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Example of use in IOT!

Example of use in IOT!

The spread of IOT has increased rapidly. Various attempts have been made in each field. How is IOT used in each field this time? Since there was an article, I would like to introduce it.

[The latest version in 2020] I have summarized the IoT utilization products and their cases by field!

IoT is often talked about as a set with AI (artificial intelligence) that is currently popular. I've heard the words, but there are many people who don't quite understand what the IoT case is. State-of-the-art technology is easy to be talked about in the news, but if you do not pay close attention, you will not know what kind of technology is used in what case.

Currently, IoT is applied to various technologies and is active in all industries. Now, if you don't know the case of IoT, you may not be able to keep up with cutting-edge topics, or you may miss technological innovation. However, the more you know about the IoT case, the more you will be able to discover that "Oh, IoT is also used for this."

Therefore, this time, we will tell you about the case of IoT, which is currently active in all industries and is showing application to various technologies. First, let's check about IoT.

First, explain about IoT

Before we get into the case of IoT, let's take a look at IoT as a prior knowledge to read this article.

IoT is an acronym for Internet of Things, a term translated in Japanese as "Internet of Things," and read as "IoT." To explain IoT in one word, it means a technology in which things other than computers communicate via the Internet.

There are various things connected by IoT, such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, radio-controlled models, smart speakers, and home appliances. Then, video, music, audio, photographs, and text are transmitted through the Internet. It's a futuristic technology, and it's exciting.

By the way, one of the features of IoT is that you can remotely check the status of things and operate things remotely via the Internet. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to go to the trouble of checking the state of things and operate things that work in dangerous places.

Now that we know about IoT, what are the actual cases? ?? I'm curious. That's all for the IoT, so let's move on to the case study.

5 Cases of IoT Used in Medical Care, Indispensable for the Future

The IoT is used in the medical field, which we take care of in case of emergency. Let me tell you about that case.

You don't have to leave the house! Telemedicine by Nipro Heartline
Due to the aging society, how to see a doctor for people who have difficulty getting out of the house, such as the elderly, has emerged as one problem, but there are cases of IoT that confront this.

At Nipro Heartline of Nipro Co., Ltd., when vitals are measured, the data is sent to medical institutions in real time, making it possible to watch over patients and share information between medical professionals. In addition, the introduction of videophones has made it possible for doctors and patients to receive medical examinations face-to-face, and has introduced a service to contact when an abnormality is shown, which contributes to home medical care. It is a product.

Improve business efficiency with IoT on questionnaires! AI interview Ubie
In the conventional paper questionnaire, it was necessary to listen to the patient from the beginning and write it in the medical record, but in the AI ​​inquiry Ubie developed by Ubie, Inc., it is an example of improving the efficiency of the questionnaire by utilizing IoT technology. Become. Questioning with a tablet enables deeper and wider listening, and translating the information entered by the patient into words for doctors saves the trouble of clerical work.

It is said that this will reduce the time required for the first consultation by 1000 hours a year. If that happens, it may be easier for us to see a doctor and the waiting time for other consultations may be reduced.

Watch over many patients remotely! Patient watching system Wisekeeper
In a hospital with a large number of inpatients, it's hard to see all the patients. "Wise Keeper" developed by Wise Reading Co., Ltd. solves such problems. This is an example of IoT in which a receiver placed in the hospital notifies a patient with a transmitter with an alert when he / she enters a place where he / she should not enter. It connects data together to protect patients from danger with location awareness, travel history retention, alerts, and multi-tiered support.

IoT for image diagnosis! ?? Tablet-type ultrasonic diagnostic imaging device SonoSite iViz
Cases of IoT used in medical care have spread to medical devices for diagnosis. The SonoSite iViz developed by FUJIFILM Corporation has been made compact enough to carry ultrasonic diagnostic imaging and can be used in all clinical settings. Inspection images can be sent via Wi-Fi for quick response and data sharing.

Active when a person collapses in front of you! MySOS
Healthcare professionals are not the only ones who will benefit from the IoT. MySOS, developed by Allm Inc., is an example of IoT to call an ambulance and to help the ambulance arrive by the time it arrives.

MySOS is an app that helps you to respond smoothly when you find someone who has fallen, and to manage your own and your family's problems. You can get an emergency guide, request help, search for AEDs and medical facilities, manage the results of health examinations, and even estimate insurance, so it's safe to happen to yourself at any time. It has the ability to respond to threats.

Next, I would like to tell you about the case of IoT in fashion products.

Is IoT an era of "wearing"? 5 IoT Fashion Products

Fashion and IoT (Fashion Tech) may not come to mind, but at present, there are cases where IoT is playing an active role in the fashion industry.

You can measure the size at home! ZOZOSUIT
ZOZOSUIT made by ZOZO Co., Ltd. has been a hot topic for a while, so many of you may know it, but it is an unavoidable topic as an example of fashion and IoT. When you buy clothes online, it tends to take time to return the clothes because they don't fit.

ZOZOSUIT is a suit for accurately measuring body size at home, and you can use it to measure body size by taking pictures with a smartphone etc. and reduce mistakes in online shopping.

