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Cremation and direct burial

In recent years, cremation ceremonies and direct cremations, in which only cremation is performed, are increasing rapidly. Due to the effects of the super-aging population, declining birthrate, and declining population, the number of families who only wish to cremate is increasing nationwide. This cremation ceremony and direct cremation are ceremonies that only perform cremation, but since the meanings are slightly different, we will introduce this time.


Difference between cremation and direct cremation
Cremation ceremony


Arrange a hearse to your home, home, hospital, police station, etc., set a date for cremation, and place it in a morgue or at home. After that, if you place it at the crematorium, it will be a cremation ceremony.

Placed at home or in a detention center after transportation
Transport ➡ Placement ➡ Crematorium
If you die in the hospital
Direct burial

Literally direct cremation directly to the crematorium

Police station ➡ Crematorium
Home ➡ Crematorium

* Although it is possible to bury directly at the home, most homes do not like to leave the casket after the casket is delivered, so it cannot be done in practice.

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