2021/02/07 08:31:45

Business support using AR is accelerating!

Business support using AR is accelerating!

Currently, we are developing using all kinds of technologies so that companies around the world can work efficiently. Among them, the most noticeable is the business support in AR that superimposes 3D on the real space.

Tesla applies for AR patents Utilizing AR in the manufacturing process of electric vehicles

Self-driving electric vehicles require a lot of man-hours, including design and actual assembly, so efforts are being made to improve them.

Tesla, an automobile company based in Silicon Valley in the United States, has applied for a patent on man-hour reduction using AR equipment, expecting that the use of AR can reduce enormous man-hours and human error.

Three situations using AR glasses
With this patent, Tesla is expected to use Google Glass type AR glasses to improve work efficiency for employees working on the manufacturing line. The patent mentions three functions using AR glasses.

The first is a mechanism that uses an AR display to present an illustration that describes the work to employees. It plays a role in assisting in the high-precision coating of extremely thin films, identifying areas where application is difficult, and informing workers.

The second is a mechanism to detect abnormalities when inspecting a car. As shown in the following figure, it is possible to inspect from the viewpoint of whether the welding and drilling positions are correct and whether the contact surface between parts has sufficient resistance, which can be useful for quality control of manufactured vehicles. I will.

Finally, there is a function to present a map of each floor of the factory through AR glasses and check whether the manufacturing robot is installed in the correct position and orientation. Since there are a huge number of robots in the factory, the aim is to avoid the danger of hitting each other or becoming an obstacle in the field. It will help build a precise production line for Tesla's self-driving cars.

Utilization of VR and AR in the automobile industry
This is not the first attempt to use AR / VR technology in the process of the automobile industry.

There were rumors that Tesla had already conducted a demonstration experiment on Google Glass in 2016. Volkswagen trains 10,000 employees in VR. Nissan was also trying to create a space where consumers could experience Star Wars in VR with the aim of making consumers interested in new cars.

In recent years, efforts by other well-known automobile companies such as Toyota, Honda, Volvo, Ford, Audi, etc. to improve the manufacturing process by making full use of VR and AR technology and to attract the attention of consumers' own cars have been extremely high. It is very popular.

Based on this AR technology, Tesla announced in its earnings announcement in the second quarter that it will produce 10,000 Model 3 cars by 2019. It suggests that the company definitely needs AR technology to reach its goals, while at the same time AR technology is key to the automotive industry, especially productivity gains.