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Clean the area around the desk! Recommended convenient goods

There may be a lot of things around the desk.

For example, documents, pens, paper clips, notes, coffee cups, smartphones, etc. may be around the desk and always in a mess.

In such cases, having goods that can be neatly stored will help you work at your desk.

Here, we would like to introduce some recommended useful goods that will make your desk look neat and tidy.


Desk stand

Just by changing the position of the computer on the desk, the effective space will be widened.

The desk stand should be placed on the desk, and the frame should be made of solid steel. It is characterized by being sturdy with a load capacity of 15 kg or more.

You can place your computer on a table and store files and keyboards underneath, making your desk more spacious.


Desk board

The desk board is a desk stand that cleans up the desk.

When choosing a desk board, it is recommended that the top plate is made of glass.

The glass top plate can be seen through to the bottom and shines clearly, and it is easy to care for and looks stylish.

Durability is excellent because it uses tempered glass, and since the top plate is only placed on the frame, even if you are concerned about dust, you can quickly remove the top plate and clean it easily.


Desktop Wagon (Product Name: Bobby Wagon)

The Desktop Wagon is a reduced version of a reproduct of what was designed by an Italian designer in 1970 and selected as a permanent collection at a museum in New York.

With a width of 14 cm and a depth of 18 cm, the design is compact, but it has excellent storage capacity.

The tray is a two-tiered slide type that can be easily taken in and out, and has two side pockets for storing pens and other items.

If it cannot be stored, it can be placed in the lower free space or on the top plate.

With casters, you can move around freely on your desk and easily wipe off any annoying dust under the wagon.

Available in pop red and stylish white colors.


Monitor stand

The monitor stand cleans up small items that are often scattered on the desk.

Although it is compact in size, it has many storage locations, so it can accommodate small items of various sizes.

Some gadgets are made of cushioning material so that they will not be scratched even if they are placed, so if you want to place a lot of gadgets, choose such a material.

If you choose one that has a hole for cables to pass through on the back of the storage shelf, you can safely store anxious cords without worry.

With this monitor stand, you'll always feel better on your desk and work more efficiently at your desk.


Wooden document case

The wooden document case is recommended when you are particular about the interior.

If you choose a warm one that looks like it is made of natural wood, it will have a relaxing effect and you will feel healing.

If you choose anyway, you should choose one that is highly storable and has a high sense of style. Nowadays, there are cases that are processed in an antique style, so you should choose according to your taste.

The shelves are A4 size, perfect for storing documents and files, and you'll definitely be happy with a lot of paperwork.


Pencil holder

If you are working on a computer, you will definitely need pens.

It is recommended if you want to put all the pens that are always scattered somewhere on your desk in one place.

The wall-mounted pencil holder doesn't take up much width, so it's perfect if you don't have enough space on your desk.

Some holders are designed to be hooked on the monitor frame, so you should choose the one that best suits your needs.


Keyboard rack

The keyboard rack is a product for those who do not always use a PC.

Does the keyboard get in the way when you're not using your computer?

If you have a keyboard rack, you can place the monitor on the rack and store the keyboard under it when not in use, which is convenient.


How was it

Things tend to get cluttered around the desk.

There are various goods now, so choose the one that suits you and keep your desk tidy.

Especially for those who usually have trouble cleaning up things, it also means that the current storage method has not solved it.

Why don't you make good use of these products and spend a comfortable desk work life?