2020/10/04 11:47:07

Funeral arrangement trouble 3

I think you often get confused at a sudden funeral. If you make an arrangement due to a sudden event but are in trouble due to a high bill, we will introduce the arrangement destination.

Trouble 3
Introducing the hospital

There is a funeral company that is resident in the hospital. Be careful of funeral companies that are resident in hospitals. Due to the cost of staying in the hospital, it is expensive because it is added to the usual funeral expenses. We recommend that you introduce them from friends, acquaintances, relatives, etc. who have actually made word of mouth.

Funeral company with a hall

Funeral companies that have their own halls are making significant capital investments. Please note that it will inevitably be added to the appropriate price. We recommend a funeral company that does not have its own hall and keeps costs down. A funeral home that specializes in public funeral homes is good.

Funeral company with membership system and reserve

This is where the most consultations are with the consumer center. In solicitation, we say that we can cover it with reserves, but the cost of reserves remains the same, and many people are confused by high bills, which is a social problem. If you do it with a reserve, we recommend that it is safest to do it at an insurance company. Also, the law allows you to cancel your contract.
If you are told that you cannot cancel your contract, please contact the Consumer Center.

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