2020/10/07 09:44:12

5 recommendations that make cleaning fun with a little ingenuity

No one dislikes a well-cleaned and clean room, but cleaning is less urgent than cooking and washing, so it's a low priority in household chores and tends to be put off.

For those who are in trouble because they can't get out of the vicious cycle of cluttering and getting dirty → they accumulate → more and more cleaning and tidying up to put it off, we propose 5 recommendations that make cleaning fun with a little ingenuity. To do.


Set a time limit

We get sloppy because we think we have time, but when time is limited, we tend to focus on what we do.

For example, you can finish cleaning the front door within 5 minutes, polish the kitchen sink within 10 minutes, and make the bath shiny everywhere within 10 minutes.

By incorporating this several times a day, you could clean the entire house after a few days.

I'm trying to do it all at once, so I feel a burden and I'm not good at it, but it's easy to lift a heavy waist little by little.

Also, if you set it shorter than the normal time, you will be rewarded if you can clear it, and if you can not clear it, you can enjoy it like a game by deciding rules such as cleaning another place.

In addition to the method of deciding within a few minutes, it is also a good idea to play your favorite song and finish the cleaning by the end of one song. A song with a fast tempo is recommended.

That song that often plays at the athletic meet may be the best. It seems like you're just crazy about it.


Find and sell unnecessary items

The basis of cleaning is tidying up.

Separate what you need and what you don't need, put what you need in place, and dispose of what you don't need.

That's all, but it's hard to do. And in the end, vacuuming while cleaning up the cluttered things ... just imagining it makes me melancholy.

When there are many things like this, it is difficult to clean up and it becomes more difficult to clean. So let's think about reducing things.

Do you have clothes that you haven't worn for years, gifts from someone's wedding, travel suitcases or ski / snowboard equipment that you've used a few times and are unlikely to come into play in the future?

Also, if you look for a house (or don't have to look for it), such as clothes and shoes that your child has grown up to fit in size, books that you bought but ended up untouched, and daily necessities that you stocked up in stock in the worst case? ) You can find more and more things you don't need.

The psychology of throwing it away works, and this is one of the causes of the work.


Let's survive here by "selling".

It is a guarantee that it will be cleared up in a blink of an eye if you keep in order while thinking "How much would it cost to sell this?" And "What should I buy with the money I sold?"


Calculate calories burned

Have you ever wondered how much calories you would burn if you vacuumed this room?

It is necessary to check the calories burned for various cleanings in advance, but if cleaning becomes a diet that does not cost money, it seems to be fun.

If you take it seriously, such as vacuuming many rooms, kneeling down to wipe the floor, cleaning the bath while getting sweaty, and cleaning the toilet everywhere, you will burn a lot of calories.

If the reward introduced in "Part 1: Set a time limit" is a delicious cake, it may be plus or minus zero when combined.

If you want to go on a diet more, you should do more cleaning! is.


Give things a name


It is said that when you give a name to an object, you will be attached to it.

Give your floors, toilets and bathrooms a name. I feel attached to it and want to clean it. And I will clean it frequently in an attempt to keep it clean.

Let's clean it carefully while saying "○○ -chan (flooring floor), I'll clean it now." If it gets excited like a solo theater, it will be shiny all over the house.

It can also be used for furniture, electrical appliances and ornaments.

If it is a small item, take it in your hand and wipe it clean.

However, it's embarrassing, so be careful not to be seen by many people. When a child finds it, he or she may think, "Mom (dad), are you okay?"


Use convenient goods

Using convenient goods is the royal road to make cleaning fun.

You don't have to use expensive things. There are many goods that can be used even if they are cheap. Here are some useful goods available at 100-yen shops.


Sash cleaning brush

It is used by attaching it to a PET bottle. By putting water in a PET bottle, water comes out from the brush, so even sashes that are difficult to wash can be washed away cleanly.


Draining wiper

To clean the window glass, wipe it dry with a towel. However, when I look at it later, the fibers of the towel remain, which really makes me stressed. With a drainer wiper, you can easily and cleanly finish it. It is recommended to save the trouble of washing the towel.


Microfiber mop

Electrical appliances are easily dusted by static electricity and cannot be washed with water, which makes cleaning difficult. Recommended for those who feel that dust will only move even if wiped with water. Since it adsorbs dust, it leaves no marks, and it is easy to clean, so you can quickly clean it when you think of it.


Melamine sponge

It also removes stubborn stains by soaking it in water and rubbing it. It is used to polish the faucet in the washroom and the sink in the kitchen. There are various sizes, and some types are cut to the size you like.


Mini broom & dustpan

It is recommended for those who are not good at cleaning because it is troublesome anyway. If you put it somewhere in your house, such as the washroom, bedroom, or entrance, you can save yourself the trouble of picking it up and you can do it as soon as you think of it. Because it is small, it does not take up space for storage.




There are many ways to make cleaning fun, from quirky to classic, other than the ones suggested here.

It may not be possible to change the habit of putting off cleaning, but once it is thoroughly done, it will be cleaned frequently in an attempt to keep it clean.

First of all, why don't you enjoy cleaning the whole house in a way that suits you?