You can feel the music on your skin! Sound shirt
A sound shirt designed to absorb music directly from the skin, overturning the stereotype that music is taken for granted by the ear. Developed by Cute Circuit, the sound shirt uses software to interpret the sound, wirelessly send it to the sound shirt, and transfer the intensity of the music as vibration.

In other words, you can listen to music as vibration on your skin with the vibration device mounted on the shirt. It's a very dreamy example of IoT.

You can measure the amount of exercise just by wearing it! Polo shirt tech
Fashion and IoT have expanded into the wearable market, and clothes that can measure the amount of exercise just by wearing them are also appearing. An example of the IoT is Ralph Lauren's Polo Shirt Tech, which applies biometric information measurement technology that can be managed by smartphone applications to measure biometric information such as heart rate, exercise intensity, steps, and calories burned. Is now possible.

It is expected that such fashion and IoT will continue to enter the wearable market in order to lead a better life.

Measure your concentration with glasses! JINS MEME
Clothing isn't the only thing that's partnering with the IoT to enter the wearable market. JINS MEME glasses developed by JINS Co., Ltd. can measure the wearer's concentration time and alertness, log collection of mental and physical condition, and form blur during training.

JINS MEME includes JINS MEME ES for daily use and JINS MEME MT for active activities. When you are exercising with your daily life, you may get interesting results if you measure both.

Get the fashion you want! PASHALY
I want this, but I don't know the name, so I've been worried about how to buy it. An example of IoT that solves such problems is PASHSLY developed by Scigineer Co., Ltd. By uploading photos and images of the items you want, AI (artificial intelligence) will analyze them and recommend the items you want or similar items on your behalf. It's an epoch-making system that can reach the itch.

There were many examples of IoT in fashion as well. Next, I will tell you an example of applying IoT to more familiar home appliances.

5 examples of home appliances using IoT that smart homes are not a dream

There are many combinations of home appliances and IoT today, and they are already integrated into our lives. However, there are many things that you don't really know what they are.

You can lock it on the go! Qrio Hub
There are many people who have fallen into situations such as "I forgot to lock it!" Or "I'm worried if I locked it ...". Qrio Hub of Qrio, Inc. is useful in such cases.

By combining it with a product called Qrio Lock, which unlocks just by bringing your smartphone close to you, you can unlock it even when you are away from home via the network, and it is also an excellent device that will contact you if there is a key operation.

You can talk with stuffed animals! ?? Pechat
When you were a kid, there are people who have wanted to talk to stuffed animals. Developed by Hakuhodo and Hakuhodo I-Studio, Pechat is a magic button-type speaker that makes children's dreams come true, allowing parents to talk to children who have stuffed animals.

By attaching a cute button-shaped speaker to the stuffed animal and talking through the dedicated app, you can convert it into a stuffed animal voice and have a conversation.

Better awakening! mornin ’
It is no exaggeration to say that it is the desire of all humankind to want to wake up cleanly and comfortably in the morning. There is mornin'developed by Robitto Co., Ltd. as a home appliance for a pleasant morning.

mornin ’is a home appliance that automatically opens the curtains every morning, and when you are exposed to the sun, your body becomes awake, so you can get rid of the lazy morning. Easy to install, just attach it to the curtain rail and connect it to your smartphone. Since you can open and close the curtains, you can expect a crime prevention effect while you are out.

Safe when you go out! Crispy Machine SP
People who have pets, such as those who work late due to overtime and want to eat frequently for health care, are worried about rice. We recommend the crispy machine SP developed by Accessline Co., Ltd. for you.

The crunchy machine SP can set a timer, and manual feeding can be done with just one smartphone, so you can go out without hesitation. In addition, it has a camera function and a voice call function, so you can listen to the owner's voice while watching with the camera and feel relieved. It's also nice to have tamper-proof measures, such as the lid being difficult to open and the lock button being used as a storefront measure.

Check the air in the room! Awair
The air around us, such as house dust and PM2.5, contains various pollutants, which is a concern for our health. There is an example of IoT that is also active in such cases. Developed by AWAIR, Awair is a home appliance that has the function of checking the degree of air pollution to create a better indoor environment, and will provide a healthy and safe life.

The five items of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, chemical substances, and dust are used to quantify the degree of air pollution, and based on these five items, the Awair score visualizes the state of the air. Now you can live with peace of mind.

There are various cases where IoT is applied to home appliances because it is the most familiar, and it will continue to increase in the future. Finally, I would like to tell you about IoT cases for smart cities.

This is convenient! 5 IoT Cases for Smart Cities
Image of smart city
There are many IoT cases in urban smart cities created by utilizing IoT. Then, I will tell you what kind of IoT cases actually exist.

Earth-friendly trash can! BigBelly Solar
It doesn't feel good to see the trash can overflowing or being devastated by animals. Big Belly Solar, developed by Nippon Systemware Co., Ltd., is a trash can equipped with a function to notify the accumulation status of trash and automatically compress it, which contributes to efficient and quick collection of trash and reduction of collection frequency.

