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Correct way to send flowers for funeral


There are many ways to convey your feelings of sadness, but one way is to give a flower offering.

In recent years, it has become more common to offer flowers that individuals like, but when decorating the altar, it is important to balance them with other flowers.

In addition, the arrangement and arrangement of flowers may differ slightly depending on the denomination, so it is one of the etiquettes to give a gift based on the basics of each denomination.



What is a flower offering

At the time of the funeral, the offering flowers placed on both sides of the altar are called Kyoka.

Flower offerings are offering flowers that are displayed on altars and venues at funerals to comfort the spirits of the deceased.
One flower offering is counted as one pair and two flowers are counted as one pair. A pair means to give two of the same thing, but to give two with the same name.



The market price for flower offerings is 10,000 to 20,000 yen per base, which is double that for a pair.

It seems that it may not be transmitted properly, so be sure to check it.

The name of the giver is also written under the flower offering, so it is a good idea to use a fax to make sure there are no mistakes.

If you cannot attend the funeral for various reasons, you may give it to convey your condolences, but usually, general condolence customers do not need to give it, but a close friend, a close relationship, a company relationship, etc.

Flower offerings vary by religion and region, so consult with your bereaved family when offering flowers.



When to give flowers?

Anyway, if you don't get the news and ask for the runner-up to donate flowers, you may not be in time for the night.

In such a case, giving it between the first seven days and the forty-ninth day is a good way to heal the loneliness of the bereaved family who have passed the hectic pace. However, if you really want to make it in time for the funeral, you can ask the funeral company directly and if you can't do it, you can do something about it.



Flower offerings that differ depending on the religion

In Buddhism, flowers that have a certain amount of longevity, such as chrysanthemums, lilies, carnations, and denfare, are used and arranged in a calm color.

However, it is also possible to arrange and offer men and women, ages, flowers that you liked during your lifetime.

However, it is safer to avoid roses with thorns. However, if the deceased likes roses and incorporates them into the arrangement, it is okay to remove all the thorns in advance.

Also, depending on the religion, illicium anisatum may be used, so be sure to check before offering flowers.

In Shinto, it was customary to give Sakaki, but in recent years, when the mourner offers Sakaki and other people donate flowers, it seems that white flowers such as lilies and chrysanthemums are often arranged as in Buddhism.

In Christianity, the chrysanthemums used in Buddhism and Shinto are not used, but lilies, carnations, gerberas, etc. are arranged in a basket and given to the home instead of the church. Another characteristic of Christianity is the arrangement of crosses and hearts.

* In any case, you may be declined by the bereaved family, so be sure to confirm before making arrangements.



The correct way to give flowers

When offering flowers, be sure to confirm the religion of the other party before giving them. Also, it depends not only on the religion but also on the area, so please contact the ceremony hall and ask for the contact information of the funeral company, and make sure before ordering.

The flowers are displayed on the altar together with the offerings.
Wreaths are displayed around the funeral home, but they are highly regional and may not be displayed in some areas, so check with the funeral home before ordering.
Flower stands (flower stands) will be displayed side by side in the venue.
Both are used for commuting and funerals.

* At the funeral ceremony, the attendees donate flowers one by one to the altar, which is also called offering flowers.



Recent funeral trends

In the past, chrysanthemums were the main flowers used for funerals, but recently, flowers that are mainly arranged with Western flowers have become popular.

When I ordered a traditional Japanese-style arrangement from a flower shop in my neighborhood, it seems that it didn't match the other flowers displayed at the ceremony hall.

It may be a funeral ceremony that you are particular about, so be sure to check with the funeral director before giving it.



Ordering flowers

If you decide to donate flowers, tell the bereaved family and choose the ordering method that suits you from various methods.


① Ask the funeral director who is holding the funeral

Call the ceremonial hall and let them know and ask for the contact information of the funeral director. In this case, the flowers will be in harmony with other people, so the flowers you give will not stand out.

If you want to offer it casually, it's a good idea to apply to a funeral director. However, since we often ask without checking the sample flowers, it may be worse than what we imagined when we actually saw them, so it is safe to ask the type of flowers to some extent.


② Apply to a flower shop in your neighborhood

Florists all over the country are connected via a network, so you can get them delivered to all over the country even from nearby florists.

Well-known is "Flower Cupit", but you can also specify the contents of the flowers here, so you can also give the flowers that the deceased liked.



Other flower offerings and precautions when giving flowers

Pillow flowers to be displayed at the bedside before going to night and flowers to be displayed in the memorial service on the 49th are also donations.

When giving a pillow flower, contact the funeral company in charge rather than directly contacting the busy bereaved family before going to night.

Also, since pillow flowers are different from the flowers displayed at the wedding hall, it is a good idea to freely arrange the flowers that the deceased liked or your favorite flowers.

Recently, I often don't receive the incense, so it seems that there are many people who want to donate flowers. If you know the venue and schedule, the most reliable way to give a gift is to call the funeral hall directly, tell them the contact information of the funeral company in charge, and ask the funeral company.

In addition, depending on the season, the contents of the flowers may differ from the sample and the price may be higher.



When should I settle the flower offering?

If you ask a funeral company, make sure when you ask if you want to pay directly or make a transfer on the day you attend the funeral.




In recent years, the number of funerals that do not return incense or incense has increased. For that reason, it seems that more and more people are giving flowers because they want to convey their condolences in some way.

However, there are religions and local customs, so it seems safest to contact the funeral company when the ceremony is known.