2020/10/07 11:35:01

Causes and solutions for high funeral costs

The average funeral cost is said to be as high as 2 million yen.

However, many households cannot afford 2 million yen.

Especially in the case of sudden death, it should be difficult to prepare 2 million yen suddenly.

However, you can save a lot of money by using other special contracts while holding down the points to keep the funeral costs low.

To reduce funeral costs, the first thing to look at is the funeral style and the number of mourners.

With that in mind, here's how to keep funeral costs low.


Factors that increase funeral expenses

The amount of funeral expenses I heard at the time of estimation and the actual amount billed are quite different! There are many cases.

As a result, there are an increasing number of cases in which troubles occur later.

It may be a problem for the funeral director, but it may also be a problem for the user.

Here are some of the factors that make funeral costs high.


I don't have time to consider

Shortly after the death of a loved one, the funeral company will explain the funeral plan.

Even if you can't listen to it calmly, you have to prepare for the funeral even if you can't choose it, so you don't have time to consider it and you tend to choose it appropriately with the feeling of "deciding for the time being".

If that happens, be careful because it's a funeral director's jar.


No knowledge of funerals

It can't be helped if you die suddenly, but if you know that you have a short life expectancy, you should have some basic knowledge of funerals in advance.

Especially those who become mourners have to take the lead in deciding on a funeral plan, so they need to prepare for themselves.

You may be charged a large amount of money without knowing it unless you have some knowledge in advance so that you can set a budget to some extent and clearly convey your wishes to the funeral director.

If you don't have knowledge of funerals, it's difficult to understand each name, so you'll have trouble looking at items and choosing a plan.


I decided as the funeral director told me

In a situation where I have no knowledge of funerals and no time to consider, I am forced into a situation where I have no choice but to decide as the funeral director tells me.

I don't have the energy or time to make a decision, so that's the flow.

At the funeral director's discretion, funeral costs are often high.

It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so the purse string becomes loose

Not limited to funerals, ceremonial occasions are only once in a lifetime.

Especially when it comes to funerals, it is natural that the purse string becomes loose when you think that it is "once in a lifetime" while you are not in a mental state that you can judge calmly.

There are many cases where the cost goes up more and more while thinking "Is this much better?"

Funeral style and number of mourners determine funeral costs

To keep funeral costs low, you should stick to the funeral style and the number of mourners.


First, there are the following types of funeral styles:

-General funeral
-Family funeral
-One day funeral
-Direct burial

The most expensive large-scale funeral is the general funeral.

General burials, which have many mourners and farewell ceremonies, easily exceed the market price of about 2 million yen.

Other family funerals, one-day funerals, and direct funerals are relatively small and can be cost-effective.

Second, funeral costs vary considerably depending on the number of mourners.

The larger the number of mourners, the larger the funeral home, and the higher the cost of food and drink such as behavioral dishes and the cost of rewards.

Considering the funeral style that determines the funeral cost and the number of mourners, the cost can be reduced by making the funeral as small as possible.


How to keep funeral costs low?

In order to keep funeral costs low, we would like to introduce some points based on the fact that the funeral style and the number of mourners are important points.


Decide on a funeral director in advance

If you know your life expectancy to some extent, decide on a funeral director in advance.

Since you can plan calmly, you can have an ideal funeral within your budget without wasting money.

Deciding on a funeral director as recommended by the hospital or contracting with a funeral director that you find is often quite expensive, so decide in advance.


Reduce mourners as much as possible

If your budget is tight, you can simply reduce the cost by narrowing down the number of mourners.

By simply narrowing down the number of mourners, the size of the funeral home can be reduced, and the cost of food and drink and gifts can be reduced, which can significantly reduce costs.

In addition, the process will be simpler, which may reduce labor costs.


Lower the unit price

If you lower the grade of the altar, casket, and gifts included in the basic funeral plan, the unit price will go down and the overall cost will be reduced.

Also, since the casket is cremated, it doesn't have to be that high quality.

Gifts aren't a celebration, so don't worry about being too good.

If your budget is tight, try to drop items that are okay to drop the unit price.


Make it non-religious

If you are not particular about religion, make it a non-religious funeral.

Often, if you hold a funeral only with your relatives and hold a farewell party separately, you can have a proper funeral even if you are not religious.

In addition, the cost of paying religious people is eliminated, and in Buddhism, about 500,000 yen will be saved.


Use life insurance special contract

Some life insurance special contracts cover some funeral expenses.

If you pay the funeral fee even a little, it will be cheaper for you, so it is recommended.

Some plans are included in the death benefit, so be sure to check when making a contract.




By using various means in this way, funeral expenses in the hundreds of thousands of yen can be reduced.

Some funeral companies will talk to you as if they all need it, so don't take it for granted and use the cheapest possible means to cut costs overall.

In order to meet a reliable funeral company, you should have knowledge of funerals in advance, set a budget, and consult with us.

Rather than stubbornly thinking that the funeral expenses will not be cheaper by any means, by holding down the points and devising, you should be able to realize a heartfelt funeral that is not embarrassing while cutting a considerable amount of expenses.