Even better, it has a solar panel and runs on sunlight, so it's an eco-friendly trash can.

Utilize sewage heat for water heaters!
In fact, a lot of heat exists in the sewage that is discarded every day and flows to the sewage treatment plant. Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd., which took notice of this, has developed a system that reuses sewage heat for hot water supply, air conditioning, and snow melting.

IoT is used to manage sewage heat utilization facilities and can be managed without visiting the site. With this, you may be able to use a lot of heat in every situation.

You will be able to effectively utilize the waiting time at the smart bus stop!
The number of bus stop users is decreasing year by year, and as a countermeasure, the maintenance and improvement of bus stops have been adopted as measures. Among them, YE DIGITAL Co., Ltd. developed "Smart Bus Stop".

This can display the latest operation timetables, announcements, advertisements, etc. in real time from the cloud, and since it does not require remote control, it is very convenient because there is no need to change the timetable. It will actually start operation in Aomori Prefecture from the spring of 2020.

Farewell to the troubles of the toilet! KDDI IoT Cloud-Toilet Vacancy Management-
Everyone has had a serious problem, such as wanting to go to the bathroom but not knowing which one is available. KDDI CORPORATION has developed a toilet vacancy management system that solves such problems with toilets. This allows you to check the usage status of the toilet, and you can use the toilet efficiently and safely.

In addition, it is easy to grasp the timing of cleaning by visualizing the operation status, and an alarm sounds when the toilet is used for a long time to prevent accidents and crimes, which is a big advantage for the toilet manager side. There seems to be.

Vending machines that can also be used for disaster prevention and crime prevention
Vending machines installed everywhere in the city. There may come a day when that feature isn't just about selling drinks.

Currently, the General Incorporated Association Disaster Prevention and Crime Prevention Vending Machine Association is moving to make vending machines with crime prevention and disaster prevention support functions, and development is actually underway. For example, you can attach a security camera to a vending machine, or attach a panel to disseminate disaster information and tourism information. In the near future, vending machines may undergo a major transformation.

How will IoT be used in the future? Expect!
Image of predicting the future of IoT
Currently, IoT is already active in various fields, but I'm wondering what kind of utilization it will show in the future. Now, let's predict the possible future development of IoT.

Focusing on Japan, it is expected that an aging society with a declining birthrate will continue for a long time, and there is no doubt that IoT will be used more and more in the fields of medical care and welfare. In particular, the use of IoT products for watching over the care of elderly people and patients who are in trouble due to labor shortages is expected to increase. In addition, in order to create an environment that makes it easy to raise children as a countermeasure against the declining birthrate, it may become common to use IoT to assist children in confirming their whereabouts and studying.

In addition, it is expected that the utilization in the fashion field will increase steadily. In many cases, fashion is something that you can wear, so the number of items that have wearable functions that make use of the IoT, as I mentioned this time, will increase, which will contribute to individual health management. The day when high-performance and fashionable items will become a trend may be near.

It is no exaggeration to say that the evolution of home appliances makes the use of IoT most familiar. Like smart speakers, the number of home appliances that can be instructed by voice will increase, and the number of home appliances that can be connected with smartphones and operated remotely will increase steadily. On the other hand, we must not forget the risk of illegal access to them and crimes.

And it is expected that the smart city, which attracts the most attention, will gradually progress. Wi-Fi flies everywhere, self-driving cars are realized, and the world where you can generally see customer service by robots is very exciting. There are still challenges, but we are sure to move forward and our lives will continue to advance.

By the way, this time I have introduced an example of IoT that is currently active in all industries and is showing application to various technologies. All of them were surprising cases. Let's review the case study I told you this time.

Nipro Heartline for remote medical care
AI Questionnaire Ubie that can be shared and the time spent on the questionnaire can be shortened
Patient watching system Wisekeeper that remotely observes patient movements
Tablet-type ultrasonic diagnostic imaging device for easy-to-carry diagnostic imaging products SonoSite iViz
MySOS useful for lifesaving emergency
ZOZOSUIT that eliminates size mistakes in online shopping
A sound shirt that allows you to vibrate and feel the music from your skin
Polo shirt tech that allows you to measure the amount of exercise by wearing it
JINS MEME that can measure concentration etc. just by applying
PASHALY where you can know the item you want just by uploading photos and images
Qrio Hub that can open and close the key remotely
By attaching it to a stuffed animal, you can talk with your child through the stuffed animal.
Mornin ’that can automatically open and close the curtain
Crispy machine SP that can feed pets and watch over even on the go
Awair to measure indoor air pollution
Big Belly Solar contributes to more efficient garbage collection
Service to turn wasted sewer heat into hot water
A service that allows you to check bus waiting times and timetables in real time
KDDI IoT Cloud that allows you to check the availability of toilets-Toilet vacancy management-
Vending machines with electric bulletin boards for security cameras and disasters
When I confirmed it again, there were various IoT cases from familiar to unexpected ones. It is expected that IoT will continue to be used in all fields.

Given that our lives will become more and more prosperous, we can't wait for the future. Let's keep an eye on the success of IoT in the future!