2020/10/07 08:20:11

Beware of changing seasons-causes and solutions for getting sick in the spring

It's easy to catch a cold because it's cold in winter, and it's easy to get sick because it's hot in summer.
However, autumn and spring are comfortable seasons, so you can spend your time comfortably without getting sick.
Are you thinking that way? In fact, there are factors that make it easy for you to get sick in spring.
Spring is the "change" of various things. Because it is a turning point, it is a season when you can easily get sick.

Think about the causes and solutions for getting sick in the spring. I want to live a healthy and enjoyable life because it is a colorful season when many beautiful flowers such as cherry blossoms bloom. By holding down a few points, your life will become more decisive and colorful.

Spring is the season of "change"! Keywords for health

Spring is the "change" after all. It's a season when it gets warmer from the cold winter,
The weather is a season that changes easily regardless of the temperature. If you think a warm breeze blew before the rain
It is also a delicate season when the cold wind blows suddenly at nightfall.
When I went to see the cherry blossoms in style, I felt cold because I didn't have a jacket.
Have you ever missed a stall or flowers from the bottom of your heart?

Spring is also the "turning point" of life.
The resignation was issued in March, and it is not possible to move to a new branch, branch office, or department from April.
It's an annual event of the employee.
If spring and March are the graduation seasons, April is the entrance season.
Even new graduates start working at their place of employment in April, so this is a turning point in their lives.
Anyway, spring is the season when many things change.
That is why it is so common that "changes" make you sick.

The major cause of illness in spring is this "change" in life and seasons.

The season is spring. The cherry blossoms are over and another flower is in full bloom this time. Are you ready for the changes in spring? The mind and body may have been swayed by changes in unexpected places.

Is it cold? Is it hot? The delicate season is difficult!

Spring is a very changeable season.
That's because the direction of the wind is different between spring and winter.
There is a difference between the winter wind and the spring wind.
People in the area who were worried about the houses due to the gust of wind in winter changed the flow of the wind in spring.
You can also stroke your chest with peace of mind. But it's not just the direction of the wind that changes.
Overall, the weather changes drastically from winter, which can cause physical problems.

The first thing you should be aware of as a common physical condition problem in spring is a cold.
Because the weather changes and the temperature and flow of the wind change, we are the first to catch a cold.
I want to be careful. I was fine in the morning, but it was very hot and sweaty in the daytime.
When I was exposed to the cold wind in the evening, my throat suddenly hurt. This is common.
This is an example of getting sick due to "changed weather" and "changed temperature" that are different from winter.
Not only is it different from winter, but spring itself is a kaleidoscopic season where the weather changes from time to time.
In particular, I want to avoid catching a cold by misreading "the transition of the weather" and "the transition of the wind."

In spring, it gets warmer than in winter, so "I can finally let go of the thick coat for going out!"
Many people will be pleased. However, I didn't look at the wind and weather of the spring season,
Take measures so that you can respond to changes by carrying a thin jacket or cardigan.

It's fun to take measures anyway. Chic and deep-colored cardigans that are popular in the fall
Instead of reusing jackets, it's a good idea to buy one with exciting colors for spring.
Even if choosing online or at a store is part of the measures, it may be exciting.

Hay fever and yellow sand! Be careful of dust allergies

Spring is also a dusty season. The soil that was moist in winter dries and becomes dusty
Besides soaring, there are also problems with yellow sand and pollen. Even if you want to clean your room on your day off
I hear that you can't open the window because you're worried about yellow sand and pollen.
This "dusty" change becomes even more pronounced as the winter changes to spring.

It is a famous story that pollen flies in the process of changing seasons from winter to spring.
Many people suffer from hay fever symptoms such as itchy eyes and runny nose and tears as spring approaches.
In recent years, allergic symptoms caused by yellow sand and the result of cleaning all at once in spring due to bad weather in winter
It seems that some people suffer from allergies when they put it out because of accumulated dust.
Yes, spring is a season that is just annoying with sand, pollen and dust.

As a countermeasure, frequent cleaning and carrying the medicine that suits you are the main measures.
The medicine will change depending on the symptoms, so it is recommended to consult with your doctor or pharmacist before choosing.
Don't forget to use a mask, eye drops, and eyewash as an easy measure!

The amount of ultraviolet rays is high even in spring! Take care of your skin

Spring is a season that can easily cause skin problems.
In addition to causing rough skin due to ultraviolet rays, you may also suffer from the pain of sunburn.
Spring is the season when skin problems come out.

You may have the impression that ultraviolet rays are a typical health problem in summer.
However, the amount of ultraviolet rays in spring is also considerable. There is already the same amount of UV rays as late summer in early spring
That's a famous story, and depending on the day, it can be as ultraviolet as the height of summer.
Especially in spring, few people take better skin care such as sunscreen and lotion than in summer.

Take good care of your skin without thinking "it's still okay".
It's a good idea to always have one sunscreen that can be used regardless of the season.
If you experience symptoms such as skin pain or eczema due to sunburn,
Don't hesitate to visit a dermatologist and take care of your skin.

The environment has changed! Balance of mind and body by getting a job or going on to higher education

Spring is a season in which not only the temperature and weather but also the environment changes drastically.
Spring is when work and study start in a different place, such as transfer, employment, and going on to higher education.
The new environment is throbbing and sometimes we are blessed with good encounters.
Your heart will be spring-colored. But be careful, due to changes in the environment
It puts a strain on the mind and body.

As a result of desperate efforts to get used to the new environment, it is not uncommon for people to get sick.
If you live with care, you will be forced to overdo it.
Because the mind and body are connected, if one gets tired, the other will also be affected.

As a countermeasure, do not use 100% power.
If you work too hard in your new workplace and you can't afford to spend time on your hobbies when you get home
My heart gets dry. You need to work hard to get used to the new place,
The sprinting is quick to run out of energy. Eat well, sleep well, for mental and physical health
Try to save your energy and strength so that you can enjoy your hobbies.


Spring is the season when you can easily get sick. The reason is that it is a season with many "changes". Spring is a beautiful season, but it's so dizzying that it often makes your mind and body tired without your knowledge. Combined with seasonal factors such as cold wind and pollen, it can be said that it is a season when physical condition management is difficult even though it is beautiful.

The point is not to break the rhythm of life. Eat, sleep, don't overdo it. Isn't it important to keep the balance so that it doesn't collapse? It's a beautiful season, so I want to be careful about my health.