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Checklist of things to do after the funeral

The death of a person is also important for the person who dies.

It must also be important to the family.

In recent years, the scale of funerals has been shrinking, and some homes are buried immediately after reading the sutras at the crematorium.

Even if I work, the number of jobs that are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays has decreased, and the shop is open 24 hours a day. Since the world itself is constantly moving for 24 hours, it is difficult to spend a long time on funerals.

However, since the funeral is a "curtain of one's life", I would like to conclude it with etiquette as much as possible regardless of the form of the funeral.



But it's important for my family, and I have to do it in parallel with my life.

That's why it's important to list what you need for a funeral so you don't panic in an emergency.

This time, I will list what you need after the funeral to help you with your image training.

Post-funeral things need to be considered during the funeral



The larger the funeral, the more people will attend.

Also, the more people attending, the harder it is for things, money, and "after the funeral."

That is why it is desirable to think properly and prepare for the funeral, if possible, rather than "become a wilderness and a mountain afterwards" just because it is in the middle of a funeral.

Sudden accidents can occur during the funeral, so it is difficult to prepare for the funeral at the same time.

However, there are some things that you need to do after the funeral but already have to start during the funeral.

What it is is "confirmation of address".

Why confirm your address? I think that.

First, let's list what you have to do after the funeral.

Five major things to do after the funeral



There are five main things you have to do after the funeral.

Preparation for the next memorial service
Inheritance procedure
Cancellation of service

This alone is too simple to understand. Let's take a closer look in order.

Notify the death of the deceased to those who have not been invited to the funeral

First, there is "contact".

You need to inform your relatives that the deceased has died.

The deceased may have left books and other items borrowed.

The deceased may be worried in heaven, "I didn't return the book to Mr. A."

That's why let's inform relatives who haven't been invited to the funeral that the deceased has died.

We know that close relatives and deceased best friends who attended the funeral have died, so let's contact other people by phone or postcard.



If the deceased has an ending note or address book, it is good to see the contact information and send it.

If not, it is a good idea to check the letter that arrived at the deceased in life and send it to the reply address.

Get ready for thank-you notes and postcards in mourning! Don't forget your address

Also, contact people who are not present at the funeral, and thank those who attended the funeral and those who came to join us outside the funeral.


If you have a close relationship, it is a good idea to thank you over the phone.

If you are a distant person or have a relationship that you do not usually interact with, it is a good idea to thank them with a postcard or letter.

Also, if you prepare a postcard during mourning in December, the preparation of the other party's New Year's card is often completed earlier.

It is okay to prepare and send postcards in mourning around October, so be sure to prepare them first.

In addition, the address of the person who attended will be checked in the name book when attending the funeral.

If you don't write your name book properly, you often don't know who to send a thank-you note to.

In particular, family funerals are small in scale, and in some cases, you may not be asked to list your name book.

However, in order to thank you after the funeral, we recommend that you include it as much as possible.

This is also an important post-funeral preparation.

Cancel the service and prepare for the next memorial service

When the funeral is over, cancel the service of the deceased immediately.

If the cancellation of the service is delayed, you will have to pay the service usage fee accordingly.

Try to cancel the deceased's smartphone or Internet service as soon as possible, along with insurance claims.

If your family can take a certain number of days off during the funeral, it's a good idea to complete all of these cancellations, thank-you notes, and postcard arrangements during the funeral.



Another thing I want to finish immediately is the preparation of the next memorial service.

Depending on the funeral, it may take up to 49 days in a day.

However, it is not uncommon for some homes to be separated.

Also, even if you finish until the 49th, there will be a hundred-day memorial service and a memorial service, so you must prepare for that.

Preparation is not limited to arranging things and contacting attendees.

You also have to think about preparing money.

The funeral could be held with the deposits of relatives, but there may be some houses that have a hard time considering the 100-day memorial service and the first anniversary.

Therefore, if you have insurance money, you should claim it as soon as possible, and if you use a loan, it is wise to check the memorial loan of a nearby financial institution.

In an emergency, it's hard to say, "I'm ready for things and people, but I'm not ready for money!"

You may want to stop talking about money when a person dies.



But funerals require a lot of money.

It is difficult to think of the following memorial service separately from the story of money.

Some inheritance procedures have a deadline! Inheritance tax also has a deadline

After the funeral, you don't just have to prepare for the next memorial service, say hello, cancel the service, or claim insurance.

You also have to go through an inheritance procedure to determine the whereabouts of the deceased's property.

There is no set deadline for inheritance registration and deposit inheritance procedures, so it is okay to complete the procedures after you have calmed down.

But the problem is the procedure with a fixed deadline.

In the inheritance procedure, the deadline for payment of inheritance tax, waiver of inheritance, limited approval, etc. is set.

It is possible to extend the deadline, but procedures are required to extend it.

If you have a lot of debt and are thinking about abandoning inheritance, it is necessary to start moving early.

Some funeral homes have affiliated lawyers, so it's a good idea to have them listen to you and decide if you should hurry.





The death of a person is important in terms of the curtain on someone's life, but it is also important in the sense that the remaining family members have to move around very busyly.

That's why you need to be well prepared after the funeral, considering efficiency and priorities.

Greetings, postcards in mourning, cancellation of services, preparation for the next memorial service, inheritance procedures. Everything is important.

Prioritize each house and share it with your family.

Of course, it's also a good idea to consult with a funeral company or lawyer to determine what you have to do with the highest priority.