" Using AR Technology
Currently, due to the new coronavirus, it is difficult to carry out business face-to-face, and the introduction of remote support technology utilizing ICT and IoT is required. In addition, the declining birthrate and aging population in Japan have become a serious social problem, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare predicts that the working population will decrease by 20% in 2040, 20 years later.

In order to cover the declining working population, it is important to make inexperienced and inexperienced workers independent from an early stage. In order to realize the task, it is necessary for a few skilled workers to guide a large number of inexperienced people, and as a result, one skilled worker must support the inexperienced people at multiple sites. Therefore, there is a demand for remote work support technology that is efficient, direct, and can handle a plurality of sites.

Currently, the basic mechanism of remote work support is sharing live video with a WEB camera and mutual communication by voice call, and there are many opinions from the field that it is not enough.

Dat Japan Co., Ltd. will start a demonstration experiment of "Dokodemo Kimi Repair (tentative name)", a tool that uses AR technology to remotely assist work in real time, at the site of Toshiba Consumer Marketing Corporation in January 2021. ..

This system is a system that has been uniquely customized using AR technology based on customer feedback and work support know-how accumulated through the operation of a call center for home appliance repair conducted by Dat Japan, and is an easy-to-use web service.・ Provide as a client application.

AR display technology controls the AR model by "touch panel operation", "mouse operation", and "camera or motion controller operation", converts the operation into a video format, and then transmits it via the Internet, which is a shooting device such as a smartphone. This is the technology displayed above. With this technology, instructions such as repair procedures, inspections, and viewpoint guidance can be performed remotely.

In addition, when providing remote support, work support by skilled workers is indispensable, but since the number of skilled workers is limited, it is difficult to secure human resources to provide support. Therefore, by using the AR function of Dat Japan to support remote work by experts and creating and sharing a video manual that records and edits the results, we have realized a mechanism that can use the technology of limited experts. did.

System Configuration

In addition, many of the AR technologies used so far have complicatedly incorporated calibration with the on-site live video (synchronous processing for overlaying AR in reality), resulting in processing time that is not suitable for realistic work. However, in this system, the processing time is shortened by suppressing the AR expression to the utmost limit, and the UI / UX that is most suitable for the work is also implemented.

Screen sharing image at the actual repair site

The tool will reduce travel expenses by shortening on-site work time and contribute to reducing the risk of corona infection by reducing long-term contact. It also reduces costs by allowing inexperienced workers and foreign workers to work independently.

In this demonstration experiment, remote use of AR technology was carried out in collaboration with Toshiba Consumer Marketing, which has the issues of "I want to provide training on repair technology remotely" and "I want to shorten the work time for on-site repairs" due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Implement with the aim of building a support system. In addition, by converting the support results into a video manual, a function that can widely share the skills and tacit knowledge of experts will be realized.