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Precautions for funerals you want to keep

Don't panic even if you are a sudden mourner. Precautions for funerals you want to keep

The funeral suddenly begins preparations.

Of course, the protagonist of such a funeral will be the one who died. The funeral is the end of the long and painful and sometimes happy and enjoyable time of life.

In one's life, the time of that person's life is condensed tightly, and it can be said that death will bring an end to life, and a funeral will bring an end to society.

The funeral is the party that sees off the departure of such a person, but of course it is not possible to hold the funeral unless someone prepares.

It may be a little different, but think about a drinking party. There is a secretary at the drinking party, and you can check everyone's convenience and handle everything from booking the drinking party to collecting money.

The funeral is the same, and the deceased person cannot host (secretary) his or her own funeral, so a person who is especially close to the deceased person will act as the secretary and perform the funeral.


This secretary is the "mourner."

This time, I would like to talk about the points to be noted of the mourner at the funeral, which is the end of one person's life and is also a departure. The mourner is like a secretary. It's very responsible.

What is a mourner? What kind of person do you mean?


The mourner acts like a funeral secretary.

In the hectic situation of sudden death, the funeral is centered around the mourner, and the funeral is centered around the mourner.

Since the mourner is also the representative of the deceased person, I sometimes speak for the deceased person and say hello on behalf of the person who attended the funeral.

If it's a general celebration, it's basic for the person to say hello.

For example, a birthday party. The person who is celebrating will say "Thank you for today" to the people who came to celebrate their birthday.

However, since the main character of the funeral is dead, I can't even say hello. That is why it is also the duty of the mourner to say hello on his behalf.


What is the role of the mourner?

Play a central role in the funeral
Say hello on behalf of the funeral organizer

Will be the center.

Of course, I'm not sitting in a chair just because I'm a coordinator, but I'm going to set up and give instructions to other family members and people who came to help me, and I'll fill in the details with the people at the funeral home. I will do my best as a pillar.

What is a mourner? To the what? What are the precautions? When you think about it, first of all, please be aware that the mourner is, so to speak, the secretary and the representative of the organizer and the organizer.

Then, I think there is something that can be seen about the mourner and points to note.


First note! How to choose a mourner



The mourner is generally a spouse or eldest son.

For example, it is not uncommon for a wife to act as a mourner when her husband dies.

It is common for a husband to act as a mourner when his wife dies.

However, there is no rule that you must be a spouse.

In some cases, the son may be the mourner instead of the wife as the mourner when the husband dies.

If the son is of some age, he may be the mourner more often than the mother when the father dies.

Also, there is no reason that a daughter should not act as a mourner, so when choosing a mourner, instead of "looking at the world", the side hosting the funeral asks, "Who should be the coordinator for the funeral? It should be noted that.

In the previous example, suppose that the son is over thirty years old and the father's funeral should be done by the son as a mourner.

However, suppose that the father, mother, and daughter live in their parents' home in a local city, the son works in Tokyo, and the arrival is just before the funeral.

In this case, of course, having a son as a mourner is an option. There is no rule that you should not be a mourner just because you arrive at the last minute.


However, the mourner is the secretary and organizer of the funeral.

The funeral has a lot of detailed preparations before the funeral is held.

If you make the person who arrives at the last minute the mourner, you will not be able to proceed with preparations as a coordinator.

Therefore, even if it is said that the son is suitable in such a case, it is one way to dare to stand as a mourner for the daughter or mother.

There is no rule about who the mourner must do
However, in general, spouses and children (especially the eldest son) often stand.
The mourner is the secretary and organizer. If it is difficult to put together, consider setting up another person


If it becomes difficult to prepare for the funeral because the son who is the mourner does not arrive, it will be overwhelming.

To prevent this from happening, the mourner should be the first to decide on the right person when he has to do a funeral.

By deciding the representative, consultation with the funeral home will proceed smoothly, and since there is a mourner as the decision-maker, you can decide things that are difficult to decide in the form of "let's leave it to the mourner."

What is the duty of the mourner? Is it different from the owner?

In addition, the scope of work of the mourner has not been decided.

Sometimes it's important to divide the labor if you can't handle the details because of your personal life.

In addition to "mourner" at funerals, there is "owner" as a common name.

The owner is the person who is mainly responsible for the calculation of money such as collection and payment.

The owner and the mourner often work side by side, but it is also a good idea to share them.

In the case described above, the mourner is in charge of the son who arrives at the last minute, and the owner is in charge of the mother and daughter.


In the first place, the mourner has no particular work rule that "this must be done absolutely".

The only thing that will definitely be done during the funeral is to show up mainly, such as "greeting" and "representative at the time of farewell", and when one person represents the deceased, the mourner To be a representative.

Have your family share the work behind the scenes, such as collecting money, and be careful not to carry everything on your back just because you are a mourner.

The mourner is an important role, but the funeral is to be successful for everyone, including the deceased, attendees, and the mourner's family. Therefore, the mourner does not have to do everything.

Since I am a mourner, I am not in charge of greetings and behind the scenes other than the representative.
Divide work to family and relatives moderately
Judge whenever something happens

If you pay attention to the above points, you do not have to carry everything as a mourner. In particular, share the work behind the scenes so that the funeral can proceed smoothly.




When I become a mourner, people who have never experienced a funeral tend to carry everything "because they are mourners" and "if I have to do it".

However, the mourner does not have to do everything, but the mourner is the secretary and the organizer.

Even if you are the secretary of a drinking party, if the scale of the drinking party grows, you will ask people from the same company to help you collect money and set up the venue. The mourner can think in the same way.

If your private life is full and you still have to be a mourner, focus on the primary role of the mourner, "greeting," and share the rest with your family and relatives.

It's OK if the funeral goes smoothly in the end.

If you don't feel like becoming a mourner and have the consciousness that you are the secretary of this funeral, it should be a quick way to understand the difficult position of a mourner.