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[Family funeral] The flow of the funeral and points to note

As a recent trend of funerals, the number of family funerals held only by family members and close friends has increased.

There is no rule about what kind of funeral a family funeral is, and the flow of the funeral is the same as a general funeral, but in order not to confuse the remaining family, tell the family before life. Let's leave it.

What is family funeral?

Many people who choose family funerals seem to have a desire to see off the deceased only by those who are close to the deceased's intentions and bereaved families.
In addition, due to the diversification of nuclear families and lifestyles, there are few social relationships, and in an aging society, the bereaved families are also elderly, and it will be a burden to have many people attend, both physically and mentally. It seems that this is the reason why family funerals have become commonplace.

How much does a family funeral cost?

The cost of a funeral is not much different from that of a general funeral, and it depends on the size of the altar and the quality of the casket. However, unlike general funerals, family funerals can reduce entertainment expenses.
The cost of the funeral varies, and one set is packed, but there are altars such as the Shiraki altar and the fresh flower altar, and the fresh flower altar is more expensive.

There are various types of caskets such as paulownia, sculpture, upholstery, and paint, but in recent years there seems to be a reinforced cardboard casket.

By the way, the contents of one set are altar, casket, Buddhist altar, coffin supplies, ghost photo, bone box, pillow decoration, incense equipment, altar platter, altar flower, rear decoration, reception equipment, record book set, famous tree Signs, guides, ceremony staff, moderators, microphone equipment, procedure agency (fat procedures to government offices, reservations for crematoriums, etc.) Dry ice, hearse, sleeper, setup fee, etc.

It seems that it costs about 800,000 yen in all, but since it is a package plan, it seems unlikely that it will be discounted even if it is unnecessary.

Altars and caskets are the most expensive, but Shiraki altars are cheaper because they can be reused.

In addition, the price of the casket varies greatly depending on the material.

If you want a family, you don't have to look good, so you can do it for less than half the price of 400,000 yen with a very simple altar and casket.

It is important to have a family manifestation of intention.

In the past, it was said that talking about funerals while alive was "not auspicious," but nowadays it is no longer taboo to talk about death.
It can be painful for the bereaved family to make the funeral budget too low, but if the person makes a clear declaration of intention, the remaining family members will not hesitate.

Until now, funerals have been formal and most of the funerals have been particular about the general public, but in recent years, more and more people want their families to quietly see them off, regardless of the form.

It has become a fashionable era to omit unnecessary services and hold funerals that are unique to you, and it seems that fewer people are thinking, "At least I want to have a good funeral."

About funeral expenses subsidy

If you submit a "funeral subsidy application" to the administrative agency of each local government, the funeral subsidy will be paid if the person who has the national pension insurance or social insurance dies.

Family funeral flow

Family funerals are performed only by the family, but the funeral itself is not much different from general funerals.

The wake is a ritual to mourn the death of the deceased before the funeral.

Funeral ceremonies are religious ceremonies and are performed in different ways by each religion. After that, cremation is performed as a treatment of the body.

"Family funeral" and "secret funeral" are similar, and both have a family commute and a funeral ceremony, but in the case of a secret funeral, a "main funeral" will be held at a later date.

Even at family funerals, we sometimes call people who are very close to us. If you attend at that time, it is a rule to see off in formal clothes as in the case of general funerals.

For men, wear a suit such as navy blue or gray with a white shirt, and a plain tie with black socks. For the funeral, wear a black suit, a black tie, and black socks.

For women, use a plain black or gray dress for the night, black mourning for funerals, and black shoes and bags.
The number of people who perform their own funerals is increasing, and funeral methods are diversifying, and it seems that some people choose simple direct cremation without performing family funerals or funerals themselves.

Points to note
What is the market price for general funeral expenses?

The cost of a funeral varies greatly, with a single altar ranging from 100,000 yen to 1 million yen.
In the case of Buddhism, the cost of reading the sutras is 50,000 to 100,000 yen and the Dharma name fee is 150,000 to 500,000 yen.

In addition, there are other wake-up meals for 2000-3000 yen per person. The standard price for devoted dishes on the day of the funeral is 3000-5000 yen.
If you are a pure family member, you can omit the cost of eating and drinking, but if you have relatives or acquaintances attending the family funeral, it is a necessary expense.

The cremation fee is up to 20,000 yen if it is publicly owned, 30,000 to 50,000 yen if it is privately owned, and other charges for sleeping cars, hearse, and minibuses are also required. (It may be included in the funeral pack, so be sure to check it.)

* Depending on the funeral company, the basic fee may be set low and the fee may be added in the form of an option. It may be a big budget overrun, so check in advance.

About the new funeral

Not limited to family funerals, but recently, more and more family-directed funerals have been held instead of leaving it to the contractor.
It seems that new methods such as playing songs that the deceased liked, showing the appearance of his life in a video, and toasting and sending sake and wine that the deceased liked are also introduced.

There are many different types of funerals, but it is important to get the understanding of your family before you live in order to choose a funeral on your own initiative. It's a good idea to leave it in the form of a will.

About a simpler funeral
・ One day funeral

It is a plan to perform a funeral and cremation in one day without going to night.
If it is smaller than a family funeral and there are about 10 attendees, the cost is about 200,000 yen.

・ Direct funeral (no funeral)

We do not hold the funeral itself. The plan is to go to the crematorium directly from the hospital or home, and the cost is less than 100,000 yen.

The flow is to have the hospital issue a death certificate and ask the funeral company to transport it. You cannot cremate for 24 hours after your death, so you should cremate it after placing it at a funeral company or crematorium.


Each person has their own way of thinking about funerals. There is a difference of 100,000 yen to several million yen to see off a family.

Death suddenly comes to everyone. It is also necessary to leave what was written in advance, as those who are left will be at a loss in judgment.